Wednesday, August 4, 2021

What Will happen if Facebook Shuts Down?

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Suppose one fine morning you wake up and like any other social media addict switch on your Facebook Account only to find page errors on every browser that you try. Finally, you end up opening any other social media site, and there you find the most shocking news “Facebook shuts down.” Isn’t it like a bad nightmare? But what if it turns out to be a reality? It will make you wonder what if social media swiped out forever? Its going to be like we lost one of our closest friend and we will face many problems, a few of them common to most of us can be:


Remembering birthdays will be a problem:

Now who will tell you that tomorrow is your friend’s birthday, so you need to call them at 12 tonight? This will make you fight with your friends or most of the time you end up wishing late and sometimes not wishing at all. That time you will remember Facebook by whose grace you used to be the first one to wish your friends.

Remain no more connected all day with your dear ones:


Now every time you want to share something interesting with your buddies you need to call them or visit them. You know more have your full virtual meet with your friend as you enjoy with Facebook.

Cannot stalk your crush:


Now when you lost your friend Facebook, who will tell you about the relationship status of the person you had an eye on in today’s class. You cannot check out her photos, interests, liking, by a mere click like you did back with Facebook.

You will turn up to the physical world around you:

Finally, the professors will get the student’s attention in their classes. You will turn up to people next to you in a bus or the canteen as you can no more get the virtual company of your friend miles apart at all times. But honestly, this will open up more contacts than the ones we find on Facebook.

Would not complain about not having enough time:

Finally, we will realize that there are complete 24 hours in a day and unlike before we will find time for our hobbies, favorite books, evening walks. We will also find time for our family who are the most neglected ones in the race of connecting around the world.

Social Media Marketing would come to halt:

MarkZuckerbergThe best way of promotion used these days is social media marketing which would be adversely affected by the closure of Facebook. Facebook has an online population greater than China and with the closure of it the marketing would turn out to be difficult.


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