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12 Weird Italian Stereotypes You Should Know

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Stereotypes are a result of traditional or cultural practices that are followed in a specific region or country. Italian stereotypes are the same; they develop from the old period and continue to be used in the modern Italian culture regardless of the changes that have taken place over the years.

There are stereotypes of different forms, and they can be related to anything, Italian language, Italian men, Italian food, or even the way Italian talk with their hand gestures. Some absurd and common Italian stereotypes make no sense or are very general.

These stereotypes take birth from the talks of some people and then spread like wildfire throughout the world. The sincerity or the truth of these Italian stereotypes are not questioned and just agreed upon. Some of them might be true, and some of them might not be true.

Here are few Italian stereotypes that are common and absurd at the same time!

Some of the common Italian stereotypes-

1) Italians Talk With Their Hands!

This is absolutely true. Italians do love to talk with their hands. They are very expressive and use hand gestures while conversing. It is very common for many Italians to use hand gestures while interacting. It is easy, simple, and more expressive in nature. They can speak through their hands.

In Italy, it is often said that if you are far from a place where the conversation is taking place, you can observe the hand gesture and understand what they are talking about. It is that easy to talk to and convenient. However, even if it is true for the most part, not everyone in Italy would follow this habit.

Italian Stereotype
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2) Italians Are Always Late!

Italian Stereotypes
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This stereotype is partly true, but it really depends on an individual idea like any other stereotype. It is a known fact in Italy that people in Italy work at their own timeline. They work at their own pace and ease. Unlike the rest of the world, you will see people walking at a relatively leisurely pace.

Italian Americans will notice this difference. The streets in the United States’ big cities like the state of New York are always hustling and crowded with people. Everyone is busy with their own work and in a hurry to get to places. People walk in hurried paces and crowding the streets.

If you ask an Italian why they were late, they will usually respond with an answer among the lines of “I. just stopped by for a smoke/coffee.” It is normal for them to be late in Italy since their belief is taking life slowly. They have a pretty relaxed mindset when it comes to life.

However, it is to be noted that not every Italian has the mindset of taking life slowly. Some people think that time is crucial. They try to follow the timelines according to the subject.


3) Pizza And Pasta Are Consumed Every Day In Italy

Italian Stereotype
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This is one of the most common Italian stereotypes.

However, This would be an ideal situation if the health concerns are not taken into consideration. This Italian stereotype is not true, except for the part of pasta. Italians are obsessed with pasta, and that’s totally true. Italy is on the top with the highest consumption rate of pasta in the world.

In Italy, pasta is made from scratch and worked through the whole process, unlike pasta consumed in other countries where ready-to-cook kinds of pasta are used. Pasta is a dish that is favored a lot in Italy and stands on the top when Italian cuisine is discussed.

Pizza is not an option that Italians opt for when it comes to food every day. Some prefer on weekends like on Sunday, some on special occasions but not every day.

4) Every Italian Is Connected To The Mafia!

Most people identify Italy with the mafia as an often misunderstood concept. This is sadly but fortunately not true at all. Not every Italian is connected to the mafia and anything related to them.

The mafia has indeed incorporated through the system, passing on the corruption and illegality of the system. But, not every Italian can be referred to as the mafioso. The percentage of people in the mafia is very low, and the number of people helping them is also low. So, the overall population in Italy, which can be considered the mafioso, is very low.

5) Family Holds The Highest Position In An Italians’ Life

Italian Stereotype
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This is completely true, and Italians love their family the most. There are a lot of different things that Italians love, but family always comes first for them. In Italy, young people take their own time to move out of the house.

Parents are important and are respected in the Italian home. And obviously, the mothers are at the head. Mamma is always in control of the household, looking after everyone and ensuring the house functions properly. Italians are very protective of their own family.

Italians used to have big families too. But in recent times, it has toned down and come down to small families but close-knit.

6) Italians Are Very Affectionate!

Italian Stereotypes
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True, for the most of it. Italians are indeed affectionate and physical touch is another way for them to connect and communicate. Italians are romantic by nature, so it is not strange for them to show affection.

It is not unusual for people to walk close on the streets. Their standard greeting is kissing on the cheeks or a hug. On the other hand, two male friends would probably hug or shake hands. They might even have an arm across the others’ shoulders, but it doesn’t mean anything more.

As one of the travel tips, don’t be surprised to see two lovers walking down the street, holding hands or kissing each other, showing public affection. It is quite normal in Italy to see lovers embracing each other or showing public affection.

7) Italians Use Ciao Bella!

This Italian stereotype can be considered true and not true because it is a concept from the past. In the past, this phrase was used by an Italian man to call out to women when flirting. This Italian stereotype is no longer used by Italians, but immigrants from other places use it.

The phrase Ciao Bella now sounds like an insulting word when said without any sincerity. It is a phrase thrown at women by Italian men while walking down the streets, without any care. It is not something that I would support or encourage. Most Italians would rather use this phrase with sincerity among the people who are close to each other.

8) Italians Are Huge Soccer Fanatics!

Italians feel a great deal of passion while watching soccer matches. Italians gather around with either friends or parents for soccer matches. Italians are really obsessed with the game of soccer, and that is the truth.

The majority of Italy is crazy about soccer and watches the matches regularly. While watching soccer, they will bring out drinks and food to eat together. You can hear the loud cheering in the neighborhood. This is where the stereotype about Italians being loud must have come up from.

9) Italians Are Crazy About Food!

Italians do love food, but they are not crazy about the food. They do have a slight obsession when it comes to food, but it is a healthy one.

For example, Questions like “What are you going to eat for dinner?” are very commonly asked by mothers, but there are times when mothers even ask, “What do you want for lunch tomorrow?” while you still have your lunch.

Mamma is stressed! This is just something that happens in the Italian household. You can consider them being crazy about food, or maybe it is just about the fact that it is difficult to choose what to cook from such a long list of options every day.

10) Italians Love Their Coffee!

Italian Stereotypes
Photo by Elesban Landero Berriozábal on Unsplash

True. Italians love their coffee and especially authentic Italian coffee. If you go to South America and ask for an Italian coffee, the taste is completely different and not like Italy’s.

Italians will walk for hours in search of good coffee. They will spend their own time devouring a cup of coffee.

11) Italians Love Opera

This is not the truth. In history, people used to love opera and take great interest in it. But nowadays, the interest has taken a hit and isn’t that high.

In recent times, young people are more involved in pop culture. So, they have forgotten their own culture. The majority of the Italians who love opera are from the older side. The older generation is the only ones interested in operas.

12) Italians Are Always Into Fashion!

Italians actually hold fashion in high esteem and believe in always looking their best. Fashion is something that is widely accepted all over the country.

Milan fashion week is also a huge event and a place with high fashion. Italians are very creative in their idea, and when it comes to fashion—huge brands like Versace, Armani, and more hail from Italy.

Although Italians have an innate taste in fashion, not everyone can afford such expensive products.


These Italian stereotypes are only a few of them. Other stereotypes are spread around the world. How many of them are actually true and how many false is a debatable topic. But, it is fun to know such facts about different countries around the world.

If you know any weird Italian stereotypes that you would like to share with us, please let us know in the comment section.

You can also comment about your experience relating to these stereotypes or others!

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