11 Ways to Identify a Pervert and Take Strong Action!

11 Ways to Identify a Pervert and Take Strong Action! 1

Are you worried that you have met a pervert but aren’t sure? Or are you worried that you are one?

The basic question to ask here is what is a pervert or pervert definition. The pervert meaning translates into Latin pervertere to overturn pervert means someone who is corrupt morally. The phrase vertere to turn signifies something that has changed.  The French pervertir from latin pervertere isn’t a household name anymore.

Even the Latin pervertir to overturn means nearly the same. Now that is a middle English term, the modern name is that of a pervert. They will scan you from top to bottom as if you’re their meal and their stare lasting on your big tits or ass like a licentious creature hunting his next prey.

For many women out there, it is really difficult to figure out the same. They might meet many guys every day, and to distinguish who can be a true friend can be a tough ask. It’s 2020 and cities around the world are still not a safe place to be.

In a world of misfits, rebels, nerds, and the common people, you also have the pervert category, and they are ones you need to watch out for. No matter what the policy and law enforcement are in a country, this category continues to exist.

Now, if you look at a dictionary, it denotes people with sexual behaviors that are unacceptable. You don’t need to know the definition or the thesaurus though – if someone is making you feel uncomfortable by their behavior or language, you need to know when to pull the plug. You need to be very careful about it because it’s like anyone around you could be a pervert. You can have a pervert doctor, uncle, old man,  teen, or just say a perverted family or even females perverts such as pervert mom etc.

Should you come across perverts, don’t hesitate to raise your voice. You don’t want to pervert the course of justice.

Interestingly, there are more people falling in the pervert category than you would think. While statistics say that most of them are men, it isn’t always necessarily so.

Look at that Pervert?: How do you Identify a Pervert?

They can sneak in from anywhere and everywhere. So, how do you identify and know who they are?

We made an infographic to help you with that!

Who is a pervert?

Credits: Srinidhi

For example, did you know that some think Charile Chaplin was one belonging to this category? The next time someone wonders if they are one, show them this list – this pervert category of people have been around for centuries, if not more. For instance, did you know that many of the well-known people you have studied in your history books didn’t have a great reputation otherwise?

Historical figures who were perverts

The Top 11 Signs You Need to Look Out For!

Perverts think differently, some may even seem ‘normal’ at first, until you wait till they take off their peel. Here are 11 ways to know if one is a perv or not.

1. Leering.

I don’t need to be explaining this. But to the hard-skulled damsels out there, a guy is the exemplary perv if he gawks openly at all the short skirts and tight T-shirts strutting around. You don’t want anyone doing that to you – and you shouldn’t have to face harassment.

11 Ways to Identify a Pervert and Take Strong Action! 2

His eyes would probably havoc your soul just by the sharpness and dedication he looks at you. You would feel that they have stronger X-ray eyes than Superman. These people, as they say, have the power to intrude with their eyes moving to the top and bottom of her body.

Dear girls, when you find such a leering jerk, don’t hesitate to give him a tight slap. It’s one of the easier ways for justice in this scenario.


2. Touching Inappropriately.

Girls, we have been taught about “good” touch and “bad” touch right from our childhood. Even if not, our badass girl friends teach us in the way of growing up.

If one is a perv, his eyes and hands are never in his control. They are remote-controlled by his “significant” body part. He is always finding reasons to touch you inappropriately no matter what the situation is.

If a guy is totally into you, he makes excuses to grab your arm, hug you, or kiss you on the cheek. Public display of affection is not wrong unless it is kept PG rated. Anyway. Mark my words, human friends, a guy is pervy if he touches your private parts in the public.

Either the guy does not care about your reputation or he is that desperate. In both ways, he is a pervert.

When the pervy guy touches you inappropriately, take your stand and push him right away. Most of the people belonging to this category are pussy cats. Show up the tigress inside you and threaten the pussy cat to keep its paws intact for life.


3. The Never Ending Talks About Sex.

Talking about sex is a common thing among friends. We all are interested in talking about sex because it is simply funny when discussed with friends. Funny as it is, we move to the next likely-dumb topic.

Not here. This person will keep on talking about sex or gives nasty comments, not even stopping to care or notice the uncomfortable stance of the listener.

This distortion will obviously sound like a sex maniac and a sex guru. He never attempts to control his pervy behavior once the talk starts. He passes comments on girls passing by like she’s a land conquered.

So girls, if you feel the least discomfort when talking to someone, ring the alarm inside your head! Yes! The pervert alert! The alarm ringing inside your head will hopefully deafen you not to hear his nasty comments and uncomfortable talks about sex.

You don’t want to wait for justice later on. You can be the change.

11 Ways to Identify a Pervert and Take Strong Action! 3

4. Flashing Private Parts

I want to believe the notion that everybody are quite proud of their personal assets. We store our assets like a priceless possession just for the right person. But Mr. Pervert likes to flash it to the entire world.

The brains of these people work differently. Their private assets must be considered as public property according to them? Yeww, that sounds disgusting. These people will flash their private parts as if they are flashing the ray of light to a bright future.

If a person flashes his torch to you, before shutting your eyes, tell him to shut his torch. Don’t forget to flash some real ray of light into his dumb brain that what he did is wrong.

