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10 Things Girls Like to Hear

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There is a universal notion that girls are complicated beings. It is tough to understand what goes through a girl’s head and so much more. Well, the truth is girls are just as simple as boys. We are also human beings with both simple and complicated emotions. But it is not difficult as portrayed to understand a girl and love her.

When you love a girl, or in the process of woe a girl, there is so much more than your appearance and your personality. You have to give her what she wants exactly. Many a time, what she wants are not materialistic (Off course, materialistic gifts are great too) but some love and care in your words.

Your actions could show love and care. But firstly, your girl must know it through your words. Your words can do magic to your relationship. It can even save a drifting relationship only when you mix the words with the right amount of love, body language, and vocabulary.

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Things girls like to hear are very simple and basic. Here are those ten things girls want to hear from you, boys. Note down!

1 Compliments about her intelligence

Well, you might all think girls like to hear compliments about her looks. Yes, that is true too. But girls of the contemporary world running errands and achieving impossible heights put their brains before beauty guys. It is high time that boys realize this fact.

10 Things Girls Like to Hear 1

Things girls like to hear in the present world is how intelligent she is. You have to value her thoughts and opinions. Valuing her views and opinions comes from respecting her as a person prior. So boys, firstly respect your girl, respect her intelligence and value her thoughts and opinions.

Many boys think that a girl’s thoughts and intelligence are poor and stupid. But trust your girl guys. The insights and the way of thinking of girls might take you to great heights than you yourself could. Do not underestimate the power of your girl’s thoughts.

When you wanted to impress your girl and receive her unconditional love, a compliment about her intelligence. She will love that. It is one of the first things girls like to hear from someone they love.

2 “You are one-of-a-kind.”

Who would not fall for a compliment that says they are unique and special? Your girl is not an exception, either. When you like a girl, you know what makes her unique and makes her stand out of the crowd.

There is no harm in making her feel special by saying her how different and special she is. It is not only about saying how important she is for you, but you have to tell her how admirable she is as a person. This will make her feel important and confident about herself and how she puts herself in front of the society.

Things girls like to hear will vary upon different girls, their thought process, and a lot of many things. But every girl is unique and one-of-a-kind.  She would love to hear how precious she is from you, and it always works.

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3 Compliments about Looks

This is a well-known fact that girls love to hear compliments about their looks. Boys should be well-versed in complimenting heir girls about their looks all the time. It is also necessary that these compliments do not sound repetitive and boring.

Compliments about a girl’s look should also be given with caution because sometimes, it can turn the wrong way. It is necessary to understand the situation and the personality of your girl. You should know to use the right kind of words that does not objectify her instead of appreciating her beauty and grace.

Appreciating one’s beauty and grace is very important to give them self-confidence and respect. A little appreciation about her clothes and make-up will make her day in an instant. Do not underestimate the power of your words and especially the power of your compliments, guys. Everything you do has an impact on your girl.

Never forget to remind her that she is more than her beauty and body and that you love her for the person that she is. This is one of the things girls like to hear irrespective of their age, and it applies to girls all around the world.

4 “Don’t Worry, I am Here for You.”

10 Things Girls Like to Hear 2

Every human needs a leaning shoulder and a support system. It is evident that we, as humans, expect the leaning shoulder and support from the people we love and from whom we consider the most critical person in our lives.

Things girls lie to hear, or any person for that matter is that you will be there for them, no matter what. These words can do wonders to a person, especially a girl, when she seeks to support and a little more love at times.

These words will make her understand your love for her, and your presence at adverse times will make her love for you to multiple folds. It is the comforting words that you give her that gives her the boost to move forward and face any hurdles that she is afraid of.

The strength to withstand and support each other during unfavorable times is a test of love. When you are there for each other, any problem in the world will look smaller and more comfortable to tackle. A leaning shoulder is always greater than a lending hand.

So guys, remember to be there for her at all times and keep reminding that you will be her support system at all times. That makes you a power couple with so much resilience.

5 “Tell Me more about it.”

10 Things Girls Like to Hear 3

Many boys do not know about this fact. Things girls like to hear includes this significant phrase. It shows how much you listen and how much you value her thoughts and opinions.

Your girl might judge you on how interested you are in her life when you listen to her, and when you say these words. She will love and respect you immensely when you are interested in her life and what she is going through.

