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St. Augustine Brewery: Best 10 Breweries For You

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St. Augustine Brewery has always been an attraction to various tourist spots. There are many breweries in New Hampshire, and Jacksonville and St. Augustine are no less. They have a wide variety of breweries and some of them are famous all over the world. So, let us look at some of the world-famous St. Augustine brewery.

St. Augustine Brewery: Top 10 Breweries to Visit

1. Old Coast Ales

Old Coast Ales
Old Coast Ales

The Old Coast Ales has been brewing beers in old garages for many years and is one among the successful st. Augustine brewery. They began with brewing 10 gallons of beer daily, and now they have reached an average of 200 gallons of beer every day. Since then, they have been working hard to bring their favorite flavors into the lives of others too.

Their brewery and taproom welcome you with a comfortable atmosphere. It is filled with sea grapes and palm trees. In addition to the collection of hand-crafted beer they have, they also have a collection of a wide variety of wines.

The location is also iconic as it has many essential locations nearby like the State Park, the Alligator Farm, the St. Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum, and beautiful beaches to visit. So, take a visit to this historic location to taste some hand-crafted beers.

2. Legacy Ale Works

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Legacy Ale Works

Legacy Ale Works is another st. Augustine brewery that has been working like a dream of a family. They have been brewing beer out of the love and legacy they have for brewing. They believe that they will be able to leave behind this legacy to their coming generation and give the city the taste of good beer and companionship.

The brewery owners have traveled to know many places around the world and tasted different kinds of beers. They are spreading them with their twist to the people of their city.

Some of their ale beers include the Kitchen Sink 3 with Tangerine, Beachweizen, Strawberry Guava Clear Drank, Kwik Haze IPA, and many more. The food menu includes pretzels, hummus dip, mac n cheese, spinach artichoke dip, buffalo chicken dip, and many other delicacies.  Make sure you visit this st. Augustine brewery.

3. The Social Lounge

The Social Lounge (St. Augustine, FL): Top Tips Before You Go (with ...
The Social Lounge

The Social Lounge, too, is yet another st. Augustine brewery is an expert in craft beer and organic wines. It is located in the heart of st. Augustine and is a favorite spot for many beer lovers. Here you could enjoy a beer, watch a game, and munch some snacks to your heart’s content. You would be able to enjoy indoor and outdoor seating, and the outdoor seating is pet-friendly.

The taps are constantly brewing something for us to taste. This is also the only bar in st. Augustine specializing in Florida-only craft beers. You would be able to experience its true taste.

They also make organic and fresh wines in red, white, and sparkling. It would help if you also tried their in-house sangria, which is a blend of peach, strawberry, mango, grape, pineapple, and red or white Sangria wine.

4. Bog Brewing Company

Photos for Bog Brewing Company - Yelp
Bog Brewing Company

The Bog Brewing Company is a st. Augustine brewery serves classic beers, Belgian ales, and many famous lagers. It was opened in 2016 and since then has been crafting amazing beers for its customers. They feature seasonal beers in Belgian, German, and American styles.

The owner has traveled across the globe and has brought with him many beer flavors to try. They have not yet achieved the complete list of favorite beers. But they have been trying to create as many as possible.

Some of their on-tap beers are Breaker Double IPA, Winter Bock, Beach House IPA, Smoked Datil Ale, and many more exciting flavors. Their guest taps include rotating ciders. Many events are happening here, like the Bogtoberfest, their anniversary parties, and many special events. Make sure you visit this place during an event to make it more colorful.

5. Saint Augustine Distillery

St. Augustine Distillery Company | Visit St Augustine
St. Augustine Distillery

The Saint Augustine Distillery was established in 2013 and is among the most modern of st. Augustine brewery. It is owned and operated by a family and has been collecting ingredients locally. The whiskeys are made from grains from the local farms. All the products are hand-made.

The distillery makes sure that the customers not only see how it is packed but are even taught how to make the best cocktails. They make sure that their initiative would be helpful for the people who work locally and benefit the people of their city. They believe that whatever business, large or small, is useful for their community.

