When is Google’s Birthday?

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Google birthday

When is Google’s Birthday? The domain of the company was launched in 1997 and now the company has become the most important part of our lives. Today you all have noticed this image on homepage of google.

Google is celebrating Google’s birthday (its 17th birthday) on 27th September with Google Doodle showing a plastic PC which was it’s logo in 1998, and also a lava lamp.

From 2006, Google is celebrating it’s birthday on 27th September before that it celebrated it’s birthday on 26th September. While 6th and 5th birthday were celebrated at 7th and 8th September respectively. But it’s actually birthday dates back to 4th September 1998. But now Google has fixed the date to 27th only.

The 17th Birthday will appear everywhere except USA, as per the Doodle Blog. This date may change next year as Google separates into different groups all under the umbrella of “Alphabet”.  However Google’s first office started at one of the rooms of Stanford, it has now become the search engine giant.

Google’s Birthday

Let’s go through the achievements of Google in last 17 years:-

2015-Google Photos Launched.

2013-Unveiled Project Loon.

2012-Invention of Google drive.

2010- Google’s first Android Smartphone”Nexus One” was launched.

2008- Introduction of Google Chrome.

2005- Google Map was introduced.

2004-Google Mail was launched on April Fools day.

2002-Google News was launched.

2001-Google Images were introduced.

1997-First domain of Google was launched.google-17th-birthd_3454186b

The Google has a short but meaningful history. Google has changed the way of working. Google Images, Mails, Drive, Map, News came out to be very useful. Founded in 1997 by the P.h.D students Larry Page and Sergey Brin with the aim “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful” , It has come up this far.

We all wish Google a Very Happy Birthday and hope that it becomes more successful in upcoming time.

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