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Must-Visit Spiritual Destinations In Europe

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If you’re looking to harness your inner-spirituality, then Europe is one of the best locations to do so. Whether you’re religious and you’re looking for a holy location to embrace, or you’re simply looking to immerse yourself in another culture in order to detox your body and mind, there are numerous locations in Europe which can provide you with a spiritual venture to enjoy. 

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While many people consider countries such as India, Japan or China when it comes to the best spiritual locations, there are numerous options closer to home that can allow you to harness inner-peace. Before you set off on your spiritual adventure in Europe, it is important to take out the appropriate travel insurance, and carry out an e111 renewal in order to ensure you are covered at all times throughout your trip. Here, we’re taking a closer look at the must-visit spiritual destinations in Europe for you to enjoy.

Vatican City, Italy

The home of the Pope, and possibly the most religious destination in the world, the Vatican City is something to be marvelled. You do not have to be religious to enjoy this incredible destination, however, as you can marvel at the beauty of the architecture and art. With the Sistine Chapel providing exquisite peace, and the platform above St Peter’s Basilica offering breath-taking views, spirituality is easily harnessed here.

Camino de Santiago, Spain

If you’re looking for spirituality in the form of nature, reflection and experience, then Camino de Santiago is the perfect choice. Here, you can enjoy hiking and trekking trails, with friends or individually, allowing you to enlighten your own path. The views are incredible, and the journey itself is certain to provide a whole new level of humility to your way of life.

Stonehenge, England

Possibly one of the most famous sites in England, Stonehenge has a mysterious past. Nobody is really quite sure how the huge stones were transported, and exactly why Stonehenge was erected, with different generations developing their own theories. Some of the stones appear to have been transported all the way from Wales to Wiltshire, with some believing the site to be an ancient burial ground, and others believing it to be a place of worship. No matter the purpose of Stonehenge, it’s easy to see that this location is one of the most spiritual in the world, and you can witness the shadows dance which are formed by the setting and rising sun against the stones.

Lascaux Cave, France

Dotted with engravings and paintings which date back to the Ice Age, the incredible sites commonly known as the Sistine Chapel of Prehistoric Art is a beautifully spiritual location which can really put life into perspective. Lascaux Cave offers some incredibly precious art dating back 17,000 years. In fact, some of the animals are even extinct, with the megalocerous, mysterious deer and aurochs all pictured. Understanding the function of life back in time is one of the most humbling and spiritual experiences you can enjoy in Europe.

Knowing where to find the most spiritual locations in Europe can allow you to truly detoxify your thoughts and feelings, refreshing your body and mind to improve your spiritual sense of self. With so many options to choose from, pack your bags and head to one of the destinations listed above, today.  


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