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5 Ways To Curb Your Phone Addiction

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Nayanika Dey
Just your everyday perpetually cash-strapped teenager.

Do you find yourself checking your phone all day? From the time to wake up to when you’re stuck in traffic, to watching a movie or out with friends. Do you find yourself constantly checking for updates, news and messages even when there are none? Congratulations, you might be addicted to that pocket size electronic gadget and the chances are that you know the fact very well, but are unable to do anything about it. So we have compiled five tips to curb your addiction:

  1. No checking your phone for the first 30 minutes of the day


Logging on to see what happened all night the minute you wake up a terrible start to the day and likely to depress you if anything bad did happen. So the first 30 minutes of the day, try to stay away from its magnetic pull. Dedicate the beginning to being active, having a healthy breakfast and reading the newspaper.

2. Turn it off in the car


When the traffic signal turns red with 120 seconds to go before it blinks amber – don’t deny it – we know you’re pulling your phone out for a quick check into the world or a scan throug for messages. Not only is this dangerous, could lead to suspension of license if you’re caught, but it’s highly unhealthy to be so attached. So switch it off before you step in the driver’s seat.

3. Create No-Phone Zones


In your routine, inculcate some hours when looking through a phone is a strict no-no. It could be during meals or the time which you devote to work/study. It could the-the time before bed or the time in the evening when you sit down with the family. Try not to fiddle with your phone when relatives are over though you may find them immensely boring.

4. Interact


When you’re around people, don’t use the virtual world to escape from human interaction. Talk or listen but do not indulge in your phone. Not only is it rude and makes you seem standoffish and unapproachable, but it also implants a bad image on their minds as you ignore them for a gadget. So when you’re out with friends or having dinner with someone, do not keep looking through your phone every two minutes.

5. No phone before bed


Do not lose sleep over your phone. Try to finish off all your calls and work at least an hour before bed time and do not stay up with that phone on the bed. Not only are the radiations emitting from it going to hamper your sleep but it will lead you to feel groggy in the morning.

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Just your everyday perpetually cash-strapped teenager.

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