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My World Is Just The Two Of Us

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Two of these were always like the two corners of the rope. If he said east, she would definitely go west. If she called it a day, he would definitely call it a night. They were both well-known to the entire class for their day-long fights and the fights that were worse than Allies and Axis.

Pranks, slaps, punches, snatching away things were the order of their day, but in all this, there was something Tanvisha loved about Adish, and that was the first spark in her heart. Even during those wild wars, Adish had never beaten or touched her or done anything that could have offended her. Even at the age of 7, this guy was well versed with his limits. How could anyone resist falling in love with him?

Tanvisha was the topper of the class and maintained her position so well that no one even dared to compete with her. She was a complete fun-loving person yet studious and responsible. On the other hand, Adish was careless and never worried about the competitive world, but he hardly knew that he was about to get a demon in disguise.

A year later, two people came into their lives. Trisha Janwaal and Kabir Khanna. And from here on, it was all just beautiful. Trisha Tanvisha became best of friends, and Adish and Kabir, too, were no less than brothers. Adish and Tanvisha were always set on killing each other, and poor Trisha and Kabir had to come for the rescue. When it came to studies, Tanvisha and Kabir gave each other a neck-to-neck competition, whereas Adish and Trisha were average students. But together, these were the fantastic four.

This continued for a few years, and, Adish and Tanvisha had actually come so close that they started sharing their hearts out with each other.

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa…… you might be wondering what does this mean!!! “Music” the biggest villain of their story. Adish was madly in love with singing. At the age of 9, he gave his first singing audition and sang an Arabic song. But unfortunately, he forgot the lyrics and could not get selected. The Bollywood touch in the story is that his parents were against his passion for music. Tanvisha was not a die heart lover but enjoyed the music too.

One fine morning they both sat together during their Social Science class. Amidst those boring lectures of the teacher, there was something which held them there. That was the first time when Tanvisha could feel the pain in the eyes of Adish. Adish told her very emotionally that his parents had not even wished him good luck before his auditions. She glanced at his eyes, and something pricked her heart. She was way more mature than all her fourth-grade classmates. She wanted to tell him a lot. She wanted to hold his hands and tell him that she will be there at every point of his life, but the words were stuck somewhere in the throat.

All she could say was, “it is okay,” but this okay meant a lot more. This one moment had encapsulated them in a bond that had no name, no definition.

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