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10 Obvious Reasons Why We Hate Mondays!

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Once, someone wondered why does Monday appear so far from Friday and why does Friday appear so near to Monday. Supposedly, my answer to this would be “It’s all in your mind!”. There are so many hues, but why does your mind paint Monday only in blues? Why do we hate Mondays?

Let me think about it from Monday’s point of view.

Hey, I am Monday!

10 Obvious Reasons Why We Hate Mondays! 1

I call you on the first day of the week with an active sunrise, hoping that this week, everything goes well for you. But, why do you behave so lazily with me in comparison to the other days?

I shower the flowers of new opportunities for you. But, why do you prick me with your thorns of lambasting about my existence as a day? Amongst all the days in a week, I carry the load of your mood swings alone and ask you to strive forward for a better week ahead. But, why do you complain to God that I behave badly with you?

Lastly, even though the whole world hates me, I still try to fulfill my duties of making you learn the art of hard work. But, why do I still have to hear, “Oh No! It’s Monday again! Ask yourself, am I really that bad or is it you who are at fault?”

Coming back to being the author of this post, dwelling into the Monday’s perspectives made me understand one thing. There are many reasons where we ask ourselves about why do we hate Mondays. Monday is not bad and is just another day in the week. It is our psychological devil that shows Monday in the form of a devil.

10 Obvious Reasons Why We Hate Mondays! 2
10 reasons on why do we hate Mondays!

Let us see, 10 reasons on why do we hate Mondays! –

1. Weekend’s Extra Sleep- Cause of Your Monday’s Weep!

10 Obvious Reasons Why We Hate Mondays! 3
Why do we hate Mondays? Because of Sleep?

It is morning time. You see your clock and a calming sensation reaches into your veins. Even your sleep knows, it is the weekend time and it has to do overtime at the job of letting you sleep. Even your eyes know, it is the weekend time and the upper eyelashes could feel cozier with the lower ones because they would remain closed for a longer span.

According to Flinders University’s sleep expert Leon Lack, the extra sleep during weekends results in the feeling of fatigue during Monday mornings. To do away with the sleeping debt during the week’s time, we sleep more on weekends. As a result, on Monday when our sleeping hours are reduced, the body clock gets disturbed and we end up waking tired.

10 Obvious Reasons Why We Hate Mondays! 4

By research, Leon Lack’s team tracked 16 people and tested their saliva and hormones. They found a delay of 45 minutes in the body clock.

The culprit is our sleeping habits and criticism is heard by Monday. Due to this, we end up thinking why do we hate Mondays.

2. Beginning of the Work Week

It is said that more than the beginning, the end is what matters. Coinciding this thought to your workweek, the end is a pleasant Sunday and the beginning is a dull Monday. To re-enter a work cycle is not easy.

10 Obvious Reasons Why We Hate Mondays! 5
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A major portion of your brain creates stress physiology in the whole body. Because all you could think of, is the amount of work that is piled up for the whole week. This happens repeatedly, every week. It takes the form of stress.

10 Obvious Reasons Why We Hate Mondays! 6

A stressful beginning, repeatedly leads you to call that particular day stressful. Sadly, the beginning of the workweek and Mondays fall on the same day. Therefore, it’s the beginning of work that you hate and give it the name of hatred for Mondays.

3. Social Chatter about Mondays

“We hate Mondays!”, The whole world cries this in unison. It is easier to feel all the dullness and then, accuse Monday of it. People’s cringe-y feelings, tiredness, and unpleasant habits get the name of hatred for Monday.

10 Obvious Reasons Why We Hate Mondays! 7
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And as everyone is a blind follower of the world, it is perceived as the universal truth. There comes someone frustrated asking, “Why do we hate Mondays?” and there comes the answer from the back,

“Because everyone hates it.”

It is like a virus that has spread amongst people, but you could cure it by looking at it from a positive perspective.

4. Psychological Shift from Sunday To Monday

Scientifically, it has been found that a psychological shift occurs in the brain from Sunday to Monday. A poll was conducted in which 340,000 people took part. It concluded that people had the same emotional intensity from Monday till Thursday.
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Till the time weekend comes, everybody gets enthusiastic. Running out from a hectic routine into a resting weekend makes way for a transition in the mindset. It becomes relaxed with all the friends and family around.

