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Stupid Facts About Ice Cream: Learn More About Our Favourite Icy Treats

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Ice Creams – this one word is enough to bring a smile on everyone’s faces. Seriously, who doesn’t love ice creams? Be it summer or winter; ice creams are a year-long friend for all of us. Our favorite pastime is spending time on the internet reading about stupid facts about random stuff. So, today, we will learn about some stupid facts about ice cream that you never knew!
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Before that, let’s look at the marvelous thing that ice cream is. No one knows when ice cream was discovered or by who. The origins of ice cream are well, fuzzy. Mentions about ice creams can be found as far back as the 3rd Millenium BC! Depending on what legend you believe in, ice creams could have originated from anywhere in China, Mongolia, Rome, or anywhere else.
Ice creams are eaten in almost all parts of the world. It is one of the few foods that are part of several cultures around the world. Now that we know enough about ice creams let’s dive into some stupid facts about the dish!
Stupid Facts About Ice Cream: Learn More About Our Favourite Icy Treats 2

Stupid Facts About Ice Creams

You Can Order Viagra Ice Creams

Yup, you read that right! Welsh food inventor Charly Harry Francis created this unexpected recipe in 2014. Francis, who heads the company Lick Me I’m Delicious, posted about his creation on his website and described it in great detail. Francis named this maverick invention, quite aptly, “Arousal.” This stupid fact is well-known among all ice cream lovers!

The Viagra ice cream is flavored with 25 mg of Viagra, a popular erectile dysfunction treatment drug. The ice cream was blue in color, quite similar to Viagra itself.


Stupid Facts About Ice Cream: Learn More About Our Favourite Icy Treats 3

You Can Hire Artists to Make Ice Creams

Well, this is not actually a stupid fact, but it is still very strange nonetheless. The profession of artisan ice cream making has been gaining popularity recently. What is an artisan ice cream maker? The word artisan means a worker who is extremely skilled in his or her profession. Similarly, an artisan ice cream maker is an extremely skilled ice cream maker.
Stupid Facts About Ice Cream: Learn More About Our Favourite Icy Treats 4
Unlike store-bought ice cream, which is mass-produced and has little room for customization, artisan ice creams are home-made and tailored to the demands of the customer. Everything from the quality to the quantity of the ingredients is decided by the buyer, and the artisan just gives shape to the ice cream.
While an artisan ice cream is significantly costlier than normal ice cream, it is gaining popularity across the world in recent times.

Sundae Was the Result of a Protest Against a Law

This doesn’t exactly belong among stupid facts since this has not been totally proven, but it is still mindblowing. The sundae is one of the most popular ice cream dishes in the world, loved by the children and the elderly alike. While the origin of the dish and the term is filled with obscurity, there is one story (that is supported by many academics and historians) that is simply weird!
Apparently, the American state of Illinois passed a Blue law that prohibited the sale of ice cream soda on Sundays (the day of Sabbath) because they were considered improper. To tackle this, the ice cream vendors developed the dish that essentially became the ice cream sundae to circumvent the law. Even the term “Sundae” is so because the ice cream vendors were wary of offending the religious leaders by naming an ice cream dish after the holy Sabbath day.
Stupid Facts About Ice Cream: Learn More About Our Favourite Icy Treats 5

Japanese Have Weird Ice Cream Flavours

This fact is a creepy one rather than being part of stupid facts! There are hundreds of ice cream flavors abound, but apparently, that is not enough for the Japanese. The Japanese have some of the weirdest flavors known to ice cream lovers, including viper ice cream, raw horse meat ice cream, squid ink-flavored ice cream, shark fin ice cream, and many more similar iterations.

If you are interested in more crazy ice cream flavors, you can also check out Korean green tea-flavored ice creams.

New Zealanders Eat Four Basketballs’ Weight of Ice Cream Yearly

This doesn’t only belong in stupid facts but also hilarious facts! While people eat ice cream across the world in huge amounts, New Zealand tops the chart in yearly consumption per capita. In New Zealand, an average person consumes 28.4 liters of ice cream per year! To put it in context, that is equal to FOUR full-sized basketballs! Now that is a lot of ice cream!
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The US is a distant second in the chart, although its record of 20.8 liters of annual consumption per capita is impressive considering its huge population.

