10 Reasons Why Indian TV Serials Get More TRPs than Other shows

10 Reasons Why Indian TV Serials Get More TRPs than Other shows 1

With American TV series becoming movie-class and Korean drama series stealing many Indian hearts, we still seem to churn out- the same- Desi Drama that never ends, with predictable storylines. There are reasons why Indian shows like “Sasural Simar Ka” and “Naagin” get more TRP ratings than the shows that would put “sense” into the audience.


1.Perfect stuff for “at home” women.

With a high percentage of daytime TV viewing being that of stay-at-home mothers, thrillers and crime series do not leave behind a good taste. Women like something they can relate to or feel worth admiring and these shows offer just that.


2.Yesteryear drama?- I am getting a bit Nostalgic.

Something about a shape-shifting snake who can be ravishingly beautiful and treacherous all at the same time is the stuff of the 70’s and 80’s. The setting is like a come-back. No wonder it would garner attention. Must be an achievement if they can keep the storyline gripping up to the end.


3.We love run-O-the Mill problems- slightly different from this show to the next show.

Cookery shows are something to learn from. Reality shows, a peep into people’s lives on the edge. But the drama that seems next door, slapped with our cultural extravaganza, both family and horror material is something to vouch for among Indians.


4.Meaningful shows? Ah! They will have to wait.

In the West, back in the 1990’s and early 2000’s they did have seemingly boring sitcoms and romantic comedies like Baby Talk and Small Wonder. It took them a while for transition into worth-watching series like “Homeland” and “Criminal Minds” It will take some time to realise we have been sitting on the same rock.


5.Slow-paced storylines? – Ah! We are okay as long as the actors look good.

Balika Vadhu has been on air since 2008.That is almost eight straight years.  Its initial popularity was due it’s “raw” Desi rural material and drama. It still goes on. We possibly like stories that never end. Maybe we become “attached” to the idea of characters and don’t like their stories ending.


6. What makes us happy? Flashy smiles, vermillion sindoor, a grand loot of jewellery.

Grand sets, chunky jewelry, great costumes, praise-worthy make-over. Familiar? We love the appearance of the show, just like we love the grandeur of the “Big fat Indian wedding”. Little thought to content and our producers and costume designers seem to play on that psychology.


7.Since B-Town has ditched its longtime girlfriend- The family drama.

Bollywood is ever-changing and versatile. It had left behind the middle-aged audience long back. Its focus is on the young, churning out praise-worthy movies every now and then (that goes with any regional movie industry too). We need the media to remember our “culture”. Television writers give us just that.


8.“Indian” or “Desi” storylines are like a moral support.

Stay at home mothers. Married. Not working. Financially dependent. They cannot want “Game of Thrones” class TV shows. They would want something that reminds them of their parents’ home, something that relates to the “Indian woman’s” household and family problems. What would they watch when media can only celebrate party-dress wearing sleek women?


9.These shows are promoted similarly to “Epic dramas” like the Mahabharata.

Mahabharata touched up 9801 TVTs of viewership ratings in its initial week of release. It was also one of the most expensive series.  Other shows also receive the same promotion as much as the Mahabharat or meaningful shows.

10. We accept hence they produce.

CID on Sony was acclaimed for its content and actor performances. Definitely, would the show have reached a larger audience including home-returning dads and teenagers.  A lot of crime series like that, like on American Television would possibly give us the impression that we are surrounded by crime. We like things soft and silent and of our “sanskar”. We like home country culture.