5. Pervert Message Alert!!

11 Ways to Identify a Pervert and Take Strong Action! 4

All those people who think this is a cool and decent version of flashing your private parts, I wish your brains grew a little more. Remember, these jerks are as desperate as Thomas Alva Edison was to find the electric bulb.

Does your ‘friend’ in question send random pictures of his private parts? Because honestly, that is the best way to end an appetite. Or maybe even empty your stomach.

Sometimes, it’s okay to freak out. Because this pervert obviously does make you freak out but be sure to clear his business from your way. Unfriend him. Block him.

Do whatever you need to avoid him. He is a potential paramaniac.

6. Have locks on their phone galleries.

Normally people put passwords and locks on their apps. But think about it, why would people put locks on their gallery unless they have something to hide?

If a guy puts locks on his phone gallery, he might possibly be a terrorist or a pervert. Chances are that he is probably not a terrorist is lower than that of him being a pervert, you should sniff his pervy behaviour and start eying him out.

You may want to hear their story, but you need to be cautious. You don’t want a scenario later on where you have to call the police. You need to avoid such people.

11 Ways to Identify a Pervert and Take Strong Action! 5

I am not meaning that you should go all nosy and mind other people’s galleries. I’m just saying that they might have a stashed collection of nude pictures or a lot of porn videos. Who is more addicted to porn than a pervert?

Girls, I am pretty sure you would not want to freak out seeing the number of nudes and porn videos after unlocking a gallery. Nobody wants shocks I guess. So stay away from the guy who has such locks for his gallery. That’s the best.

Suggestion Box: If you’re interested in reading upon social articles, please go through this article to enlighten yourself: RAPE- What Are We Going To Do About It?

7. Those weird, out-of-the-blue compliments.

If a not-so-close friend of yours addresses you intimately such as “baby, I’ve been thinking about you” or “sweetheart, I love the way you move”, look out! And not to mention the compliments like “You look sexy”, “You look hot”, “You have a hot body”, you need to be careful!

Men don’t necessarily compliment out of the blue like that! Good guys do not give such compliments right away if they really respect you.

11 Ways to Identify a Pervert and Take Strong Action! 6

A pervert has impossible level of confidence to outrageously flirt with a just-known person and compliment them, only to bring discomfort. Is it their dumb brains that give them these peaks of confidence, or is it because their brains moved down to their private parts as blood flows? It is a confusion that many face.

People, I’ll just say that this is an unintentional psychological move made solely to avert women. Don’t fall for this dumb move girls and prove yourself dumb.

8. A Peeping Tom.

Is the person of interest a Peeping Tom? If yes, do I have to tell what he is? A peeping tom will peep into your privacy with cheap tricks and reap without your consent girls.

Don’t forget that all kinds of stalking is done by this peeping Tom. Be cautious before he shows off his skills in stalking and peeping – and before you become his all-round customer.

One is a pervert

9. Can see it in the Eyes

Have you ever, at least once, went to a banquet or a feast that has mind-blowing varieties of delicious cuisines and decided that you want to take a bite from all the dishes? Yum? That is what a pervy thinks when he sees a pool of beautiful women. One could actually catch the glint in his eyes like an eagle eyeing its prey.

If you caught that feeling inside you girls, it is called the “Gut feeling”. The glint in his eyes will be so obvious that it will shout to the world, “Hey, that’s my prey here in plenty!”
Your alarm will automatically start ringing at the highest volume when it finds suck prying eyes.

All you need to do is trust the alarm when you hear it. You can decide to take a cab or drive on your own to run away from that perv!

11 Ways to Identify a Pervert and Take Strong Action! 7

10. Goes all Touchy

Perversion can express itself in different ways. Worse, these people can be from different careers – from doctors and lawyers to politicians. Some men behave politely and assist women in the nicest possible way that one may stop and think, ‘what a gentleman!’.

These “Ohh-what-a-gentleman” might actually turn out to be a pervert later girls! You will never know who. You always want to wear those CID glasses and protective gear that has sensors detecting pervy behavior.

11 Ways to Identify a Pervert and Take Strong Action! 8

Once he gains trust, he goes all touchy, leaving us mentally shocked and scarred for life. The memories will haunt you. Don’t be naive and trust no one.

11. Wants the Sex Stories

It is quite normal and honest to speak about past relationships. It is also normal if someone is curious about your past and your relationships.

But if a guy asks you your sexual resume with all the slightest graphic and gory details, your alarm must start ringing ladies. Think of all possible ways to end the talk and simply escape. He is a PERV!!

11 Ways to Identify a Pervert and Take Strong Action! 9

There are more corrupt people out there than you would think. These people are extremely interested in sex stories and highly fantasize too. But girls, don’t give in to their ‘friendly’ talk. Their butter will eventually melt leaving their shit exposed.

Go by this guide and have your alarm ready.  This guide will help you to tweak your inner sensors and your detective mode in finding a creep. If one is a perv, don’t forget to knock him off along with all the bullshit he brings to your life.

I am sure you are strong enough to face this bunch, so don’t back out. And if you think you are a pervert by reading this, you sure need to set your life priorities straight. If you have faced unpleasant instances because of them, don’t hesitate to seek out support or justice. No, you aren’t alone in this, and you shouldn’t be.

You need to lead from the front. If you ever face an uncomfortable scenario, don’t back out. Never let these corrupt people win. It’s high time women became truly free from these creeps. That can only happen if we don’t allow injustice to happen.

Watch this video on how to fight a pervert:



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