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What To Look Forward To In Men’s Fashion For 2017

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Neha Jain
Neha Jain is a 21 year old writer, hailing from Delhi. She loves reading and has a passion for writing and meeting new people.

A new year is upon us, and that means it’s time to review the latest and greatest in men’s fashion. The good news is that it’s easier than ever to dress like you mean something. Here are just five tips for updating your wardrobe in 2017.

  1. Vintage

Vintage fashion never really goes out of style, but it’s expected to be extra-popular in 2017. Coming off the heels of a hard year filled with turmoil and celebrity deaths, it isn’t surprising that people want to look back to simpler, happier times, and fashion is just one of the ways that everyone is embracing the nostalgia.

WHAT TO WEAR: ’90s clothes are experiencing a resurgence, so if you have any monkey jackets or drainpipe jeans in the back of your closet, now is the time to pull them out and brag to your girlfriend that you always knew they’d come in handy. You’ll also turn heads with any combination of diamonds, zigzags, triangles and lightning bolts.

WHAT TO AVOID: Don’t go back any further than the ’90s. For example, leave the bell bottoms at the thrift store. While the great men’s fashion wheel might turn further back in time once the year progress, the spring/summer fashion season is firmly dialed to the recent past, so you don’t want to overshoot your mark.

  1. Fluoro

Do you remember those psychedelic prints that you wore in the ’90s? Partially inspired by the vintage trend of the season, bright colors are back in style. From splashy blazers to pink-and-purple tracksuits, it’s officially fashionable to look like a living representation of Pink Floyd’s The Wall. Some men’s fashion designers are even giving it a new name: “Fluoro” is short for “fluorescence” and covers everything on the neon rainbow.

WHAT TO WEAR: Wear anything colorful. There’s no way to mess up fluoro; all shades of the color wheel are welcome. If you’re looking to emulate the greats, purple has been a popular choice on male runway models, but that’s probably just a homage to the late Prince.

WHAT TO AVOID: You don’t have to avoid anything with fluoro. In fact, you could even say that flashiness is encouraged with fluoro. Go nuts!

  1. Baggy Clothes

If winter is a harsh mistress where you live, you’ll be pleased to know that puffy coats have started cropping up in men’s fashion magazines. Some designers even pair them with padded pants to complete the look. Quilted designs are also on the rise; they provide heft and bulk without necessarily being oversized, though oversized looks are definitely “in.” Forget your tailored suits; the style right now is to let your clothes billow around your frame.

WHAT TO WEAR: As previously stated, puffy jackets have become stylish. You might also fall back on trendy men’s fashion classics like baggy white t-shirts and large hoodies.

WHAT TO AVOID: Sagging pants are still a point of contention among fashion experts. Some think that they’re fashionable statement-makers; others think that they’re just ill-fitting trousers. If you want to avoid controversy, avoid the sag.

  1. Chokers

In a surprising twist, chokers have jumped from female to male models over the past few months. Though they used to be the exclusive domain of celebrities like Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid, they’ve recently become one of the hottest accessories in men’s fashion. Buy them in leather; cover them in chain links; decorate them with jewels and pendants. However you adorn them, chokers are here to stay.

WHAT TO WEAR: The sky seems to be the limit when it comes to men’s chokers. Some models are wearing plain black bands around their necks in a sophisticated way; others don large, elaborate or colorful chokers that look almost like fetish pieces. It’s up to you to decide which style is right for your closet.

WHAT TO AVOID: As long as it’s hugging your neck like a choker is supposed to, you’re free to experiment with these accessories as much as you’d like.

  1. Leather

Leather has been everywhere lately in the world of men’s fashion. Designers are showing up to events in leather jackets worn over tuxedos; celebrities are donning leather vests, leather loafers and leather belts. Even leather pants are experiencing a second life among the rich and famous. If you want to look fresh off the red carpet, embrace leather as the newest essential of the modern wardrobe.

WHAT TO WEAR: If you can afford it, splurge for a leather jacket. If your budget is a bit tight, go for leather accessories instead. It doesn’t matter if it’s studded or braided leather; all types have become trendy.

WHAT TO AVOID: Genuine leather can be controversial, so you might be better off buying faux leather. Just make sure that you’re purchasing a high-quality product that can pass as the real thing. Shiny “pleather” will always be a fashion faux pas.

These are just a few current trends in men’s fashion. As you can see, they range from classic to completely off-the-wall, so it’s important to stay attuned to the industry. You never know when the winds will blow and the trends will change. Watch this space for more updates!

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Cari Samalik is a Michigan based entrepreneur and Mom and the CEO & co-founder of Livnfresh – a state-related T-shirt brand. Previously, she worked in the healthcare, and food and beverage industries before marrying into a screen-printing business.

About the author

Neha Jain is a 21 year old writer, hailing from Delhi. She loves reading and has a passion for writing and meeting new people.

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