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Learning How To Be in a Relationship: 13 Promising Tips

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Being in a relationship is no piece of cake. You have to know your sh*t when it comes to learning how to be in a relationship. So, let me help you with a guide of 13 promising tips on learning how to be in a relationship for the old and the new.

There’s a long list of dos and don’ts in every relationship. And no book or article in the world that is perfect when it comes to learning how to be in a relationship. Everyone makes mistakes, whether they’ve been in a relationship for 2 days or 2 decades.

And well let’s face it the relationships we see in movies and tv-shows are pure fiction, so we have no luck in finding any tips in there, and after seeing friends and family who are in relationships fight the way they do, can we rely on their advice?

There is no beginner’s luck when it comes to learning how to be in a relationship. This is a class that experts should teach. I’m sure they’d be a huge hit. Not everyone will admit it, but in the end, we all need it.  Newbies, veterans, and even the ones having their midlife crises, this one for you. And so, here are 13 promising tips on learning how to be in a relationship.

learning how to be in a relationship

13 Promising Tips on Learning How to Be in a Relationship:

1. Be each other’s friends first


Be friends first. Get to know each other first and understand that the two of you can trust each other first. This is the most important part of learning how to be in a relationship.

Let each other know that they always have your shoulder to put their head-on. A relationship is essentially an upgraded friendship. It’s always ideal to be friends first and then take it further from there. This way you’ll know each other better and understand each other better.

It is better for couples to not just be lovers but also each other’s best friends. Somebody that they can be open with, somebody who will understand them and be there for them no matter what.

2. Talk about anything and everything


If you have difficulties or are struggling with anything physically or mentally tell the other person about it before you begin to date. This is essential in learning how to be in a relationship.

Make sure that they have clarity on you and you have clarity on them. They must know all the details before they enter this partnership. Do not leave anything out. This way you’ll also know beforehand whether things will work out or not, whether they’ll empathize or sympathize or not and whether they are the one for you or not.

Mental health is equally as important as physical health. That should be your priority. And if you’re in a relationship then it should be your significant other’s priority too. Keep that in mind.

3. Lay down the law


Prepare the terms and conditions of this relationship before you start it. One of the best tips I can give you about learning how to be in a relationship is that it’s very similar to a business deal.

Like deals, relationships too much have a set of terms and conditions. This is where you tell each other what you expect and what you want to avoid. You might argue during this at first, and might be frustrated even. But you’ll thank me later.

What is allowed and what isn’t. It’s similar to having a rulebook. I know it sounds ridiculous. But it’s very important and will help you avoid a lot of fights regarding the same in the future. It’s always better to be straightforward and clear from the beginning.

This is a must-do in relationships. And as someone who is learning how to be in a relationship, you must remember all of this information while entering one.

4. Be sure about what you want


If you’re someone who has commitment issues and is learning how to be in a relationship, this one is especially for you.

You don’t want to have second thoughts about whether this is really what you want months into this, after investing all that time, energy, and even money. What a waste! There should never be any room for reconsidering in a relationship.

So before starting one, always get some reassurance about whether you want to be in one and with this particular person or not. Trust me, this tip is a life-saver for many. Including you. Keep this in mind not only before entering a relationship but before every big and important decision that you make.

If you’re still unsure you can always ask a close one to give you their opinion too, but do not be blinded by what they say. Before making these decisions always weigh all the pros and cons out beforehand.

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5. Be open to hearing them out


The same way that you’d want them to be understanding towards you, they want you to be understanding towards them.

When learning how to be in a relationship, keep in mind that you are the most important person they have. The person that they’re closest to. And if the person whom they thought they were the closest to isn’t open to listening to what they have to say, they’ll end up thinking that nobody will ever be.

And the two of you are supposed to encourage and support each other not let each other down. So, remember to always be a good listener and keep your mind open. Be understanding. Be the most understanding person on the planet for them, all your friends, and your family as well.

6. Get ready to cut things lose


Relationships are all about sacrifices. If you’re learning how to be in a relationship, you must learn how to make sacrifices as well.

This will initially start in the Terms and conditions stage and might even continue through the course of the relationship. That is why it is also important to know beforehand whether they are worth all of this or not. Which is why you need to be sure about what you want as well.

