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11 Best Things To Do In Orange Beach

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 There are plenty of things to do in Orange Beach once you reach the place. With water that changes color from turquoise blue to jade green, the activities that are offered by this eye-catching beach also change rapidly giving you the chance to taste every bit of it.

Orange Beach that lies in the state of Alabama is considered to be a part of the Gulf of Mexico. The white beach that is spread over a large area has not so indented shoreline but has sand that looks crystal white.

Recognizing the importance and scope of sports Orange Beach  hosts a lot of sports events and is promotes it throughout. These events serve as a good chance for Orange Beach to capture a large audience and tourists as well. Basketball and Beach Volleyball always remain the star performer.

The adjoining area is flanked by a variety of resorts and hotels to choose from. All of these places where you can stay are within the beach limits and always give you an entire overview of the place.

After gathering the basic know-how of this family friendly Orange Beach let’s see what all is possible at the beach in the form of things to do at Orange Beach.

Best things to do at Orange Beach

Dolphin Cruises and the Sunset

Go almost till the middle in the Gulf of Mexico with the cruises that are available at Orange Beach and witness the water that changes into a mirror during the time of the epic sunset. Boat cruises which are a part of the best things to do in Orange beach, know the area well and take you to the exact location from where you can not only witness the sunset with utter clarity but can also click wonderful pictures. You can also hire a cruise that offers a rooftop seating facility. Such facilities may cost you a bit extra but is really a good option.

Seeing the dolphins and feeding them is a variety that is added to the pack. With the best things to do in Orange Beach, you will be having many such treats.

Watching the dolphin come so near would definitely be an adorable moment so don‘t forget to capture that at any costs.

things to do in Orange Beach

Jet Skiing

This self-exploration activity is quickly becoming one of the best things to do in Orange Beach. Kids also enjoy such an experience and cherish it for life. The best of adventure water sports is here at your will at Orange Beach and it is up to you to make the best use of it by observing all the dolphins and pelicans that may cross your way and surely they would.

Offering one of the most octane activities with the best things to do in Orange Beach the costs are also kept minimal. The exploration allows to check out the whole Wolf bay and its adjoining parts.

 Shopping at the Wharf

  With a good budget in mind, you can indeed go for a shopping spree at the Wharf. Items that are expensive and antique are also displayed to attract buyers. The place is lavishly decorated with all kinds of shops offering almost everything that you might need during the lifetime and also the things that you might not be needed but would end up buying.

Yes, this is what shopping at the Wharf does to you which is probably the reason for it being included in the list of best things to do in Orange Beach.

Go Karting

The world of adventure is here with the best of amusement parks at Adventure island, located just at a distance the place combines many activities and brings out the best for its visitors.

Go-kart is the main attraction that brings people to the Adventure island and can easily be included in the list of best things to do in Orange Beach.

Go-karting is much loved by children as an opportunity to explore the racer in them. For those of you who would try it for the first time will also be thrilled. Exploring and trying out other games and activities at the Adventure island would serve well.

things to do in Orange Beach


Ziplining is one of the best activity that is offered by the state of Alabama and people specially visit Orange Beach to try out this one of the best things to do in Orange Beach.

Visit the Hummingbird Zipline Course and feel the adrenaline when you sweep across. You can choose the height according to your comfort level. Options for adjusting the height are available.

Taste Coffee at the Southern Grind Coffee House

Coffee has always been a go-to option and you can’t say no to this freshly brewed beverage at any time of the day.

At the Wharf, this can be one of the best things to do with some pastries and snacks that can be enjoyed while visiting the Southern Grind Coffee House.

You can also try out their sandwiches taste just like a home-cooked meal with all the nutritional requirements kept in in mind. All the ingredients are fresh and are specially picked by hands assuring the quality.

Space is filled with some quirky items that add some informative values and some deep insights about the coffee culture that has been going on around the world with a high turnover.

Try some Seafood

Beaches and coastal areas come with a disguised craving for seafood and finding a place to satisfy your seafood craving would cost nothing more than finding a good seafood restaurant with our recommendation of the best things to do in Orange Beach.

The Big Fish Restaurant and Bar at the Orange Beach is serving its customers and satisfying their appetite with the best of seafood at Beach.

The place is much classy with the decoration that matches every occasion whether it is a get-together or a business meeting.

Lobsters, Shrimps, and Scallops are their best quality dishes which are also in great demand. Order them as soon as you reach the place so that they do not get out of stock for the day.

things to do in Orange Beach

Ferris Wheel

An eye-catching attraction at Orange Beach could be the next one of the best things to do in Orange Beach.

The Ferris Wheel is visible from every corner of Orange Beach, Thanks to its remarkable height and the lightings that make it glow during the night.

Gondolas ride that is available also reserve ha place in the list of your best things to do in Orange Beach. Entry charges for children under the age of three are free but a charge is levied on all the adults and kids stepping that criteria.

Amphitheatre and dine-in facilities are also available to make your visit to the Ferris Wheel just perfect.

things to do in Orange Beach

Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo

Active since 1987, the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo is performing well and ranks high in the list of best things to do in Orange Beach.

Now the home for some of the most exotic animal species the Zoo is probably the favorite destination for kids of all ages. Visiting the animal farm that is supposed to be a rare feature for a zoo to support makes the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo earn an extra point.

Special activities to make all the kids comfortable around the animals is the one that is designed to feed them. Barbary Lions, leopards, tigers, monkeys, and macaws are the animals that grab the maximum attention of the crowd.

Robinson Island

Now traveling a few miles off the coast of Orange Beach just o find the next one of the best things to do in Orange Beach we come across this coral island of Robinson.

Now under the province of Orange Beach itself, Robinson Island is the best place to visit and is suggested by almost every tourist guide at Orange Beach.

Motorboats can be hired at negotiable rates for reaching this beautiful destination that is surrounded by water on all sides.

Jet Skiing is another option by which you can reach Robinson island. Kayaking in its best form is offered by this island with all the arrangements there itself.

Picking stones, pebbles and shells could be your best one of the things to do in Orange Beach as such islands wash off some of the most expensive gems.

The Clay Studio

Creative activity is waiting for you at the best things to do in Orange Beach via the Coastal Arts Centre that offers the opportunity to learn pottery and make items using clay and mud which you can also take home as a souvenir.

The Hot Shop would give you yet another memorable experience of customizing your own glass. Activities for kids that are designed in a fun and easy way would keep them occupied throughout. Different lessons are lined up for the people who visit the place on a regular basis. Virtual sessions are also being arranged for some time now.


With so many activities to choose from, the best things to do in Orange Beach would leave you bewildered in the end with you not even wishing to miss out on any one of them. Listing all the endless possibilities was our job now assigning all the things equal time and ranking them is left to you to accomplish.

Fishing piers can also be bought in order to catch some fishes off the shore of Orange Beach so that even the tiniest wish is met in time. When on this beach gulf all the outdoor activities open their arms for you. Away from the gulf shores and the Orange Beach, Golf courses are all ready to be tried out as the things to do in Orange Beach.

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