Wes Craven Leaves Us At 76

Wes Craven Leaves Us At 76 1

wes craven, the man behind some of the most iconic horror movies ever made like the Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream died on Sunday. He was 76 at the time of death. He was behind the iconic character of Freddy Krueger, which had horrified viewers for years. He died in his house at Los Angeles. He will be survived by his wife Iya Labunka. She is currently a producer and she has been the former Disney Studios vice president.

wes craven


Craven supposedly got the idea for the Nightmare on Elm Street from his experience of living beside a graveyard in Cleveland. There have been five iconic movies in the franchise and they were responsible for drawing huge crowds, making Craven one of the biggest names in the horror franchise. Scream was also a widely successful film and it is considered to be one of the best horror films ever made in the history of cinema.


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