Falling in Love with Another Woman? The 3 Next Crucial Steps

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What to do when you’re falling in love with another woman while in a relationship?

Loving is never easy. And this will hit you when you expect it least of all – falling in love with another woman while you’re in a relationship. So, when you find yourself in this situation.

What do you do? How do you know? And how did this happen? These are the three main thoughts that run through one’s head.

When you read this article or find yourself having these thoughts. The first thing I want you to know that it’s okay. It’s okay to have these feelings or thoughts about somebody. You don’t have to feel guilty as long as they’re genuine, and as long as it doesn’t lust, but is love.

But that does not mean that you cheat on your current significant other either. This isn’t one of those things that you can just wing. You have to be 100% sure about your feelings in matters like these.

This sort of situation can leave one very confused. This confusion will lead to overthinking. And the overthinking can stress you out and even lead to anxiety. Which will slowly begin to ruin your love life, work-life, and even your relationships with friends and family?

Unfortunately, when you think that you’re beginning to fall in love with another man or woman, there’s no one to talk to. You can’t tell your partner. You can’t tell the woman you think you’re falling for. Friends’ advice in situations like these also seems unreliable.

So, to help you through the confusion and help you get some answers here is, what to do when you’re falling in love with another woman while in a relationship- 3 crucial steps:

falling in love with another woman

What to do when you’re falling in love with another woman while in a relationship

STEP – 1: How did this happen

When you find yourself having thoughts about falling in love with another woman while in a relationship, the first thing you must do is figure out what could’ve caused it and how did it happen.

1. Not enough communication


Everyone knows that communication is key. Especially in relationships. If you and your current significant other haven’t been communicating enough, it could lead to the end of your relationship together.

Not many realize that it’s important to share, it’s essential to ask, and it’s necessary to answer. When you get home after a long day at work, ask your partner how their day was. Ask them how they’re feeling every once in awhile—check-in on each other.

Make sure that they know that you’re going to be there for them no matter what, available 24/7.

2. It isn’t meant to be


If it’s meant to be, only then will it be. Falling in love with another woman when you’re stuck in a relationship with someone who wasn’t involved for you isn’t that surprising.

Sometimes people don’t gel well together. You might’ve thought earlier that she was the love of your life, but it doesn’t always work out that way. If only it were as easy as it seems in storybooks and fairy tales.

It’s natural to fall out of love if the two people in the relationship are not compatible. This is one of the key reasons why you’ll find yourself falling in love with another woman.

But remember before falling in love with another woman, you’ll find yourself falling out of love with the one you’re currently in a relationship with.

Click here to read more about signs you’re falling out of love.

3. Long-distance relationships


Long-distance relationships are the most common scenarios where men and women often find themselves falling out of love with their current partner.

But why is that? Because there isn’t enough communication. Because there aren’t as many physical aspects to it. Because you begin to see more of what is around you and lesser of what isn’t.

And so, you pay more attention to what’s near you and begin to forget about what’s far away.

4. Commitment Issues


If you’re someone who has commitment issues, you’ll find yourself falling in love with another woman while in a relationship often.

But then again, this might not be love. It can also just be infatuation. Because you’re too scared to commit and stay with one woman for the rest of your life, you’re often falling in love with another woman while in a relationship with another.

In scenarios like these, you should work on yourself and figure out what you need first. This way, you won’t end up hurting other women and yourself.

5. People change


People change, and hence feelings change. Falling in love with another woman because the one you’re currently with doesn’t act the way she used to when you first fell for her is ordinary.

When people begin to change the way they act in a relationship, it can be for multiple reasons.  She could have changed her priorities. She could have lost interest. She could’ve even fallen in love with someone else.

This is possible in long term relationships as well.

STEP – 2: How do you know

Just because you find somebody a tad bit, attractive does not mean that you’re falling in love with another woman. Some signs and factors will tell you if you are. Some of those critical factors are listed below.

1. Whom you spend time with


When you begin to spend more time with another woman than you do with your significant other, it could be a possible key factor that you’re falling in love with another woman.

When you find yourself thinking that you would rather hang out with them instead of hanging out with your current partner.

Because you have more fun with them or because you want to see them more often, you can consider this a clear indication that you might be falling in love with another woman.

2. Whom you’re happier with


You know that you’re falling in love with another woman when you find yourself happier with her rather than your current partner.

Think about it, do you smile more often when you’re with her? Do you laugh more often? Does she make your heart flutter like it hasn’t before or hasn’t in a while? If these are all true. And if you can relate to these, then it means that you’re falling in love with somebody else.

