Because She Is A Small Town Bird


Yes, she has not seen a train with automated gates and maybe has never heard of those fancy clothing brands because she is a small-town bird. It is a big deal for her, watching girls in shorts; she is not comfortable when a boy hugs her. She never finds it entertaining or interesting to hang out with friends at night as she is used to being in bed by 10. Words like “alcohol,” “pubs,” and “nightlife” are something that turns her face inhumanely red. And she might take an entire month to accept the fact that she is in a place where using abusive words is a symbol of showing how modern and cool you are. Yes, that’s how she is; she is a bird of her own nest, which has to learn a lot from everyone around her.

Maybe, the people of this new city can teach her how to board a metro and completely avoid or ignore those little brown and weak hands, opening that little palm of despair. They can tell her how these little faces are a part of the huge ”Dhandha”. And what she will teach them is this: “our pockets are heavy and full to buy that painting of a starving old woman and appreciate the artist’s thoughts, but our pockets are empty when it comes to giving her a few coins when she asks for the same.”

All those fast-moving legs on the roads can teach her how to cross noisy roads. They can guide her on how to compete with anyone and everyone you come across and find a  place for yourself, which is the only way of survival in the big forest. And she can show them how to slow down and walk on roadsides, enjoying the winds on her face and feeling nature’s spirit and culture. Or she can show them how sometimes taking a step back and letting older people get in first gives you immense pleasure.

Maybe, those drunk hearts can teach her how a glass of wine is the ultimate path to peace and happiness in this battle of survival. They will tell her how beautifully people over here wear masks of humbleness but roam around with a heart filled with hatred. And wine is the only way of letting out the pain of wearing the mask you wear all day long. She can then take them to a “Gurudwara” early in the morning and let them feel those chants’ peace. She can then guide them to people who are naked and bare, without any masks. And how beautifully they carry containers of always and yet never feel the weight. Sometimes even a bowl of halwa can take away all your pain without even paying for it (according to the langar).

And each time when you teach her to wear those glasses and breathe in an AC car, she will open the car windows and smell the soil. Whenever you are in a movie with her, she will call her mother, even if it’s the 5th time in the day. You can teach her all about the latest fashion trends and the new brands, but she will take you to your old roots where you probably never cared to pay a visit.

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