What Are The Teenage Issues Today And How To Overcome?


What Are The Teenage Issues Today And How To Overcome?

The word teenage is associated with the term adolescence. Adolescence is a period in which we can see transformational changes within the age group of 13-18 years. Nowadays teenagers face a lot of problems. So, here is a list of some teenage issues today and also how to overcome it.


Hannah Nelson

1. Academic Pressure

What Are The Teenage Issues Today And How To Overcome? 1

Andrea Piacquadio

In the list of teenage issues today, academic pressure is the most important one as per my point of view. With the growing competition era, students are pressurized with more and more studies. A teen faces a lot of academic pressure just for example lots of examinations are held. Earlier there were not so many examinations held. But these days there are lots of unit tests, half-yearly exam, final exam, mock test, practical and viva.

A lot of assignments and projects are also given and not only that within short deadlines. Participation in co-curriculum activities is also expected of them. Huge pressure is being created by the academics to the teens. Now, let’s talk about how to overcome the academic pressure. First of all, teens should make a daily list of regular activities. Do exercise to relax and also take short breaks for refreshments.

2. Cyber Bullying

What Are The Teenage Issues Today And How To Overcome? 2

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Bullying can be online or it can be offline. A teen faces especially online bullying. In simple words, one can explain bullying as threatening to others especially the weaker ones. These types of things are also in the list of teenage issues today. So let’s talk about online bullying. Online bullying or cyberbullying is very common nowadays but teens face it more because they don’t have that much of understanding and maturity in them to deal with it. They easily become victims of cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying includes threats for posting rumors and different types of blackmails are also done in this case. The ultimate solution to deal with bullying is that teens should keep one thing in mind that it is social media so as not to get too familiar with anyone. And if someone is already a victim of it then that teen must share it with his/her parents.

3. Depression

What Are The Teenage Issues Today And How To Overcome? 3

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Depression is common in today’s generation especially in teens and it can be in the list of teenage issues today. It is a state of mental disorder which affects a teen’s behavior and feelings. Teens usually make wrong decisions while suffering from depression and some of them even cut their hands to harm themselves or do something that becomes life-threatening. Now the question arises why a teen suffers from depression?

Teen faces a lot of trouble like maybe they are not securing good marks in exams or lack of friends with whom they share everything or maybe teenage love failures are some vital reasons for depression among teens. Trouble in sleeping at night, a sudden change in appetite, feeling tired all the time is some sign of depression observed among teens. For overcoming from the state of depression one should be friendly with their parents and teachers and share every happiness and sorrow with them. And parents should make them understand that failure is the pillar of success.

4. Addiction to Alcohol/Drugs

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Teens these days get into an addiction to drugs and alcohol. They are misguided by wrong companions around them. Teenagers always try to discover new things without thinking about whether it is good or bad. They want to experience it for the first time for fun. But this fun becomes their permanent addiction, which affects their mental and physical health.

Alcohols and drugs, then get in the contact with the blood are very injurious for our health. Diseases like cancer may happen. One way to overcome this is that teens should avoid wrong companions and parents keep an eye on their activities and be friendly with them. This is also in the list of teenage issues today.

5. Family Conflicts

What Are The Teenage Issues Today And How To Overcome? 5

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Yes, it’s a major issue of teens today. Many families always start quarreling in front of their children. These conflicts put a negative impact on their minds, which further results in violent behavior among teens. Even some parents as well as some teachers are also there who taunts their children all the time and compare them with others for not scoring good marks. But this comparison sometimes turns harmful for them especially the teens.

In this case, one thing which parents as well as teachers should keep on their mind that they should not compare them all the time with others. And parents should give them a peaceful environment by avoiding quarrels in front of the teens. This can be also added to the list of teenage issues today.

6. Involvement in Sexual Activities

What Are The Teenage Issues Today And How To Overcome? 6

Dương Nhân

Involvement in sexual activity Teens at the age of 13-18 years becoming pregnant and it can also be considered as the teenage issues today. Yes, I am talking about teen pregnancy. Shocking to hear, but it is the bitter truth these days. Teens are getting more involved in sexual activities. Teenage love is the reason. No, I am not telling love is wrong.

Teenage love is not any wrong thing but teens should not be involved in these types of activities because ultimately they and their family have to suffer. After all, it is not any type of enjoyment. The only way to deal with this is that parents should teach them personally what is right and what is wrong in this teenager and give them proper education about sex.

7. Growing up Too Fast

What Are The Teenage Issues Today And How To Overcome? 7

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Missing childhood is also termed as growing up too fast. Teens today due to study pressure miss out on their childhood. They didn’t even enjoy their childhood. Teens these days missed so many childhood memories. Things like playing on grounds with friends in the evening and stealing of fruits from neighboring houses. Teens these days are too busy as same as working adults. They are busy with their daily schedule. In my neighborhood there is a teen after observing I got to know him after school, he goes to three tuitions. He didn’t get any time for self-study also and you will not believe he often gets sick and it’s common teenage issues today.

One thing parents should keep on their mind that physical fitness is also very important as similar to study. If teens become due to the heavy pressure of study all the efforts will go to vain. Teens in their busy schedule must get 1 to 2 hours maximum, to play especially in the evening time. Parents should reschedule their busy schedule and add some time for playing. It will help them to be fit and active and it will further help to concentrate on their studies.

8. Social Media Addiction

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Andrea Piacquadio

As we all know, social media is a platform where we share pictures, stories, and day to day updates of our regular life. Social media is very common these days. Almost every one of us at least has an account on any social media handles. But teens are getting into an addiction to using social media and it’s major teenage issues today. They are spending hours after hours into it due to which it is becoming an addiction to them. One thing to avoid social media addiction is self-control. Teens should understand it on their own that using social media is good but using it too much is an addiction.

9. Lack of Good Mentors

What Are The Teenage Issues Today And How To Overcome? 9


Mentors are very important in everyone’s life, especially in a teen’s life. Teens need a mentor who can show them the right path. Teens often go on the wrong path and it is common at that age group and can be considered as teenage issues today. But mentors are the ones who can save them and prevent them from going to the wrong path. But teens these days didn’t get good mentors and due to the lack of good mentors, they do usually wrong things. Mentors can be anyone, it may be brother or sister or maybe a father or mother or maybe any teacher.

10. Difficulty in Time Management

What Are The Teenage Issues Today And How To Overcome? 10


It’s also teenage issues today which teens usually face. Teens generally follow a very busy schedule. Due to that, they face difficulty in time management. There are several ways to overcome this difficulty of time management. One way to overcome it is to make a list of the activities regularly, set daily goals to manage time, and use the time efficiently.

11. Obesity

What Are The Teenage Issues Today And How To Overcome? 11

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Don’t be shocked, obesity is also common among teens and it can be considered in the list of teenage issues today. Teens are usually fond of pizza, burgers, and different types of fast foods. These types of foods generally contain a huge amount of fats and cholesterols. Due to these eating habits, the fat production increase in the body which results in a change in their body image. Not only that teens, often become sick after eating junk food as I mentioned above.

Eating junk food may cause overweight, diabetics, high blood pressure, and high cholesterols which may further lead to more harmful for teens at their old age. Obesity is not always because of eating junk foods it also may occur due to lack of exercise or sometimes maybe it occurs due to genetic factors.

Parents should keep an eye on the teen’s regular diet and give them nutrients enriched diets like green vegetables which will help them to stay healthy and fit. Teens also should avoid eating junk food and they should do some exercises to keep themselves fit and active.

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