And this could be for multiple reasons, as I mentioned earlier. Incompatibility with your current partner, a doomed relationship, not meant to be. These are just some of the reasons why.

When someone else makes you happier both emotionally and physically, it’s a clear sign that you’re feeling the love.

3. They’re on your mind 24/7


If you’re a married man and you find yourself thinking about another woman even while spending time with your wife, it could mean that you’re falling in love with another woman.

If you think about her on date night, in bed, in the morning as you wake up when you can’t sleep at night. And you can’t get her out of your head no matter what you do. Then you’re probably in love with her.

4. Whom you trust


Even if you thought you were a happily married man, it’s possible that you’re not as happy as you thought. And that you’re subconsciously falling in love with another woman.

Is there somebody that you trust more than your wife? Do you share things with her that you haven’t with many people before? Or even something that you’ve never said to anybody else before?

It’s possible that you feel like you can confide in this woman because you’re in love with her. It’s often said that when men and women trust somebody completely. It’s because that’s true love.

5. Showing the textbook signs of love


Even if it’s falling in love with another woman while you’re in a relationship, you will still show the textbook signs of falling in love with somebody for the first time.

You want them to be happy. You feel like you’ve been intoxicated by them. You’re always thinking about them.

They make you happy. These are just some of the common signs that you’re falling in love with someone.

When it comes to falling in love, even if you’re a married man or a man in a relationship, the same rules apply. The ultimate process of falling in love is the same for everybody.

If you’re unclear about whether or not it is love and not infatuation, then click here to read about signs you’re falling in love with.

STEP – 3: What do you do now

Falling in love with another woman while you’re in a relationship can get confusing. Before this confusion leads to further problems that will eat you up inside and cause problems in your life both mentally and physically. You must figure out what to do.

1. Weigh out the pros and cons


The first thing one must do if they think that they’re falling in love with another woman is to weigh out the pros and cons of both the women in their life.

Is she worth it?

Who makes you happier? Who’s going to be better for you in the long term? Who understands you better? These are some of the questions that you have to ask yourself.

Weighing the pros and cons is always a good idea. Not just when you’re falling in love with another woman but whenever you’re stuck between two choices and have to make an important decision.

2. Understand why it happened


Earlier I mentioned reasons why you’d usually find men falling in love with another woman. But that wasn’t all. There are other reasons, as well.

You must understand why you fell out of love with you’re current significant other. And in love with somebody else in the first place. This will help you in many ways.

It’ll help you understand if it is love or not and not just infatuation. It’ll prevent these kinds of scenarios from happening again in your life and hence prevent you from hurting any women even though you didn’t want to.

And it will teach you how to be better and how to work on yourself.

3. Make sure that you’re 100% sure about it


If you think that you’re falling in love with another woman, then you have to be a hundred percent sure.

Trust me, just simple attraction or infatuation isn’t worth losing the relationship you’ve worked so long and so hard for. All that time and all that energy that you’ve put into this relationship. The amazing person that you are with right now.

Would you want to lose all of that over mere thoughts? If all is well in your current relationship. But you still find yourself having dreams about falling in love with another woman.

Especially after reading this article, then at least make sure that you’re 100% sure it’s love.

4. Confront the other woman


Once you’re confident that you’re falling in love with another woman, the first thing you must do is confront the woman and see if she feels the same way.

If you’re married but in love, do you think that a one-sided relationship is worth losing the current person you’re with? You’re possible shot with the love of your life? Well, it isn’t. It is not worth the risk.

So first, you must make sure that the feeling is mutual between you and this other woman.

But before you take the relationship further physically, make sure you end things entirely with your current significant other. You don’t want to start your new relationship with the one who is meant for you on the wrong foot.

5. Confront your current partner


Suppose you’re sure that you’re falling in love with another woman once it’s turned into an undeniable romance, before taking things further physically or even emotionally than at the current stage. Make sure you end things with your current partner.

It isn’t always necessary for you to mention your new flame to your soon to be ex-significant other. There are many ways to let go of them just because they’re wrong for you. Ways which won’t leave them as hurt as telling them that you’ve fallen for someone else will.

falling in love with another woman 2

Falling in love with another woman while in a relationship can be tricky and confusing. We hope the breakdown of the three main steps of what one must do if they find themselves in a similar situation, helped you.

If you have any more thoughts, views, or comments, do share them with us, we’d love to hear what you have to say!

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