Life in the 21st century is no less than a race, and we always seem to run through the complexities. During the little amount of time that we give ourselves, blurred flashbacks of those carefree childhood days often make us want to go back there. Icy Tales makes you revisit the 90s school days with a list of 10 stationery items that are bound to make the 90s kid nostalgic.

  1. Natraj Pencils

The friend who was there, always. Can you deny the fact that sometimes when you see pencils of nowadays, you do not think about this particular pencil? We all used to love to carry a bunch of these in our pencil boxes, all sharp and neat, we used to sharp it all the time, so it does not look bad. It takes us all back to those benches and our favourite teachers. Remember, the time when we used to count them before the bell rang as instructed by our mothers, just to make sure that we have not lost any of them?

2. Apsara Non-Dust Eraser

Among the list of stationary items that are bound to make the 90s kid nostalgic, The eraser comes in the second position. It promised to last for years, but couldn’t be found after a month or so. It is still a mystery, where did our jumbo eraser go? We used to buy them, smell them, use them and lose them, the other day in our school.

Jumbo eraser

3. Camlin Scholar Geometry Box

For the enthusiast in us who loved to draw circles.Remember the first time ever, our Mathematics teacher asked us to buy a geometry box, we felt like a grown up. The first time we bought this, we showed it to everyone, we used to take very good care of that box and make sure that we are covering up the pins.


4. The Wooden Clipboard

Remember your exam partner? and sometimes our cheating partner, too? *Winks* Our only scribble partner back in those days, we used to draw, write our names, decorate it with those stupid inks, thinking that it might look amazing. Our mothers used to scold us for that creativity.


5. Brown Paper Book Covers

Back when this was the most exciting thing to do before the academic year started. We used to look forward to our mothers when they used to do it so well. The first time we tried, we cut in a wrong manner, we stuck cello tapes all over our hand, we pasted the nameplates one the wrong side. But the fiorst time we did itproperly, we showed it to our family, and that quick reply, “Good. You are a grown up now.” We used to love hearing that. We all still, love to do stuffs like these, only if, we had time.


6. Camel Oil Pastels

Awakened the painters in us, eh? The most favourite items from the 90s. The first time our drawing teachers asked us to bring colours, that was probably the most happiest time when we were kids. Finally, from pencil to colours, we will get to draw like we see in the books. Some of us used to tear the wrapper of it, just to see the full colour. Some of us were very possessive about their presence, we used to arrange it accordingly. Do you remember that little paper inside of it, which we never read, but still took care of it, so that the set of colour looks new every time we open it?


7. Ink Eraser

The oath-breaker which promised to erase ink but tore off the pages instead. All we wanted is just to have a clean paper with no ink in it, but hey the eraser is way too hard for the paper. But we cannot deny the fact that we felt magic for the first time.


8. The Maze Pencil Box

Didn’t pay attention to what the teacher was saying because we were too busy playing with these. The one curious thing about buying pencil boxes, that if they had that maze thing or not. If not then that is a bad pencil box and we could not be friendly with that shop keeper. We used to score points in maze pencil box instead of looking at and the book and hearing what the teachers had to say. Our parents used to black mail us of not buying these maze pencil boxes once again if we did not study properly.


9. Multi Colour Pen

Let’s admit we always tried to take out all the colours at once. We  used to have one pen and all the colours in it. We used to play with it, all the time. Yes, and we all once in a while used to try to pick out all the colours at once. It took time to know that it is not possible. But still, we preferred this multi colour pen over individual colouring pens.


10. The Fountain Pen

We couldn’t wait to be old enough use one of these, but little did we know about growing up. We always wanted to grow up. We used to look at our seniors in school, our sisters/brothers in our neighbourhood and wanted to become like them one day, dress like them, talk like them, do everything on our own. We always wanted to take hold of a pen instead of writing in our pencils. Remember the first time we wrote in red pen, and our parents scolded us saying, “Those are for adults…”, “Only teachers are allowed to write in a red pen…”, “You are too small to write in a pen.” But as soon we went from marginal papers to plain whit pages, and started writing using pens instead of pencils, just like an adult, we started studying, as well, like an adult.


Time flies surely, huh? Things, we used yesterday, are making us nostalgic today. But nostalgia is the thing that keeps us alive no? We all miss those days when we knew nothing. We did not know about the feeling of failure, competition, existential crisis, responsibilities or anything. Life seemed fair. Everything was perfect, we used to get happy just by getting one small chocolate and now, we are all grown ups. We all run for success and satisfaction in life in spite of being aware that all those are just a mere illusion and nothing else. At that time we couldn’t stop wondering about being an adult, we couldn’t stop saying, “when I will grow up…”, “I want to grow up…”, and now we couldn’t stop thinking how happy we are back when we were kids.




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