Why Diego Simeone Is The Right Man For Chelsea

Why Diego Simeone Is The Right Man For Chelsea 1

Now that it’s confirmed Pep is leaving Bayern at the end of the year, and Carlo Ancelotti is set to take his position, and Chelsea is in need of a top class manager along with City and United who are looking for a replacement for their current managers. The situation around Premier League couldn’t be any better.


Tough Times for Chelsea

The situation at Chelsea is unclear amid reports saying Guss Hiddink is not the right man to lead the club, and they seem to be right. Now that they have sacked Mourinho, their options remain quite limited. Pep Guardiola is destined on his way to City in most of the likely possibilities and Mourinho seems to be in place for the boss seat at United. And with Klopp set at Liverpool and Wenger at Arsenal, Chelsea will not want to end up without a perfect manager for next season. And we all know Guss Hiddink is highly unlikely to be given more than an interim role, so who is their best option?



The best choice for Chelsea could be Simeone. He shows the right mettle to handle a club like Chelsea and with players like Costa, Courtois and Falcao with whom he has already worked, it’s the perfect reunion. He can lead a Club to trophies, and his style of play is admirable as well. Roman would seriously be considering him though it’s not an easy task to get him. If Chelsea wishes to be ready for next season, then they have to get him.

Trouble ahead for everyone:

On the other side, Louis Van Gaal seems to be under heavy criticism and pressure to prove himself up to the club and fans. And it’s rumored that he might also end up facing Mourinho’s fate. Meanwhile, Mourinho seems to be the man who united would turn to if they want to compete with City next season which, well might be managed by Pep. So the future of LVG doesn’t look much good and so is for Roberto Mancini. Though the City manager is doing good, the Club owners aren’t satisfied and with Pep available, Mancini is in danger as well.


Meanwhile,  Mauricio Pochettino, Tottenham manager has expressed his desire to manage Chelsea. Mauricio, who is having a successful season with Spurs so far, had an incredible stint with Southampton previously. He would make a fine backup option for Chelsea in case they fail to get Simeone. With high profile signings like Hazard failing miserably Chelsea is in need of a manager who can not only make them play better but also put these players back on their track. And both Mauricio and Simeone fit this bill perfectly.

And for every new season, usually there is much speculation about the player’s fate but for this time, it’s about the managers. Pep is heading towards BPL and Mourinho, Klopp and Wenger around it’s going to be the most exciting season ahead. And that’s exactly why Chelsea should get Simeone to put them in a safe position.

Get Ready BPL fans; we got one great transfer window and an electrifying season ahead!

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