An Ice Cream That Doesn’t Melt Even When Lit on Fire

The Japanese are specialized in ice cream making; it seems! The Kanazawa Ice company developed an ice cream dish that is so resistant to melting that it can withstand being lit on fire! The company was earlier in international news for developing an ice-cream popsicle that claimed to withstand a full ten minutes of sun blaze without melting.
It is made from a chemical called the Strawberry Polyphenol. As discovered by a Japanese research center, ice cream serves made from Strawberry Polyphenol will not melt for thirty minutes at room temperature! In popsicle form, they can resist melting for three hours, even under 40 degrees Celsius temperature.

Ice Cream Cones are Only 100 Years Old

Ice creams and ice cream cones go hand in hand. So it is astonishing to know this stupid fact that while the ice cream itself is almost 5000 years old, the ice cream cone was invented only about 100 years ago! Like the ice cream, the origin of the ice cream cone is also not set in concrete.
It is a generally accepted story that the cone was accidentally prepared by a Syrian-Lebanese ice cream vendor Arnold Fornachou during the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair, with the help of a Syrian wafer-maker Ernest Hamwi.
Another stupid fact about the ice cream cone: it is the official state food of the American state of Missouri.
Stupid Facts About Ice Cream: Learn More About Our Favourite Icy Treats 7

Ice Cream is the Ultimate Comfort Food

This stupid fact will make you love ice creams even more! Research has shown that eating ice cream can help people when they are stressed or feeling down. Another Austrian study showed that the positive mental effects of ice cream are not just limited to its ingredients; similar dishes like chocolate or yogurt did not have any effect. This is mainly because eating ice cream is usually associated with positive memories like birthdays, dates, marriages, and so on.
Stupid Facts About Ice Cream: Learn More About Our Favourite Icy Treats 8
This is one of the significant reasons why ice cream sales boom during economic recession or war. Ice cream plays a considerable role in the battles fought by the USA, even including the Navy spending a million dollars, making a floating ice cream machine. The American soldiers loved ice cream so much that in 1942 when Japanese torpedoes caused the USS Lexington to go down, the crew did not abandon the ship until they had broken into the ice cream storage and finished all the ice cream.
'Ice Cream in the Desert', Egypt, Captain Edward Albert McKenna, World War I, 1914-1915
‘Ice Cream in the Desert’, Egypt, Captain Edward Albert McKenna, World War I, 1914-1915
During recessions, ice cream is one of the few affordable “delicacies” for an average family, and that is why ice cream sales always increase during tumultuous economic times.
During the Prohibition period in the US, the sale of ice cream increased drastically as ice cream consumption increased by 55%. Ice cream became a substitute for alcohol for calming the nerves of people (and soldiers).
In the 1920s, new immigrants arriving at the Ellis Island harbor in the USA were treated with ice cream to introduce them to their new country. The officials at Ellis Island believed ice cream to be the ultimate American culinary experience and wanted to “Americanize” the immigrants.

Ice Creams Can Cause Headaches

Any ice cream lover already knows this stupid fact. We have all experienced a sharp pain in our head when we bite into icy ice cream or eat it too fast. This is a real phenomenon, known by various names like cold-stimulus headache, brain freeze, ice cream headache, and sphenopalatine ganglion neuralgia.
The reason for this headache is that when something very cold or very hot touches the upper roof of our mouth (known as the upper palate), the blood vessels rapidly swell and constrict. This causes a sharp, stabbing pain in the head that lasts for a few seconds to about a minute. It is a harmless and common symptom that is mainly a defense mechanism by the brain (known as vasodilation).

There is an Ice Cream Month and Ice Cream Day

This stupid fact will make you go whaaaaaat? Americans love their ice cream, and none more so than their former President Ronald Reagan. He declared that July of 1984 would be the National Ice Cream Month, and 15th July 1984 would be National Ice Cream Day!
Ever since that proclamation, July has been celebrated each year as the national ice cream month. The national ice cream day is celebrated on the third Sunday in July every year!
Stupid Facts About Ice Cream: Learn More About Our Favourite Icy Treats 9
Ice creams are not just tasty – they are interesting as well. These stupid facts prove that there is a lot of fun-filled and exciting stories behind our favorite dessert. So, let’s say it all together: “You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream!”
Stupid Facts About Ice Cream: Learn More About Our Favourite Icy Treats 10

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Who knew that the simple ice cream that we eat every day was so fascinating? These stupid facts are not only interesting but also delicious! So, while we hope that all your queries are answered by reading this (with a tub of ice cream in your hand!), you might want to click on the following articles to read even more!

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