They are committed to sustainability and have a strong relationship with the local community. They preserve their history in creating the best drinks in the city.

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6. City Gate Spirits

City Gate Spirits | Visit St Augustine
City Gate Spirits

The beers of City Gate Spirits are so exotic that they cannot be found anywhere else in st. Augustine. It is located in a street which brings you the mood of a lazy Sunday afternoon. They produce locally flavored beers that have been crafted for years. You could visit this place anytime to enjoy the various flavors of rum, whiskey, and many other drinks inspired by local flavors.

Their iconic drinks are rum, whiskey, vodka, and moonshine. Their famous mixers are Ancient City Spice Mixer and Passion Fruit Sour Mixer. Other exclusive drinks include Mama’s Medicine Moonshine Cocktail, Hot Toddy Recipe, Harvest Moon Halloween Cocktail, Applecart Fall Cocktail, Teas Knees Cocktail, Pineapple Mojito Cocktail, and Castillo Sunrise Cocktail.

7. Hornskis

Hornski's Vinyl Lounge | Visit St Augustine

The Hornskis at st. Augustine is more than just a brewery. It is a record shop which also serves you drinks. It is the perfect place for you to enjoy your craft beer and wines.

The shop is situated in a beautiful location. The staff is amiable, and you could listen to music or play a pool here. They have great service, and the mix of beers is of great quality.

The place was primarily meant to be a record store. But people come here more often for the beer, which gave it the label of a st. Augustine brewery. They also have a good collection of décor, and you would feel like entering into a setting of the 90s. The most common drink they serve is beer. To know what’s new in Hornskis, click the link below.


8. Dog Rose Brewing Company

aviary-image-1515799629244_large.jpg - Dog Rose Brewing Company, St ...
Dog Rose Brewing Company

The Dog Rose Brewing Company is one of the youngest among the st. Augustine brewery. It was started in 2017. Since then, they have been crafting great beers for the people of the city.

They craft beer with great style and keeping in mind the tradition of the place. Whatever flavors they are trying to make, they make sure that they use the best ingredients. The taproom they have also is easily accessible and has a welcoming atmosphere. It is a cozy place for you to enjoy your beer.

If you are not a beer enthusiast but enjoy a game or two, they also have that. You could play a game of shuffleboard or a game of cricket here. Their iconic beer menu includes Rhapsody in Red, Roadside IPA, Palace Pale Ale, Lincolnville Lager, Shot in the Dark IPA, Noble Cider, and many more. And they have wines in red and white.

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9. Sarbez!

Planet Sarbez | Visit St Augustine

Sarbez is a St. Augustine brewery that loves craft beers. They make the local beer, the international ones, and also some weird kind of beers. They also make regular beers, the American kind of beers and also non-American ones.

If you are not into beer, then do not worry because they have an amazing collection of wines. You would also get other drinks and snacks. You could also build your grilled cheese here. You could choose your bread, cheeses, meats, spreads, and sauces. The first sauce is free, and additional would cost 25 cents each.

Please make your own grilled cheese and enjoy it with your beer, wine, coffee, or whatever beverage you choose.

10. Ice Plant Bar

Inside Look: Ice Plant Bar - Imbibe Magazine
Ice Plant Bar

The Ice Plant Bar is a St. Augustine brewery that was inspired by the times of the 20s. They want to make their customers believe in the health benefits and enjoyment of having a cocktail and a bite. They have expertise in the craft of mixing local ingredients to create wonderful flavors. They give good attention to all the recipes, and they have fresh house-pressed juices.

They develop their syrups for cocktails. There is also a farm-to-table restaurant where you could have lunch and dinner along with beers. They provide burgers, local seafood, and much amazing food to go with the beer. You would also get vegetarian options, and there will be specials on each day. Make sure you visit this st. Augustine brewery.

The number of St. Augustine brewery does not end with this. There are more exciting and amazing breweries all over the place. Comment them below and share your experience.

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