Kirkham Hot Springs in Idaho city is a location that offers perfect recreation for all ages. No one is bound to get bored when at the Kirkham hot springs. If planning for a family vacation, then the place would not disappoint you.

If you are planning for a solo trip or with someone else on board, the Kirkham hot springs would satisfy every travel requirement. This place that lies in Idaho’s central region always tops the list when it comes to mesmerizing nature, hot waterfalls, and awesome views that complement some of the most stunning hot springs.

Best Places in Kirkham Hot Springs

Kirkham Hot Springs is located within the Boise National Forest in Lowman, Idaho city. Pine Flats Hot Springs (just up the Banks Lowman Highway) and Rocky Canyon Hot Springs are two nearby hot springs.

All the Kirkham hot springs in Boise National Forest are famous for one of the most striking features, which is their natural occurrence. Yes! All the hot springs in the area have occurred as a natural phenomenon.

Owing to this feature of natural hot springs in Idaho city, we all can conclude that the hot water is pure, coming directly from the subsoil below.

The hot water at many of the Kirkham hot springs also has some dissolved minerals beneficial for the body. You can also enjoy them once you reach your destination of the Kirkham hot springs.

The best temperatures that are present in the entire area of Idaho also contribute largely to its success as a tourist destination. The place never gets too hot or too chilled out in any weather. Hence you do not need to wait for any specific time of the year to visit the place.

The area is also said to witness some of the best snowfalls. If you are someone who likes snow, then visiting it doing winter would be a good choice.

With ample hot springs to bask and soak in, the combined area of Kirkham hot Springs is loaded with many amazing gems that you will discover in this amazing blog that is wholly dedicated to Kirkham hot springs.

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1. Sourdough Lodge

This far from noise, pollution, and all the disturbances in Idaho city, the Sourdough Lodge offers a vital environment for a tranquil holiday. The place offers some comfortable tiny cabins that are separated from one another. These cabins lack no means of pleasure and have all the amenities at your disposal.

The cost of living in this place is also not very high. Plus, the site has an in-build restaurant with a Hot tub facility.

2. Deadwood Lookout

Deadwood Lookout is one of the most beautiful and one of the best places to stay in Kirkham hot springs. The site never lets your eyes miss the outside views. The place also has some hot pools and small steaming hot springs (small steaming waterfalls).

Hence it provides big windows and glass walls in its rooms and cabins. The cabins are surely luxurious and spacious. This place would surely make you feel close to nature and would constantly provide you with cleaner and fresher air.

3. Haven Hot Springs

The place in Idaho has modern rooms that provide hot spring pools as well. Hot spring soaking pools and small walking paths can be counted as the specialty of the places to stay in Kirkham hot springs as the entire area is known for the best hot springs experience.

4. Boise National Forest

Bear Valley Creek winding through the Boise National Forest
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If you want to see nature in a closer view, then what possibly can be better than Boise National Park as one of the best places to visit in Kirkham hot springs.

This magnificently huge forest area covering a major part has also gained a name for itself due to its likeness among explorers and tourists. Boise National Forest is home to several indigenous varieties of birds and animals. The area is completely safe when it comes to seeing.

You can also enjoy your visit to the Boise National Forest while sitting along the river Salmon that flows through it. The water of this river is clear, and you might also spot some fish in it.

Ponderosa Pine Scenic Byway – On your trip to Kirkham Hot Springs pools, you’ll have to take this meandering road Ponderosa Pine Scenic Byway through the Boise National Forest. Make a day of it by visiting the Boise River, Lucky Peak Lake, and other sights along the road.

Whitewater Raft Down the Payette River – Because of its abundance of fast-flowing rivers, Idaho is an ideal destination for rafting enthusiasts. On a hot summer day, whitewater rafting is an exciting way to experience the beautiful surroundings of the Kirkham Hot Springs area. Make sure you carry those water shoes.

Payette River Company offers a whitewater rafting excursion on the hot springs segment of the river, including a midday stop at Kirkham before continuing downstream.

5. Pine Flats Hot Springs Parking

Close up small waterfall from hot spring running down in a warm stream in Sainokawara Park hot spring ,Kusatsu Onsen, Gunma,Japan.
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What a fabulous place the Pine flats hot springs Parking is. It seems like nature just got bored with the traditional way of giving birth to the small steaming waterfall hot spring—an exceptional idea with much natural beauty.

Pine Flats Hot Springs Parking is one of the best places to visit in Kirkham hot springs, you can spot many hot springs. One of them is exactly near the water and under a waterfall, to be precise. This one is among the most famous and crowded places in the entire area.

