7 Quick Ways To Jazz Your Mood Up At Work

7 Quick Ways To Jazz Your Mood Up At Work 1

Office and its tedious work schedules are so hectic and tiresome. The deadlines, the board-room meetings, gearing up for the conference, slideshows, etc, WHOO!!

Really exhausting…7 Quick Ways To Jazz Your Mood Up At Work 2

Fret not, you can jazz up your mood with these simple life hacks, while working at your office.

  1. Govinda7 Quick Ways To Jazz Your Mood Up At Work 3 Be it his dance moves or his light entertainment movies, Govinda is always there to light up our mood, no matter what the situation is. Go to youtube.com and type Govinda’s dance videos or his comedy scenes from different movies. I bet you will find a sudden change in your mood and laugh your heart out.  An advice from a die hard govinda fan, download the film Aankhen (1993) to give yourself a quick recharge! 7 Quick Ways To Jazz Your Mood Up At Work 4
  2. Mrs Funnybones– I have read the book almost 10 times and still admire it like anything . The book is actually a  GATEWAY  to Twinkle Khanna’s life with a twist of practical myths and facts. Read the chapters K and L, as its not only cute but also, highly prescribed for those who are desperately in need to overcome stress  really fast. BeFunky Collagefgrgrg

You can also check out her “QUIRK IT UP”  (click on the blue link) video to give your surroundings a quick yet peppy change. Do check out her book launch interview, especially the one where Karan Johar does the coffee interview and Mrsfunnybones cracks it up. Here is the link- BOOK LAUNCH INTERVIEW

3. TheNewBongInTown-  7 Quick Ways To Jazz Your Mood Up At Work 5Her blogs never fail to cheer-up the audience on her FB profile.  Be it HARRY-POTTER , or some healthy life lessons, Miss.Rongana Nath, the sole owner of her blog,will make you laugh out loud. Here is the link to her blog-  NewBongInTown Blog

4.Sunday Suspense7 Quick Ways To Jazz Your Mood Up At Work 6If you don’t like reading books, no worries, I am sure you all love to imagine. And thus, Sunday Suspense is there to help you imagine while listening to some really cool and out of the box stories. Starting from Rabindranath Tagore to Feluda to Byomkesh Bakshi to many more horror and thriller stories, Sunday Suspense always keeps you glued. Download them from- Download Sunday Suspense or simply listen them online from you-tube, and energize you jammed brain. This is my personal and all time favorite story from Sunday Suspense- Telephone

5. Sarabhai VS Sarabhai- 7 Quick Ways To Jazz Your Mood Up At Work 7

LOL, ROFL, LOLWA, LOLOLOL….You will die of laughing but still won’t stop laughing, this is Sarabhai Vs Sarbhai. There was a time, when, I was completely glued to TV every Monday at 8pm just to watch this serial. Be it Maya Sarabhai’s upper class behaviour or be it Rosesh’s (click on it) mind wrecking poems , laughing, that causes a pain in your tummy is the ultimate effect of The Sarabhai’s. You can download some of the episodes from here- download sarabhai . Meanwhile, here take a look at some of the lame jokes from the series-




6. Mirakkel Akkel Challenger- BeFunky Collagehjh

This is Mir Afsar Ali. WAITWHAT?? You already know him?? Then half of your problems are solved, cause when he is there, be sure there will be laughter unlimited. Be it Apurbo Roy and his hysterical jokes, or be it the other contestants trying to make us laugh , or be it Mir himself,  his presence is enough to create a happy-happy atmosphere. In-fact, he is the DON OF LAUGHTER and  is unstoppable.Enjoy some moments of fun from Mirrakkel- MIRAKKEL EPISODE   MIRAKKEL 2

7. Mr.Bean- 7 Quick Ways To Jazz Your Mood Up At Work 8

His name is BEAN. MR. BEAN. Does he even need an introduction?26 "Mr. Bean" Reaction GIFs For Everyday Situations26 "Mr. Bean" Reaction GIFs For Everyday Situations

Be it his never giving up attitude, finding( weird) solutions  to every-day problems, or his poker face, Mr.Bean was there and will  always be there as the ultimate solution for our jammed out brains. Click to experience his dose of laughter- Mr.Bean and his OVER-DOSE

26 "Mr. Bean" Reaction GIFs For Everyday Situations



   So go ahead and try them and yes, don’t forget to share your views. Lastly a warm goodbye in Maya’s style 7 Quick Ways To Jazz Your Mood Up At Work 9

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