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Top 3 Must Watch Blockbuster Movies of Aamir Khan

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Aamir Khan is one of the most demanding and favourite actor of Bollywood. Apart from his cute and appealing smile and humble personality, it’s his outstanding performances and all-time super hit blockbusters that grab the audience towards him and make him one of the highest rated celebrity of Bollywood. He only acts for a single movie every year, but that single Bollywood movie turns out to be a blockbuster every time. The following are the three must watch blockbuster movies of Aamir Khan:


  • 3 Idiots- 3 Idiots was the top-grossing movie of 2010. It had won almost all the awards for the best film of 2010. In this movie, Aamir Khan played the role of Ranchhodas Chhanchhad, a sincere student and a devoted learner, whose main aim was to study and learn for fun and not take studies as a burden. He felt that students nowadays study only to acquire high grades and get a degree. No body wants to learn anything. Through his positive role, he spreads a great message to a huge mass of audience and even the teachers and professors of today. His positive and carefree attitude towards life, along with endless sarcasm and humour, did attract millions of audience, not only from the country, but also worldwide.


  • PK- PK was another blockbuster movie of Aamir Khan that had a deep meaning hidden in it and was highlighted in a very comical way. In this movie, PK (Aamir Khan) was an alien, who once landed on earth but unfortunately, could not return home. His gadget was stolen by a man who sells is to Tapasvi, who was a Hindu Guru, but when Anushka discovers PK’s situation she promises him to get his gadget back and also reveal the real side of Tapasvi. This movie sympathises with PK at the end when he gets everything except for Jagger’s love, who already had a man in her life.

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  • Taare Zameen Par- Taare Zameen is an extremely dramatic and heart-wrenching movie of Aamir Khan, that reveals around Ishaan, a young boy, who was sent to boarding school by his parents due to his continuous poor performances in school. When he feels lonely, the only hope he finds is in his teacher (Aamir), who discovers his outstanding talent of painting and transforms him into an optimistic character with his continuous support and guidance towards Ishaan.

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