6. Kirkham Hot Springs

When visiting Kirkham hot springs, how can we neglect the whole place itself? You can easily reach this place just by driving for a distance off highway 21. This incredibly regarded place houses many hot springs pools, and you can soak in any one of them.

The place where Kirkham hot spring is located also serves as a good spot for people looking out to spend a day. Families also visit the place and enjoy a picnic. Though the area does not offer many places to eat or any cafeterias but does give you the pleasure of having your- self brought lunch at various spots at the Kirkham hot springs.

7. Kirkham Camping Ground

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A well-soaked day in a hot spring followed by some recreational activities, lunch, and then a final ending with some camping sounds more than perfect for a day well spent at Kirkham hot springs. The Kirkham campground is located very close to the Kirkham hot springs. If you plan to spend a night camping, get more information about the area by visiting its official website.

As it is seen that many a times restrictions are laid on entering the Kirkham campground area due to some of the other causes. You can also get an entry pass which would save time and all the extra effort.

8. Archie Mountain

Apart from all the Kirkham hot springs, you can also consider trekking and exploring some heights at Archie Mountain. The trek is just 4.4 kilometers long and can easily be covered in nearly 2 hours.

Some of the most exceptionally subtle views always wait for you on the top.  You can explore the mountain and go on a trekking expedition by yourself, which is the best economic part of Archie Mountain.

9. Deadwood River

One of the sustaining rivers other than the South Fork Payette River that flows through many parts of Idaho, the deadwood river, covers aspects like Boise national forest and can be one of the places to visit in Kirkham hot springs. Camping areas are quite famous near the Deadwood River. Most of the adjoining parts are also covered with forests offering some adventure as well.

10. Best Places to Eat 

10.1. Wild Bills Coffee Bistro

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When searching for some quick and appetizing meal, this could be the quickest choice you can make while at the Kirkham Hot springs. This one of the best places to eat in Kirkham hot springs serves the most richly brewed coffee and delicious snacks that are both palatable and presentable.

10.2. Terrace Lake Restaurant

Though the place is a bit far from the main area of Kirkham hot springs, the food that is served over at the Terrace Lake Restaurant is worth admiring. The place is optimal for a family lunch and get-together. Trust me, and you won’t be disappointed while at this place. You are just going to enjoy their delicious serving and forget the rest.

10.3. Two Rivers Grill

Saving the best of the last is a phrase that fits this scenario best. One of the best places to eat in Kirkham hot springs is here with the Two Rivers Grill. The construction of the place is unique, with wood as the prime element that is used. The use of wood is also seen in Kirkham hot springs at many places, whether it be restaurants or someplace to stay.

11. FAQs

11.1. Is It Possible to Float the South Fork Payette River?

A river float is the most peaceful way to enjoy the splendor of Southwest Idaho. Bring or rent a raft or inner tube to South Fork Payette River. Drape your limbs in the cool river water as you walk through the shade of trees and the blazing sun. This is the ultimate rejuvenation.

Remember that rivers can be unpredictable! Even quiet areas might harbor hidden threats. While thousands of people safely float Southwest Idaho rivers each year — and have a great time doing it — only you can determine what’s safe for you.

11.2. Can You Soak in The Springs During Winter Months?

Winter may appear to be an unusual time to look for an outdoor pool of water. Hot springs, on the other hand, remain warm throughout the year due to the geothermal pools and falls that heat these pools. It’s the same reasoning we use when we choose to bathe in a hot tub while it’s snowing: there’s something lovely about being able to enjoy snowy surroundings while basking in the warmth of a hot soak.

Because Idaho has a lot of snow, you may expect to see snow-capped mountains and frozen bodies of water. Kirkham Hot Springs is situated on the Payette River’s banks, which adds to the beautiful vistas from the boiling pools. This is one of the best places for outdoor enthusiasts to visit, you may also find many nearby attractions in this beautiful destination.

11.3. What Is the Temperature in Kirkham Springs?

Kirkham Hot Springs is a public, free, natural hot spring. The Kirkman source has a temperature of 120 degrees. Kirkman has hot spring waterfalls and rock-walled hot spring pools along the Payette River’s South Fork. The hot springs waterfalls have temperatures ranging from 95 to 110 degrees.

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These were some of the best Kirkham hot springs suggestions. There is just one thing that should be kept in mind before visiting the place, which is the crowd that could be present at a particular place. Though there are plenty of hot springs pools, the size of each of them is relatively small.

Therefore, if you are visiting the place during the holiday season, then it is possible that you may find much crowd over there. Parking is another problem that you might encounter. Most of the hot springs in Kirkham have good access to public services such as toilets and washrooms, which make it easier for travelers. Such things are both necessary and important in a way.

Keeping this aside, your visit to the Kirkham Hot Springs is going to be tremendous and beautiful.

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