10 Obvious Reasons Why We Hate Mondays! 8
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Your relaxed mindset takes a leap when a working Monday comes after a resting Sunday. You are not mentally prepared for it. Hence, the psychological shift makes it difficult for you to survive the Monday blues.

5. You Feel What You Think

Hating Mondays is basically a surmise. We just cudgel our brain, trying to decode why do we hate Mondays. It is very simple to answer.

We don’t actually hate Mondays or rather you don’t hate Mondays. You just think about the negative perspective and don’t look at the brighter side. If you think of Monday as the day, which brings new opportunities for you, the perspective gets reversed.

10 Obvious Reasons Why We Hate Mondays! 9
Why do we hate Mondays? Because we look at the negative perspective?

With the reverse in perspective, Monday is not the culprit anymore. You think of it as a positive thing and you feel positive on that day.,3,6,8,10&sim=11

Also, another aspect is that many people choose Monday as the day to change their habits to curb their inferiority complex. This leads to facing different challenges. Now, you yourself decide to do something new on Monday. But, you end up whining about the challenges, and ween that it is happening because you hate Mondays.

This concludes that the thought pattern influences the emotional pattern and the thinking of hatred for Mondays changes into a feeling of hatred for Mondays.

6. When the Job Doesn’t Satisfy, How Could Monday do it?

A break from work is necessary. But, to what extent could you wait for the work breaks? To what extent could you wait for the weekends to escape from your job?

Freeze. Focus. I used the phrase ‘Escape from your job.’ When do you find escapes from a job? The answer is when you want a temporary break from the hassles of the job, as you dislike it or are not engaged in it.

10 Obvious Reasons Why We Hate Mondays! 10
Why do we hate Mondays? Because of our dissatisfaction with the job?

Entering into the work mode which one doesn’t like, is a bitter drink to have, every week. Ceaselessly, you enter into the work mode on Mondays. Understandably, that no one would be keen to wake up on a Monday for the work, he/she does not even like.

And as a result, a question keeps bothering us, “Why do we hate Mondays?”

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7. Next Weekend Is Far Away

The Japanese ‘ikigai’ is a lifestyle model developed in 2017. It underlines the concept of focusing on the present and living the moment that you are in, right then. You should apply the same concept to yourself.

10 Obvious Reasons Why We Hate Mondays! 11

But, in the case of Mondays, it gets different. The focus gets shifted from the energetic and working activities of Monday to the lazy and resting postures of the weekend. The mind waits for the weekend in desperation.

This desperation converts into despising towards Monday because you think the weekend is so far away from Monday. Thus, you get another reason to hate Monday!

8. Dull Energy Gets Transmitted

Even if you are motivated to work on Monday mornings, dull energy from the lazy people around, gets transferred into you. You end up dancing on their steps while forgetting your own.,3,6,8,10&sim=11
Image source: StackExchange

For example, some college students are active and motivated to study in a morning class on Monday. While the other students in the class, are hit by Monday blues and don’t wish to study. This low energy gets transmitted into you and you say, “It is the Monday blues!”

A person who hates Monday transmits some part of their hatred into others in the form of their energy. The result is, “Oh my God! Why do we hate Mondays?”

9. More Procrastination!

10 Obvious Reasons Why We Hate Mondays! 12

In the surge of break or weekend’s excitement, you get into the bad habit of procrastination. What could be completed on Friday, is left for Monday. Thus, this results in the stress of the workload, which you feel when you are about to start your Monday. And then, Monday becomes a day of hatred!

10. Anti-social zone creeps you out

When you don’t interact or take part in healthy discussions with the people around you, be it work or college or school, your anti-social personality creeps you out. Every Monday, you think that you would’ve to go to a place where you don’t find yourself actively involved.

Also, when we don’t like the people around us and have to see those faces, every Monday, adds cherry to the cake. It is important to socialize with colleagues or classmates to not blame Monday and ask from God why do we hate Mondays.

why do we hate Mondays

After decoding the reasons, all I feel is that it is completely us who are at fault. Blaming Monday to cover our personal blemishes is unacceptable. After knowing, why do we hate Mondays, I hope you search about why should we not hate Mondays!

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