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Writing: It’s A Process

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Get into the process. This article will not give you tips on becoming a successful artist or a successful writer. First of all, there is no such thing called ‘tips’ for creating art.’ Those advocacies on ‘How to write 1st chapter’, ‘How to write an opening line,’ ‘How to make fine strokes,’ are only helpful to give us insights into other people’s experiences.

If you are waiting for some ‘Yoda to appear from nowhere and bless you with skills, then you are cheating yourselves. Just get down and make art. It’s not a procedure that can be followed, nor is it science to be studied. Think of the first human beings who wrote stories and created art. If they didn’t need advice from their ancestors on doing things right, then we don’t either. Everything is a process. Humans evolved as a result of nothing but a biological process. From birth till death, all we ever do is get through the process of life.


We can’t just sit and expect ideas to pour inside us from nowhere. Believe me, and it’s not a miracle, and artists are no magicians. An artist or a writer who can draw soulful ideas out of his mind doesn’t totally account for his talent. It’s a process they have been practicing for a long time.

Art is not a talent but a process that develops with practice. You can only get inspired by another artist’s works, but not by following their every single step. There is this thing called individuality that is essential to produce art for your own self. No one is born a prodigy. If we want to create great art pieces, all we need to do is get into the process.

If you want to become a writer, you don’t need to have a  fabulous narrative sense or an excellent vocabulary. You have to get into the process and write. These processes let us identify the intricate details of things that others may not be aware of. Those details do not jump into our heads within a night’s sleep. You can learn it only through experiences. Write something daily, create something periodically.


Does it look Awful at first?  ‘Kudos!!!’  You are already on step one. It begins with crude attempts. But don’t lose your threads. Don’t give space to the inner demons that tell you not to continue any further. Be it a small craft, ugly draft, or q glorious raft- go on, keep moving, keep pushing hard.

You will fall, not once, not twice but thrice or more than that. Rise again, and resume the process. Be like a silent dweller who digs deep and deep when the world out runs in merriment. You will be kicked down but rise again. You will feel like falling into emptiness, rise again. You will bleed, you will cry, you will mourn. But rise again, and do it.

Make art at peace. If that’s where your happiness resides, then life is worth sacrificing. One day, you will reach a point where you will be recognized by someone from some far corner of the world without any prior notice. Your art would have had made a bigger impact on people than you have ever imagined. Until then, continue the process.

Nothing is possible within the nick of the moment, but nothing is impossible if we are given enough time.  -Maha

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