Weird Businesses Shaking Up the Market

Weird Businesses Shaking Up the Market 1

Forget to shape, these business ventures are shaking and shocking the markets all over the world with some of the weirdest and craziest ideas.
1. The Pet Rock

business Pet Rock came out in the 1970s and guessed what that is: just a simple rock. The idea was to have a pet who needed no maintaining, that is to say, no feeding, no cleaning after, no bathing and yes, no maintenance cost either. Gary Dahl, an advertising executive from California, was the mastermind behind this pet sale. Pet Rocks were smooth stones collected from Mexico’s Rosarito Beach. Marketed as living breathing pets, they came in custom cardboard boxes, which had holes made on top for helping the rocks to breathe. It was a craze for six months, and ended after the Christmas season in 1975 and eventually were sold at discounted prices in 1976 due to a fall in the sales. Dahl sold about 1.5 million Pet Rocks for $3.95 each and became a millionaire. The Pet Rock even had a 32-page official training manual titled’The Care and Training of Your Pet Rock’ which included the manner in which you have to raise the rock, the manual was filled with puns and jokes. Several commands like “sit” and “stay”, “roll over”, “Come,” stand”, “shake hands” even “attack” as well as potty-training. The biggest expense was the die-cutting and manufacturing of the boxes. But the shocking fact is people bought those rocks and made him a millionaire.
2. Holy Ink

images (8)If you think Holy Ink is like Holy Water, you are very mistaken. Creation of Father Bernard McCoy, this business revolved around refilling used ink cartridges and reselling them. Dealing with an empty ink cartridge one day, Father Bernard searched for an alternative and settled with refilling a used cartridge. This idea, however, led him to start his own ink-refilling business. So the eight brothers of Cistercian Abbey (monastery) inMonroe began working on it. In between Gregorian chants and contemplating, they took used cartridges and filled them with black powder. The sale of the good ink reached an astonishing height, collecting a revenue of $2.5 million in 2005.
3. Lucky Break Wishbones

images (9)Most humans would do anything for a little good luck, from sharing images of Idols to sharing a particular message with five people or more. But this business showed the utter despair of humanity that it needed artificial wishbones. Finding turkey wishbones were the most sought after things during the Thanksgiving holidays, and Ken was disappointed when he didn’t find the wishbones to wish. So he founded the Lucky Break Wishbone Corp. to meet the global demand of wishbones. The company produces 30,000 plastic wishbones daily, for about $3. “And so, I invented Lucky Break Wishbones for the masses so everybody, including vegetarians, have a chance to make a wish — with grandma AND grandpa AND mom AND dad AND friends, etc., etc. on Thanksgiving and every day throughout the year!” said Ken Ahroni.
4. Doggles

images (10)The pet care industry had nice t-shirts, pants, even dresses, also cribs and goodies but the craziest business venture was not any of those. Doggles: goggles for dogs was the most insane idea for cool punk dogs who were scared of the sun and also a fashion statement for them. The company got wide coverage on CNN, The Today Show and National Geographic channel. Fierce canines sporting cool Doggy RayBans is the new trend.
5. Santa Mail

A secret and funny mailing service for parents and children during Christmas has gathered about $2 million. Crazy, right? Commercializing Santa was never this good. Post a letter to the address at The North Pole, Alaska, and in $10 only, parents can gift a message to their clueless children who will be supposedly written by Santa. $10 for hassle free Christmas, who wouldn’t want that? This mailing service came as a gift for both parents and their children.
6. Ashley Madison

images (11)Ashley Madison or The Ashley Madison Agency was created by Darren Morgenstern in 2002. It is a Canadian online dating service and social networking site for married people or for people who want to date married people. A site devoted to cheating is not so holy, is it? But guess what The Ashley Madison Agency has gathered about 39 million users all over the world making it the world’s largest online social networking site of its kind. From U.S.A to Europe to South and South East Asian countries the site has gone viral. Makes you wonder about true love’s power, right?

But don’t worry, if these ideas can be a hit, yours can too. Go for original, innovative ideas that can shock the world and you will soon make the list. How these business ventures gathered millions is still a mystery. Good luck.

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