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Childhood Sweetheart: 4 Reasons Why You Will Never End Up With Them

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For all you know, you may never end up with your childhood sweetheart. And before you go cry about it, here is why that might happen. Perhaps you can change things around?

We all have our own first love. It’s a wonderful feeling to experience that feeling for the first time. When one sight of the person you adore, can make up your whole day, fulfill your inner happiness, and fade away all your sorrows like wind blowing away all the darkness of clouds, leaving only the sunshine for you.:)

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All in all, your childhood sweetheart is your first love and the first love is the truest, most unconditional form of love. You don’t care about the harsh reality of the world, neither about compatibility and all that stuff. The only thing that you believe about love is what you saw and read in stories and fairy tales, the concept of a forever soul mate, where the only universal power responsible for tying two souls is the power of love.

Why Will You Never End Up With Your Childhood Sweetheart?

Source: www.tumblr.com
In reality, the path is different

Inspired by these stories, (Courtesy to Disney) we also believe in the concept of “ forever happy together”. We are ready to give our everything to the relationship, sacrifice, and compromise it all in the name of true love.

Yup, it was those days of pure childishness.

But odds apart, many of our relationships, if made broke up, or the feeling just got hid somewhere and we grew out of it. We seldom end up with our childhood sweetheart, do we? In my opinion, it’s quite just an ideality, far from reality. So here, are my top reasons why you’ll never end up with your first love.

1. First, Ending up With Somebody Requires Being with Them.Source: www.tumblr.com

This requires both of them to be the person who has the same goals, where he wants to see himself say after 10 years, she should be wanting to be in that same place. If they see themselves in different places, then there will surely come a point where they have to deviate their paths for the making of their career.

Cool, you might disagree with me that they can pursue their relationship long distance. Agreed. So, this young couple is set to defy time and distance and prove their love in front of all odds. But…

2. There’s a quote “Young minds don’t really know what they want”.

Yup, you read it right, dear. This is an age where we have just started to face the outside world, will continue to come to see many new things. In this tender age of self- exploration, kids will discover their likes, interests, what they really want.

In case they don’t get what they desire, they aren’t even mature enough to compromise for that stuff. Because of this lack of maturity of how the actual world works in a give and take theory, (credits to the romantic comedy), they tend to have unrealistic expectations from a relationship.

It either turns to be an overly dependent one or leads to complete dark ignorance. Not being kept in balance, nor really knowing how to handle a relationship takes a serious toll on the academics of the person, hence thereby resulting in frustration and anxiety.Source: www.tumblr.com

I can say this because this is what happened to me. The first few weeks were like, as you can guess, jolly sunflowers everywhere, waiting for each other after classes, random café dates every other day, doing homework together, sitting in the library side by side, the joy was just surreal at the start.

It was the only time, I understood, what the statement “ butterflies in the stomach “ meant. I can’t really say it was a thing or just a mood, but it felt so magical. I thought I could finally relate to the lyrics of those Taylor Swift songs thinking of my first love.

It was so naïve, foolish of me. I would hate to say that I was obsessed with my childhood sweetheart, but yeah, he started to remain in my thoughts all day long. I wanted him to feel as much for me, as I felt for him. Maybe that’s what went wrong, I can never guess.

3. People and Feelings Change with Timechildhood sweetheart. Source: tumblr.com

It’s quite possible that what fascinated him earlier may not do that anymore. The same can be applied to his first love. They may not retain the same feelings for him/her when the truth would finally dawn. That they are different, in fact very different. Coming to the worst scenario, it’s even possible, that what was thought to be love wasn’t actually love, but a mere attraction towards the opposite gender.

But still, let’s say they both had faith that they’d stay together, for the sake of vows made to each other. No one really knew what’s to happen next but only to not end up with childhood sweetheart.

4. Relationships Take a Lot of Work and Emotions

childhood love

Relationships are a lot of work, it just isn’t made and expected to stay for entire life. It IS like a legit work. You can’t sit back thinking if it’s meant to be, it will be. It requires time devotion just like any other job, but unfortunately, we were too inexperienced to realize that and that is why we never end up with our childhood sweetheart.

The couple whose relationship started in school, are now both in different colleges.
They still carry out with their life, as was given in oath, took out promised time for each other. For the time being, it will all seem smooth, and I’m not saying that there aren’t any relationships that were made in school, and still stood strong at all times. It’s all quite well, till one out of them, starts to doubt, that it’s no longer the same affair.

Yes, people change. Their perspective, opinions, viewpoints, everything change with time and new experiences. Perhaps, the topmost reason why even grown couples mutually call it off. If the relationship still manages to say afloat, then congrats my friend, you are really the luckiest ones. But sadly, this blessing doesn’t fall upon all the souls on Earth.

So when I see or think about couples making promises, the only thing which appears to me is that, if you want to promise, please think twice about it, that how you will do so.

Coming to the end

So what do I want to conclude? What happened to our childhood sweetheart? Was it all just an illusion? A Whim? Did it occur to us without any purpose or just to cause sadness? When I finally broke up with him, feelings were plain shit horrible. You remember the times, you used to cry for that person all night and all those vivid colors would flashback at you, as if it happened yesterday, both happy and sad.

But this is what they call life, isn’t it? There’s nothing bad in it, cause it’s just a part of your life and growth.

Looking for the positives in everything, our childhood sweetheart left us a better person, with a clear prospect in our mind, about what we really want from our better half. At least, it was a beautiful memory, both sweet and sour, engraved in the mind and heart, stories which we can look back and laugh at, of how we all grew up when we are finally leaving this drama theater.

Always remember, the best is yet to come.

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