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12 Cool Things To Do In Eureka Springs

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What is so special about Eureka Springs that attracts visitors from all over the world? Curious to know a variety of things to do in Eureka Springs? Here you go.

Earlier known as ‘Stairstep Town’ or ‘The Magic City’, Eureka Springs has always been famous for its curved streets and mountain trails. The city is located in Arkansas, United States and is surrounded by greenery.

Eureka Springs is considered to be the best small town to explore and visit in America. It is also known for its festivals, so plan your vacation accordingly.

12 Cool Things To Do In Eureka Springs

1. Live the History of Blue Spring Heritage Center

things to do in Eureka Springs

Blue Spring Heritage Center was originally known as Eureka Spring Gardens. It subsumes beautiful native plants and trees that are spread over an area of 33 acres.

Whether it be the artefacts excavated at this place, remains of an old mill or other exhibits, they all have a history to tell. Blue Spring Heritage center is also famous for its trails running over a mile that connect the various gorgeous gardens.

2. Traverse the Outdoors

things to do in Eureka Springs

In and around Eureka Springs, there are scattered trails that run for miles. The most dense trails in the area are seen in the Crescent Hotel and Spa. Undoubtedly, hiking is one of the famous things to do in Eureka Springs for these blatant reasons.

Apart from that, there are numerous outdoor activities including water activities and biking to explore the area around Eureka Springs. There are other places like Ozark National Forest where you can treat your eyes with the greenery or just relax amidst nature.

To know how to get in and around Eureka Springs, click here.

3. Attend ‘The Great Passion Play’ With Your Friends

The Great Passion Play

The Great Passion Play is believed to be the country’s most attended play with audiences of all ages. The play takes place every day on 8:30 PM in an outdoor amphitheatre and is loved for many reasons.

From beautiful lighting, live animals, amazing costumes to great sound effects, the play has it all. It is performed by a group of 100 actors who recreate the last days of Jesus Christ on earth. The play was first staged 52 years ago and has been popular ever since.

One might even agree to the fact that attending the play is on the top in the list of things to do in Eureka Springs.

Book your tickets and get going to have a great time.

4. Spot Unique Wildlife at Onyx Cave Park

Onyx Cave Park

A small cave located in the east of Eureka Springs, Onyx Cave Park is fun for both children and adults. In 1891, this cave was discovered and just two years later, it became a popular tourist attraction.

The visitors take a self-guided tour through provided audio sets which help them know a lot about the extraordinary rock formations and the indigenous wildlife. Onyx cave has only a single opening for its visitors which they use to enter as well as exit.

The cave also houses a recently renovated gift shop displaying a plethora of jewellery and gems. An American monster movie, ‘It’s Alive!’ had quite a few of its scenes filmed at the Onyx Cave in 1969.

5. Explore Downtown Eureka Springs

Downtown Eureka Springs

To add to a perfect vacation, exploring Downtown is one of the popular things to do in Eureka Springs. There are lots to do in Downtown; much more than you could ever imagine.

Stroll down the streets through colourful shops, go for a carriage ride or relax at the Basin Spring park; the choice is all yours. If exploring haunted sites excited you, underground tours and guided trips will surely add to the fun.

There are a variety of clubs and bars at a walking distance offering you the cocktails of your choice. Downtown Eureka Springs also has some great luxury hotels, art galleries, tree houses and cottages for you to relax after a tiring day.

6. Visit Quigley’s Castle

Quigley's castle

A unique creation of Albert Quigley, Quigley’s castle was Elise Quigley’s dream. It is better known as one of the most unusual residents of the place. The two-storey castle is home to a large variety of tree and tropical plants and the exterior is decorated with all the rocks from Elise Quigley’s childhood collection.

Quigley’s Castle is open for visitors from March to November. Apart from plants, the castle also showcases other collections like fossils, butterflies, glassware and crystals.

7. Interact With Wildlife at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge

Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge

A sanctuary spread across 459 acres, Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge is home to neglected, abused and a lot of abandoned leopards, bears, monkey, lions as well as other big cats.

At the refuge, visitors get to interact with the wildlife in different ways and know about different species of animals. The guided tours take place daily whereas the special tours showcasing behind-the-scenes happen on the weekends.

A variety of events to fund Turpentine’s attempts are hosted by the Wildlife Refuge like educational programs and kite flying.

8. Spend Time at Thorncrown Chapel

Thorncrown Chapel

Built-in 1980, this chapel is an architectural wonder and a spiritual place, designed by E. Fay Jones. Thorncrown Chapel’s architecture was inspired by a Gothic church known as Sainte Chapelle, which had varying glasses and a lot of windows that allowed abundant light in the place.

The chapel hosts public services on Sundays for 9 months between April and December. Also, for people who love attending weddings, visiting Thorncrown Chapel would certainly be one of the ideal things to do in Eureka Springs during the wedding season.

9. Relax and Have Fun at Basin Spring Park

Basin Spring Park

Basin Spring, the Indian spring known to have astonishing healing cures, was found at this site which was later named as the Basin Spring Park. The park is centrally located between various attractions of downtown Eureka Springs.

The city park is now home to a band, the miraculous spring surrounded by concrete and benches for visitors to rest. The scenic beauty of the park is a treat for the visitors after a tiring excursion. Many festivities including community celebrations, music and holiday festivals take place at Basin Spring Park.

10. Walk Down to St. Elizabeth Catholic Church


A church more than100 years old, St. Elizabeth Catholic is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. A small and pretty prayer garden along Stations of Cross can be spotted on the walkway that leads to the church.

It also has a gift shop attached to it that showcases religious items, motivational reading books and a variety of local jewellery. Shopping some exquisite items here could be one of your favourite things to do in Eureka Springs.

A fascinating bell tower acts an entranceway to the church. Visitors are free to choose between signing up for a self-guided tour or take part in the scheduled ones that take place during the week. The church also hosts weddings and other religious events.

11. Stop By the Beaver Lake

Beaver Lake

With a shoreline of around 487 miles, Beaver lake is situated in northwest Arkansas. It was originally formed by a dam that was constructed across White River. The lake is surrounded by caves and natural greenery. It is an ideal spot for tourists who love peace and prefer spending time away from the hassle of the crowd.

The lake is a famous spot for tourists and many parks have been developed around it over the years. The parks have campsites housing various facilities like electricity, attached restrooms and showers. The recreational facilities offered by the parks include boat launches.

Beaver Lake is one of the few spots where you are allowed to swim or take a dip. It is also popular for fishing and Kayaking- a sport enjoyed by many.

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In addition to the 677 campsites, the areas have full-service marinas with a large number of boat slips. More than 3 million tourists visit Beaver Lake every year.

12. Feel the Presence of Spirits at The 1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa

Crescent Hotel

The 1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa is believed to be spooky and has had a history full of tragic incidents. Right from when the construction first took place to the times it has been renovated, the place has witnessed lots of mishaps.

This is the reason why the hotel is now so popular and taking a haunted tour at the hotel’s basement which was earlier a morgue is surely one of the things to do in Eureka Springs.

The hotel has various other attractions to offer including activities like full moon yoga, spa treatments and great places to dine. The Crystal Dining Room is the most popular hall of the hotel where all the major events take place during the year.

Visitors who wish to know about all events taking place as well as the history of this interesting hotel in detail make sure to go through the event calendar.

No doubt why Eureka Springs is a famous tourist destination. The place is full of amazing parks, spiritual centres, beautiful lakes, wildlife, shopping sites and haunted places. Living in Eureka Springs is like enjoying to the fullest with the comfort of home.


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