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5 Amazing Things to do in Eureka Springs Downtown

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Eureka Springs Downtown is the kind of place you would want to visit when you need a break from the world. This is a fact known to all. But did you also know that Eureka Springs Downtown was selected as one of America’s distinctive destinations by the National Trust for Historic Preservation? It also gets better from here. 

 Eureka Springs Downtown was called the “Magic City.” I can think of the only reason that the silence and warmth of this city are magical. It was also called the “Stairstep town” because of the mountainous terrain and the streets that look more like stairs. Visiting Eureka Springs Downtown is an exhilarating experience for a reason. 


Architecturally, one can classify Eureka Springs Downtown as a Victorian resort village. Victorian-style cottages and manors are something you can not miss while exploring the streets. Another interesting fact, there are no traffic lights throughout the city!

Yes, you heard that right. This is because there are no two streets that cross each other at a 90-degree angle. The city is built around the hills, and so the streets curve around beautifully. Keep reading until the end to find a bonus suggestion if you plan a trip to Eureka Springs Downtown. 

5 Amazing Things to do in Eureka Springs Downtown

Eureka Springs Downtown, situated in Arkansas, has a legacy of historic charm. You certainly can not miss it. The history of Eureka Springs Downtown talks about great healing springs in the area. It is supposed to possess great healing properties. This spring in the Ozark mountains is known to have cured various ailments by several people. 

Eureka Springs Downtown is a shopper’s paradise. From art galleries to museums and amazing food restaurants to snack on, there are many things to do in Eureka Springs Downtown. The scenic view of the beautiful Ozark mountains is enough to refresh your mind, body, and soul, but just in case that isn’t enough, we have you covered. 

1. Historic Tram Tour

Eureka Springs Downtown has a heritage-filled history that has been passed down through generations. For this very reason, the Tram tour tops this list. It would be best if you did not miss this opportunity when in Eureka Springs Downtown, Arkansas. 

 A 90-minute tram tour guided by experienced guides who are natives of the place and know the history very well. 


The tram tour is a public-private partnership. It is run together by the Eureka Springs Transit Department and a local tour company, Joe and Gunnels. This partnership has been a success for the past twenty-five years because of the value it adds to the tourists. 

Joe and Gunnels will keep you entertained with their quick wit and a warm sense of humor, and you will never realize when they taught you an interesting history lesson. 

The Tram tour remains closed from November to February due to the extremely cold weather conditions. Rest all through the year; this service is functional. 

You can also go walking through the streets of Eureka springs downtown and explore these places. There are many local tour companies which also provide an underground walking tour. 

2. Visit the Basin Spring Park

Eureka Springs Downtown derives its name from this park. The spring is known to have had water that had real health benefits. People have cured several ailments just by drinking the water from this spring. The first crowd to inhabit this beautiful city that knew about these springs came in 1879. 

5 Amazing Things to do in Eureka Springs Downtown 1

In the same year, they renamed the city based on this spring and formed a governing body. It is also said that during the Civil war, Dr. Alvah Jackson used to treat his patients using the water from the spring. Dr. Alvah Jackson is also said to have located the spring. 

Today, Basin Springs park is a significant tourist destination of Eureka Springs Downtown. Visitors can come and see the original spring to date. There is Basin springs hotel just around the park’s corner, so you also have an accessible lounging option available. 

So when you are done satisfying the shopper in you by the shopper’s paradise that Eureka Springs Downtown has to offer, you can come down to this park to unwind. This park is the origin of what Eureka Springs Downtown is today!

3. Thorncrown Chapel

This is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations of Eureka Springs Downtown. 

Designed by a globally renowned architect, E. Fay Jones, this is a breathtakingly beautiful place of worship devoted to spirituality. It is a 48-foot tall wooden building. The design is credited to the Prarie school of architecture, where Jones had apprenticed. It is also inspired by Saint- Chapelle, a gothic church in Paris. 

The chapel has 425 windows and six thousand feet of glass. Since this was built as a non-denominational chapel that aids people to meditate with the mighty Ozark mountains’ landscape, it has huge windows. These windows let a lot of light enter the chapel, making meditating here a very refreshing experience.

Thorncrown Chapel

The chapel is built in a way that makes it look like an open building. But in fact, it is a closed and air-conditioned place.  So when and if you visit Eureka Springs Downtown, do not forget to visit this chapel. 

Many critics call it one of the finest religious spaces of modern times. And it surely is. It has also won many awards, such as the American Institute of architect’s design of the year. 

The address of this chapel is – 12968 Highway 62 West, Eureka Springs, Arkansas. The chapel is located right at the city’s border, and many busses and tourist tours will take you here. 

4. Attend the Theatre Performance at The Great Passion Play

According to the Institute of Outdoor Theatre and Drama of East California University, the Great Passion Play at Eureka Spring Downtown is the number 1 attended outdoor drama in America.

This drama is staged in an outdoor amphitheater. Allow the music and lighting to take all your senses on a biblical trip. The cast consists of over one hundred actors who tell you the tale of how Jesus Christ spent his last days on earth. This play has been one of the main tourist attractions from the year 1968.

5 Amazing Things to do in Eureka Springs Downtown 2

Along with attending the play, do not forget to check out the gift shop and the museum. They are open every day except Sunday. Other services that are offered along with this are the Holy land tour and the Backstage tour. It is an experience of biblical life you should definitely not miss. 

There are many lounging options and several other things to do. In the Great Passion Play, you can see the much-talked-about Easter story in its full glory. This story is performed on the weekends from May to October. There would be a Christmas light display if you chose to travel at that time of the year. 

You can visit the official website of the Great Passion play to know more. 

5. Visit the War Eagle Con Beaver Lake

If you have had enough of the silence and serenity of Eureka Springs Downtown and want a little bit of adventure, this is exactly what you are looking for. 

There are plenty of amazing experiences to be had here. Experience a beautiful walk to the mighty Ozark mountains from Beaver lake. This is a natural entrance, and you have access to tour guides who make information so fun and easy to understand. Kids will love this trip. 

Besides this trip of being amazed by nature, you can also plan a fun trip to the War eagle mining company! You can find and learn more about gemstones here and also keep everything you find. This is surely a deal you should not miss!

There are also other services you can hire. One is the wood maze that the War eagle cavern offers. They are also one of the few pet-friendly tourist places. Make sure to enquire and plan your trip. They are also stroller-friendly to an extent. 


Ozark Mountain Music Festival

Also known as the OzMoMuFest, this fest will re-energize you for your life in the most rhythmic way. Take my word for it. This is probably the most talked about event of Eureka Springs Downtown, and for a correct reason. 

The music that is performed for 4 days consists of Bluegrass, Folk, Urban and American music. It is held annually at the Basin Park Hotel, so it is accessible to anyone and everyone. Besides, this is the only event you can attend if you have planned your trip in winter. One thing that should really get you excited is the fact that there is no backstage. So the attendees can party with the performers when another band is performing. How cool is that!

Eureka Springs Downtown

Eureka Springs Downtown is a city that has a history of healing and curing people and their ailments. It lives up to that legacy even today very gracefully. It is surely an unimaginable experience in the twenty-first century to plan a trip in a city that has no traffic lights. But with the mighty Ozark mountains looking after you, it is a given that you enjoy and take back a lot of memories from this place. Have fun planning your trip! 



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