This is a great way to show off your gentle manship to your girl, and she will be impressed. Very few guys give importance to their girl’s life, and they hardly listen to her. Asking her to tell more about her life or something that interests her will provide you with the extra browny points.

More than considering this as a strategy to woe your girl, it should be considered as a base for building a long-lasting happy relationship. Any relationship is built on spending time and listening to each other’s words. It helps in better understanding and removing unnecessary arguments among couples.

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6 Your Excitement for the Future with Her

10 Things Girls Like to Hear 4

Let’s face it, guys. Girls want to hear things like your plans with them to evaluate how much you can travel with them and withhold them. This etiquette will make your girl think about her place in your life and how much you value her and want her in your life.

Things girls like to hear includes this “indispensable” thing because it is a way of showing your commitment towards her. Your girl would be very much happy and content with your future plans if it includes her in any way.

If you are a genuine lover, you will make your future plans with her and be excited about it by default. Most of your romantic moments would include talks about your future with her and all the little moments you would like to create with her.

There is nothing more beautiful than imagining a world with the person you love. Your future becomes nothing much than living heaven. Guys who are bold enough to visualize practical plans and a solid future with your girl will easily pace through a girl’s heart and will stay there forever.

Girls love guys who put them in their future. It is merely one of the most beautiful things a guy can do for a girl. It becomes even more attractive when he knows to translate into words. Hence, this is one of the best things girls lie to hear.

7 Anything unrequited

10 Things Girls Like to Hear 5

Everybody loves surprises. Things girls like to hear include these surprises. How can you surprise with what she hears? You can. Show some loving gestures and sudden compliments when she least expects it. This will make your girl all pink and roses.

It is all the cute little moments that will be cherished in the long run. They have a significant impact on your girl when it is unrequited and least expected. She will be in awe and also genuinely fall in love with how you notice her and how she is always on your mind.

While unrequited love is always painful, unrequited love gestures, primarily through words and communication, are considered most effective in making a girl fall for a guy. It is still nice to have someone pour love when we least expect it.

These love moves should be well-planned in your head but made to look spontaneous because there’s always a probability of things going wrong in spontaneity due to unexpected circumstances. So guys, be patient and plan wisely before you hit the right spot in your girl’s heart with anything unrequited.

Girls love the unrequited love and surprise factor. This will lift her mood no matter how worse it is. Guys, this is a helpful technique to cheer up your girl and place an instant smile on her face. It is also a pleasure to see your girl blush, isn’t it?

8 About Your Friends and Family

things girls like to hear

This point is very similar to sharing your future plans with her. Sharing your life with her simply denotes the measure of love and value you have for her. She will perceive it as you value her presence in your life, and she is your go-to person for anything that happens with you.

When you share your fond and bitter memories with your friends and families, it shows that you trust her and you see her as an integrated part of your life. Your girl will be impressed outright when you make such a gesture.

Things girls like to hear has your friends and family on the list because it will make her understand you in your life setting, and it is a measure of your trust and value towards your girl.

9 What do You love About Her?

Things girls like to hear always sums up to what you love about her. Expressing love is what keeps your relationship moving forward.

Communicating what you love about her will keep your relationship close and intact. It will increase the intimacy between couples undoubtedly. It is also a great way to revive a relationship that is about to break apart. Love can do impossible things, but only when expressed.

Girls would go crazy to know what you like and love about her. Reminding her of what you love about her will make her take the extra step to do anything for you. Love makes you crazy is right after all.

10 Your Honest Feelings

Every relationship becomes a healthy and progressive one when the people involved are honest and loyal about how they feel. There is a necessity for being kind and sweet to your partner. But the thoughts and words that are delivered should be honest.

A dishonest person is always a turn-off for a girl. Nobody wants to be in a doubtful and unstable situation when it comes to love. Honesty is one of the factors that elevate you as a person and is an instant attraction factor when it comes to wooing a girl.

Things girls like to hear includes your honest feelings because it reflects your personality. No matter how much you converse and give her gestures of love, it is always vital that she feels the genuineness and honesty in your attempts.

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It creates a great impression and is one of the prime qualities focused on in any relationship.

Watch this video to know about things girls like to hear:

These are some of the very few but important things girls like to hear from the person they love. Comment below if it was a useful guide to impress your girl.









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