There is not one but three news that could potentially shape your decision to purchase the iPhone 6S. cnBeta is one of the most reliable sources for iPhone leaks, and it seems they have some bad news to deliver.  

According to various sources, iPhone 6S might see a drop in battery capacity. Yes. You read that right, Triple Bad News For People Looking Forward To The iPhone 6S.

The iPhone 6S
By Cecilia/ Shutterstock

The iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus seemingly have lower capacity batteries than the previous-gen iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. While the percentage reduction is just over 5%, it still is a deciding factor.

Apple had announced their new Force Touch technology for the new iPhones, but it seems this new addition will negatively impact the form factor of the new iPhones.

The upcoming iPhones are much heavier and thicker than the previous-gen iPhones.
Most importantly, the iPhone’s base model will continue to be at 16GB, and the new iPhones will not see a bump in storage capacity for the base models.


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