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10 Worst Habits Of Boys Who Are Introverts

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Anuva Agrawal
As an avid reader, I realise the power of words and here is my attempt to make an impact through the bit of creativity in me. :)

I ain’t a psychology student, but I have come up with all these points based on simple observations and surveys.

Disclaimer: This content does not intend to cause disrespect to anyone. So be sporty enough to admire some good observations!

Here is a list of a few not-so-good habits that one can find in boys who are introverts!

#1 Talk to themselves

taling to yourself

Oh, now please don’t think that they’re crazy, cause really they aren’t! When they are often alone, they often practice the right way to talk and approach others; at least they try. They might even make up worst-case scenarios in their heads and talk to themselves out of it. It takes a lot of effort to do that! To have it all cheers to all the effort and enthusiasm they have.

#2 Cryptic answers




They will never have straight answers, even if the question is as simple as ‘which is your favorite ice cream flavor!’..they are like the ciphers that need keys to be decrypted. They keep a cloud of mystery around themselves. The worst of all, this might even seem like a beautiful enigma to the girls out there!

#3 Active yet Inactive on social media

10 Worst Habits Of Boys Who Are Introverts 1

Last seen ‘a min ago,’ the last post – ‘years ago.’ They are always there in the background, doing nothing. They tend to be too busy for whatever reasons. I am very sure you have an old friend who seems the same way!

#5 Lazy in initiatives

lazy guys!

If one of your besties is an introvert, you will surely identify with this one. Take up a chat, a discussion, a party, or anything; introverts will never be the ones to say the first thing out! And girls with them often get tired of being the first to ask or speak up, but these guys surely enjoy following the trails.

#6 Rest of the world is stupid!

10 Worst Habits Of Boys Who Are Introverts 2

They have this sense of superiority, wait for it, something “legendary” they think about themselves. The rest of the world can’t even reach miles closer to their standards, be it their choice of music, books, movies, or anything else!

#7 Daydreaming!

10 Worst Habits Of Boys Who Are Introverts 3

They all have great imaginations! Trust me. When they dream of driving their favorite car, they think about the car’s color, the denim shirt they wore while driving it, everything figured out. All of it vividly! In that thought world of theirs, no one beats them. Imagination may not be a bad thing, but their level of daydreaming makes it so.

# 8 Freakish manias!

10 Worst Habits Of Boys Who Are Introverts 4

This one’s a sure shot true…it might be their favorite rock music, old tv series, the fad for the book-you-never-read, or just their crazy hour of code! They have their solace in this stuff. They are so insanely into these that when they sit down for the time of life, even earthquakes can NOT affect them in there.

#9 Self-Centrism!

10 Worst Habits Of Boys Who Are Introverts 5

‘The world does revolve around me!’ That’s it…that is all they believe and wish. It surely is a bit suffocating for people around them. If you are one of those people reading it now, it’s time you got rid of this habit soon!

#10 Love Extremists!


This one might be shocking for many! But, yes, when it comes to love and relationships, they have their extremes. They are either dipped in love, or you will find some who don’t seem to be affected by it at all.

You get a bonus observation! *wink*

#11 Lone ranging

10 Worst Habits Of Boys Who Are Introverts 6

Well, they are introverts, I accept. They will have these impenetrable walls around them! But they choose to build up these walls. They are detached in saintly ways from human relationships. They prefer to be alone, travel solo, rejoice solitarily, and even hibernate in their quiescent modes all alone! Dare someone to try and break any of these, and they will kill you.

All that said, the bad habits do have good parts. Cheers to people who observed this, And a wink to those who I observed!


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