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Your Best Guide to Rocky Point Arizona

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At a height of 1250 meters above sea level, Rocky Point Arizona can be your next holiday destination. Mainly Rocky Point Arizona is an incorporated area. An incorporated area is an area that is not governed by local municipal cooperation.  If you do not belong to the United States of America, you would need a valid US passport to get to Rocky Point, Arizona.

Visiting new places can come with many unanswered questions about the lodging facilities, places to visit, shopping streets, etc. However, we have come up with a full tour guide to Rocky Point Arizona. All the research work and planning are on us to do while all you are required to do is select one from the best options that we are going to make available for you.

All you will read about is the list of hotels, resorts, and places to visit on your trip to Rocky Point Arizona.

Rocky Point Arizona: Resorts

Starting with your boarding and lodging, below is a list of resorts and hotels that you can opt for:

Rocky Point Sonoram Resort

This is a highly efficient and beautifully designed Rocky Point Arizona resort for you to stay in all the comforts and luxury. The resort presents a beautiful water view from each of its rooms, giving you a very relaxing environment.  There are small apartments that you can book for yourself.

These apartments are fully equipped with all the necessary facilities like a kitchen, bathroom, and a balcony to make you feel at home. If you want to cook some of your favorite food at this exotic location, then the Rocky Point Sonoram resort has it all covered for you.

Your Best Guide to Rocky Point Arizona 1

Free wi-fi, a bar, and a restaurant are also present at the resort. You can make the booking according to the group of people you are visiting with. The resort has a special room for everyone. Up to 6 people can share and live in one apartment of the resort. Imagine how spaciously it is designed. Sharing a room can also be very cost-effective on your part and can save much for the later adventures at the place.

Sonoran Sky Resort

Presenting another Rocky Point Arizona beach resort on the list that is Sonoran Sky Resort. As a beach resort, it is bound to have a watery view from its windows. Loaded with great facilities and a good restaurant that serves tasty food, which is affordable, this is the right choice among all the Rocky Point Arizona resorts. The resort has a pool and Wi-fi facility available. You get easy access to the beach from there.

Click here to reach its official website.

Las Palmas Resort

Another highly luxurious and classy resort on the list is the Las Palmas Resort. This one is the most luxurious Rocky Point Arizona resort till now. The resort is engineered, keeping in view the easy management and efficient service that the resort strives to provide to its guests.

It has a kids zone, spa, A swimming pool, and  Jacuzzi facilities, which is quite rare—anyone who instantly fall in love with the place after seeing this resort.

To book a suite, click here.

Rocky Point Arizona: Restaurants

Moving on to some delicious food, let’s have a look at the nearby restaurants.

Rocky Point Restaurant

First one itself has the name Rocky Point. The Rocky Point restaurant offers a wide variety of starters, main course, and dessert options. The restaurant is highly experimental and keeps adding more and more new dishes to its menu now and then.

To complement your food, you can go for some of the drinks options. With a sound and hygienic ambience this can be one of the best places in Rocky Point Arizona to eat.

Take a peek at the official Facebook page of the Rocky Point Restaurant before visiting.

Rocky Point Seafood Restaurant

This one for me is like a special mention on the list for all the seafood lovers. The Rocky Point Seafood restaurant is a Mexican-themed restaurant that offers both takeaway and dining facilities. Delicious looking food and good plating make a right combination when it comes to food. This restaurant fulfills all the requirements in taste and environment. Nothing is matching this restaurant on the list of Rocky Point Arizona.

For more information, click here.

Things to do in Rocky Point Arizona

Sun Set Cruise

What could be more thrilling and beautiful to look at than a  sunset from a cruise. Well, one of the activities to do at Rocky Point Arizona can be hiring a private cruise either for yourself or sharing a cruise with others. Both the options are very much available for you to choose in between.


Parasailing is another activity that you can indulge in at Rocky Point Arizona. Parasailing is a highly adventurous sport in which you can sail above the waters of the beach. Safety and other precautions are paid attention to. The equipment used in parasailing is checked for safety before every use.

Your Best Guide to Rocky Point Arizona 2

Horseback Riding

Horse riding is another activity that you can enjoy at the beach of Rocky Point Arizona. Horse ride facilities are available at the beach there itself. The facility is both for children and adults.

Whale Watching Tour

If giant sea creatures fascinate you and you always wanted to witness the humpback whales, don’t miss this chance of seeing them. There is a tour organized which lasts for three hours in which you can enjoy watching humpback whales at Rocky Point Arizona.

Book your whale watching tour by clicking here.

Bird Island tour

You can visit the nearest island and witness the exotic marine present over there. You can also experience watching different kinds of birds and other animal species. The safety of the visitors is carefully looked after.


Fishing is an activity that most of you indulge in on weekends and holidays. If you don’t like missing on your favorite leisure activity, why not enjoy it here at Rocky Point, Arizona. Yes, there are many fishing sports, both shallow and deep-sea, where you can try your hands at fishing.

Here is a complete guide to fishing in Rocky Point.

Your Best Guide to Rocky Point Arizona 3

Wine Tasting

To stimulate your taste buds, you can try different things.  Try wine tasting here in Rocky Point Arizona. Private cruises offer these facilities. They organize wine tasting in which you get to enjoy many types of wines from all over the world, but wine tasting can be heavy on your pockets at times.

Rocky Point Arizona: Major Attractions

Water sports

Visiting a place surrounded by water and not having experienced world sports sounds incomplete. Water sports at the Rocky Point Arizona need some of your attention. Adventure activities like mid-river boating and kayaking are among the top favorites.

For more information, click here.


Everyone loves pampering themselves. You would even love it more when in Rocky Point Arizona. One way to relax on the beach would be to have a massage infused with various essential oils that have a calming and soothing effect on the body. Massaging can be a great stress-relieving activity to indulge in.


If you are a sports person, then you would always want to experiment new sport activities or experience something new at a place. One such experience that you can include in your list is playing golf on a beach. Beach volleyball is a game that people usually prefer playing when on the beach, but trying something new and different this time.

Local drinks and food

No trip is ever completed without tasting the local food and beverages of a place. It is said that the localized food and drinks of a place talk much about its history and culture. The ingredients and spices used to prepare a dish have a story linked to them, and to know it, all you need to do is to wander around the streets and luxuriate in the taste of that dish.

Your Best Guide to Rocky Point Arizona 4

Drinks are another such thing that you can taste. Local beverages are a fantastic option.


I know this is not a thing that needs to be mentioned because it is evident that a trip can never be completed without some shopping. Apart from visiting a prominent shopping place or shopping mall, you should explore the local shops and vendors selling handcrafted things.

Buying from them promotes the local industries and vendors. It helps you get hold of something good in quality, sustainable, and even cost-effective. Show your bargaining skills, you will surely return home with some amazing stuff.

This was all the necessary information about Rocky Point Arizona, that you should know before visiting. All the resorts mentioned above are highly recommended seeing the reviews and ratings of the place. The best quality of ingredients and cooking atmosphere is present at the places to eat in Rocky Point Arizona.

The article provides you a complete guide for your travel and stays at Rocky Point Arizona, with the hope to ease the planning efforts. Hope you had a great time reading!

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