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Top 12 Incredible French Riviera Beaches

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Many people in the world feel relaxed when they visit beaches. A travel enthusiast must not miss out on the French Riviera Beaches.

France, a country in Western Europe, is famous for so many things, including wine, cheese, and mind-blocking fashion houses. Did you know that it is famous for the French Riviera beaches too?

The French Riviera beaches are the sunnier side of this beautiful country. These beaches are scenic places known for the beautiful skylines and charming beauty.

These beautiful towns are in the comfort of the prepossessing Mediterranean sun. Some of these are public beaches, while others are private.

There are several beaches in the world of French Riviera. Each one of these magnificent beaches gives a different vibe.

The range of these sun-kissed beaches, also known as Cote d’Azur beaches, are best to visit in the months of June and September.

The long and lazy stretches of daylight, compelled by the beautiful golden colour of the sand, will give you a perfect vacation at these prepossessing beach areas.

Top 12 French Riviera Beaches To Visit

A short guide to some of the best French Riviera Beaches is as follows.

1. French Riviera Beaches – Calanque Du Sugiton

Calanque Du Sugiton is a marvellous beach located somewhere between Marseille and Cassis in France.

This beautiful beach is easily accessible to hikers, other water sports enthusiasts, and the ones who find solace in adventures.

French Riviera Beaches

The beach section at this place is actually small but is very beautiful. Calanque Du Sugiton is generally closed during hot summers. This is because of forest fires that arise from the forest that embraces the beach.

2. Paloma Beach

Paloma Beach is a magnificent beach. It is also popularly known as Paloma Plage and has a great stretch of pebbly sand. It is located in  St-Jean-Cap-Ferrat.

St-Jean-Cap-Ferrat is a commune in South-Eastern France. The Picasso family frequented this pulchritudinous place.

Today, an enormous population enjoys coming and relaxing in this beautiful place [ mostly private beach]. Some of the people even visit this place to sip wine and enjoy the glamour here.

There is a silent vibe that can only be noticed in Paloma Beach. The other beaches of the French Riviera do not have this hushed vibe.

You can take your own time to look at the scenic views provided by the bay of Cap D’Ail, the Eze cliffs, and  Beaulieu-sur-Mer.

3. Plage De La Mala

Plage De La Mala is a heavenly beach located at Cap D’Ail of France. This beach is one of the best ones for swimming safely.

There are a few beach restaurants and snack bars that can be found at this beautiful place. The best thing about Plage De La Mala [also known as The Mala Beach] is that it is uncrowded for a large part of the year.

The beach restaurants provide an amazing variety of mouth-watering seafood. Above everything, there are exclusive massages for the customers of the beach restaurants.

French Riviera Beaches

This less crowded place will allow you to enjoy your own space and time. Plage De La Mala is also known for the availability of paddleboards and adventurous water sports.

4. Plage De Pampelonne

Pampelonne Beach, also known as Plage De Pampelonne, is a spectacular and picturesque beach. This is the most suitable place for people who are enthusiastic about photography.

This striking beach is located just 5 kilometres away from Ramatuelle, France.

Pampelonne Beach is a beach of the royalty. This is because of the huge number of celebrities who come to relax at this lovely place and enjoy the amazing water sports.

The beach is more crowded during summers, and so, it is better to book your tickets as soon as possible!

5. Vias Beach

Vias beach is an amazing beach with the availability of some of the best restaurants for its customers.

It is a beautiful sun-kissed beach, which is loved by all of its visitors. People love the Vias beach due to its scenic view and watersports.

The restaurants at Vias Beach are luxurious and will surely give you the best time for a relaxing vacation.

6. Cannes –  The Best French Riviera Beaches

Cannes and St. Tropez have some of the most amazing beaches.

French Riviera Beaches

Bocca beach is a French Riviera beach located in Cannes. This sandy beach is stunning. The beach can be visited easily via bus. There is free parking on the road, which is very favourable for visitors and tourists.

