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11 Ways To Make A Woman Feel Loved

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Women are not as complicated as they may seem. Know these 11 ways to make a woman feel loved and it will do wonders for you. Most of the times, the smallest things can make a woman feel loved and appreciated. It is important to make a woman feel loved because the world can be a pretty harsh place to live in.

If you are in love and you think that pleasing a woman can be one tough job then you are probably wrong. These 11 ways to make a woman feel loved can help you value your woman more. Don’t worry that you may mess things up with her or in the process of your relationship you may end up hurting her.

It is important to know that falling in love is not hard but sustaining that forever is the hardest part. If you try these 11 ways to make a woman feel loved then she will appreciate you without having second thoughts.

11 ways to make a woman feel loved

11 Ways to Make a Woman Feel Loved

Women need to be loved. So, what are the 11 ways to make a woman feel loved? Find out now.

1. Respect Her

Now, this goes without saying but respecting a woman is the first step to making her feel loved. Respect what she does. Cherish what she is. It is important to know that if you love a woman but you cannot respect her then the love feels non-existent.

If you love a woman you must make sure that you are respecting her. Often you may get into an argument, at that moment do not try to prove yourself all the time. Do not blame her fully for what is happening. Know that each story has two sides. You may have your side and she may have hers. Try to resolve the issue by sitting and having a conversation.

2. Appreciate Her

One of the 11 ways to make a woman feel loved is by appreciating her. You must acknowledge the number of efforts she takes for you. She may do a lot of things for your happiness and the least you can do is acknowledge her efforts. Let her know that you notice what she does and be thankful for it.

Sometimes all women want is to be appreciated. She just wants an assurance that whatever she does is not left unnoticed.

11 Ways To Make A Woman Feel Loved 1

3. Give Her Time

Nothing impresses a woman more than a man willing to give her time. You may prioritize many things in your life but just like you value the most important things you must prioritize important people too. Make her your priority. Nobody is too busy in this world, it is all about priority.

If you are busy then let her know instead of ignoring her calls and texts. It is always to have a conversation instead of leaving things unsaid. She may feel upset that you do not give her time. Just tell her that you may be busy for a while and you will connect with her as soon as you get free.

Make time to meet her and spend quality time with her. Whenever you meet her keep your phone aside and give her your undivided attention. Do not be distracted or do other things while you are with her.

Just giving her time can solve the majority of issues in a relationship and this will make your woman feel loved for sure.

4. Compliment Her

One thing that a woman loves the most is receiving compliments from people she loves. Send her cute text messages or leave voice notes about how appreciative you are to have her in your life.

Just sending a few text messages every day randomly can brighten up her mood and it is one out of the 11 ways to make a woman feel loved. Sometimes when she falls asleep just send her cute paragraphs can she can read in the morning. As soon as she wakes up she will read your messages and have a pleasant smile on her face. She will keep re-reading the text messages and think about it all day.

Whenever you meet her to look at her like the first time you are looking at her. Look at her with love in your eyes and it will surely make her day perfect.

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5. Be Consistent

There is nothing that a woman hates more than inconsistency. If you are not consistent with her then she will be upset with you. The way you treated her when you were trying to get her is the same way you should treat her all along.

If you brought her flowers at the beginning of your relationship then you should continue doing it. If you do not do the same thing that you were doing while you were trying to impress her then it shows that you are extremely inconsistent.

Remember, she fell in love with you for the person you were at the start of the relationship. So, if you want to make her feel loved then the best way to get to her heart and stay in her heart is by being consistent.

6. Be a Good Listener

We are all aware that women love to talk. They love to have a conversation and would do anything to just make it possible. You need to make sure that you are listening to her carefully.

At the end of the day when you both sit and have a conversation make sure that you let her speak. By letting her speak does not mean that you should sit there and not utter a word. Do not just hear what she is saying but keep your ears open and listen properly. Take interest in what she is trying to say. Give timely responses when needed.

Whenever she is trying to speak to you do not be on your phone or television. Do not be distracted because it is one of the things that piss a woman off.

There may be times when she would go silent for a long time and not want to speak at all. Understand why she is doing what she is doing. Ask her if there is anything that you can help her with. More often than not, women stay silent because they are bottling up their feelings so as long as you do not ask her what it is that is bothering her, she will not tell. Do not get angry with her when she stays silent. If you ask her politely about what is wrong she will think that you are making efforts to understand her.

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7. Let Your Emotions Out

As much as it is important to know what women want, it is equally important to let your feelings out. That is why out of these 11 ways to make a woman feel loved; this point is considered to be extremely important.

Women do not want a man to bottle up their feelings and not talk about it at all. When you are in love with her you need to make sure that you are being expressive. Women love men who can show their emotions without any fear. There is a stigma that men who show their emotions are coward which is not true at all. If you want to make a woman feel loved then make sure you let her know what you feel.

8. Make Your Presence Felt

When you are with a woman you must make your presence felt. You must make time for her and not just be there for the sake of it. Women love a man who can be emotionally and physically present for her.

Whenever you are with her, make her believe that you love being with her. Any happiness or sadness that she goes through, she would not have to go through it alone.11 Ways To Make A Woman Feel Loved 4

9. Meaningful Gifts

Anybody who says that women only like expensive gifts could not be more wrong. Women do not need gifts that are costly but have no sentiments attached to it. Women love small gifts that have true meaning behind it.

Whenever you gift her something make sure that you have sentiments behind it. Let her know why you chose to buy that gift for her. Out of these 11 ways to make a woman feel loved if there is something that can bring a woman to the verge of happy tears, then this is it.

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10. Accept Her for Who She Is

If you follow all the steps of 11 ways to make a woman feel loved but forget to follow this one then the rest would not be useful at all. If you truly love a woman then you must accept the way she is. She may like certain things which you don’t. Do not bash her for liking something. Respect what she does and acknowledge it.

Never ask her to change anything about herself. Always love the way she is. Nothing is more attractive than a man who accepts the woman he loves.

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11. Make Her Believe That Her Opinion Matters

Let you woman know that she is smart enough to take her life decisions. Whenever you are making a decision, consider her opinion. Ask her what feels right and what doesn’t.

Women feel loved when she knows that her opinion matters.

These were 11 ways to make a woman feel loved. Most of the times, all women need is time, attention and loyalty. Give it to her and the magic will follow.

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