The Bocca beach is a nonchalant beach with a peaceful environment. You can practice your most favourite swimming strokes in the shallow waters of this beautiful beach.

The snack bars, eateries, and good shower facilities are what make it one of the best French Riviera beaches.

Cannes has some other stretches of beaches that are worth your time and money. Cannes’s whole beach area has some amazing facilities like eateries and snack bars that provide tasty food.

7. Larvotto Beach

Monaco, the second littlest territory of our planet, also a nation, is the beautiful Larvotto Beach home. This is one of the best French Riviera beaches.

The Larvotto beach is known as the heart of Monaco. The Larvotto beach’s beauty is enhanced by the blue water, which also appears purplish at times.

It is accessible to uncountable visitors. People enjoy the long stretches of the golden sand along with the beauty of the splendid skylines.

Water sports at Larvotto beach, along with the availability of yachts, make it even more crowded during holidays.

8. St Tropez

St. Tropez has a number of amazing beaches. Plages La Glaye, La Ponche, and de la Fontanette are 3 tiny beaches located at St Tropez.

These beaches are located in one of the oldest parts of a village. These 3 beaches are some of the favourite tourist spots.

Plage des Granier’s is another famous beach which is located just a few kilometres away from St Tropez. Plage des Graniers is a charming beach with some decent restaurants.

St Tropez is very famous for some of the amazing beach restaurants. These restaurants offer tasty, mouth-watering seafood.

French Riviera BeachesPlage de la Bouillabaisse is a beach located just a little away from St Tropez. This beach is wonderful. Photography is something that all people do after coming to Plage de la Bouillabaisse.

There are some amazing bars and restaurants at this striking location. This beach also gives a beautiful view of the Maures mountains across its bay.

The long stretches of skylines and splendid soft sands along with turquoise waters is what St Tropez is all about!

9. Plage Des Mariners

Plage Des Marinieres is a beautiful beach located in Villefranche Sur mer.

Plage Des Marienieres is exclusively for the ones who love golden, sandy beaches. This sandy beach is also a place for taking enjoyable sunbaths.

Adventurous water sports are another feature of this magnificent sandy beach. The bay of Villefranche Sur Mer adds up to the beauty of Plage Des Mariners.

The shallow drop off of this amazing beach is favourable for kids who come to enjoy their summer holidays.

10. Plage De L’Escalate

This is one of the best beaches to visit in the summer

It offers many water sports along with some other truly amazing vacation experiences. The beach restaurants are amazing with some excellent facilities.

The view on the bay of Plage De L’Escalate is beautiful as it gives way to magnificent skylines.

11. La Garoupe Beach

La Garoupe beach is located just a few kilometres South of Antibes city and is worth your time!

This calm but fantastic place is the best one to visit if you are a snorkeler. La Garoupe is famous for its soft sand, which is white in colour. The sound of the waters at this beach is relaxing.

If you are visiting Antibes city, you can take an amazing 40-minute scenic walk towards the gracious sands of La Garoupe. Another option for travelling to this place is the bus line.

This beach’s specialty is that though it is private for a long time, it starts becoming public after the mid of October.

12. Almanarre Beach

Plage D’Almanarre or the Almanarre beach is famous mainly for its water sports and the 4 kilometre stretch of pebbly sand that runs aligned to the salt route [also known as route du sel].

This beautiful beach [located in Hyères] can be visited in winter for relaxing beach walks and even biking.

There is a huge number of kite surfers who visit Plage D’Almanarre while the Western winds blow. The beach is safe for swimmers while the Eastern winds start blowing.

The Giens peninsula protects the beach and helps in keeping the waters calm.

French Riviera BeachesTo sum it up, these amazing French Riviera beaches will surely give you a unique experience.

Today, stress is a widespread thing that people all around the world face. We should be allowed to forget our responsibilities at times and just be allowed to enjoy life!

Going to beautiful places like the French Riviera Beaches can give you a stress-free vacation. What are you waiting for?

Forget all your stress and go and relax at this magnificent range of sun-kissed beaches – French Riviera beaches.

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