So, get ready to throw away that ugly sweater, stop talking to that guy who only wants one thing from you even if you think he’s just a friend and any other things that your partner dislikes.

If your significant other feels bothered by or uncomfortable because of something, you must get rid of it as soon as you can without having to think twice, that is when it’s within reason. In the end, all of these tips on learning how to be in a relationship are connected in some way or the other.

7. Be honest from the beginning to the end


It’s true when they say that honesty is the best policy, especially when you’re learning how to be in a relationship.

If there’s anything that you’re unsure about, have doubts about, second thoughts whatever it may be, you must talk about it. It might do a little damage initially but will only benefit you in the long run. And think about it. If you can’t trust the person, you’re in a relationship with then well, whom can you trust?

8. Comfort is key


You must make sure that both you and your partner are at the epitome of comfort with and around each other.

When learning how to be in a relationship, remember that you must create a safe space for your partner and so should them for you. A safe space where you can talk to each other about anything and everything. Where you know you can trust each other with your lives. Where insecurities and anxiety disappear.

That’s the kind of environment that a relationship must create. They’re right when they say comfort is key. It is one of the key elements of learning how to be in a relationship. One that you must always keep in mind.

9. Share your hopes and dreams


Since you know that when you’re learning how to be in a relationship, comfort is key that means that you must share everything.

Your partner will find it inspiring and attractive how ambitious you are. And fall in love with the way you light up when you talk about your hopes and dreams. Not only that but they’ll also do whatever they can to support you and make them come true.

Sharing your thoughts, ideas, hopes, and dreams is very important in relationships because this is also where you can receive some genuine and honest feedback which can end up being extremely helpful for you.

10. Never keep any secrets


We all know that one secret only leads to another. And then covering these secrets lead to little lies which end up getting bigger with time as well, and all of this will only result in destruction.

Have a no lock policy. Say whatever is on your mind, and whatever happened with you even if you worry it’ll ruin things. It will still be a lot better than them being hurt after finding the truth or something you’ve kept from them out much later.

Feel free to talk about what might be bothering you and feel free to talk about what’s on your mind, not only will this doom your relationship but it will also begin to affect your health – both physical and mental.

When you’re learning how to be in a relationship, you must never keep anything from your partner at all. Your partner must be the one person that you can say anything to. Because even if they’re upset at first, in the end, they’re your biggest supporter and will always have your back no matter what.

11. Respect Boundaries


The words “love has no boundaries” are not necessarily true in all cases. I barely do know of any cases where it has been true.

As you are learning how to be in a relationship, keep in mind that endless love does have a boundary that one simply cannot cross. Like everything else, there is a line here too and you shouldn’t cross it. This especially applies to newer relationships.

A simple suggestion that would avoid this situation is talking about your boundaries when you discuss the terms and conditions. This way you can avoid any mishaps and avoid any fights that they might’ve caused as well.

12. Do not get stuck in a bubble


You have to keep this in mind when you’re about to start are learning how to be in a relationship and start a new relationship because people tend to do this subconsciously.

You must remember that you are not living in a bubble which includes just you and your partner, there is a whole other world out there. Do not lose contact or begin to stop spending as much time with your other friends and family just because you want to spend every second with your partner.

Others play an equally important role in your life as well, and you’ll only realize that when you lose them so let’s avoid that situation altogether. Instead, invite your partner to hang out with the other loved ones in your life so all of you can spend quality time together.

And both of you can make time just by yourselves for your friends and family as well every once in a while, to remind them that you haven’t forgotten them. Hey, who knows? Maybe they’ll even give you some tips on learning how to be in a relationship from their own experiences.

13. Be available


You must always show up and always be available. Maybe not at the beginning when you’re just learning how to be in a relationship, but after a while together. Your priorities will slowly start to change too. From work to your significant other.

And that’s okay. It’s okay to change them just as long as you’re certain about it. You must be available for your partner at their every beck and call. At 08:00 am when they’re nervous before a big interview or at 3:00 am when they’ve had a nightmare, you must always be available to them and they must do the same for you.

After all, you’re whom they rely on the most.

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Learning how to be in a relationship was never easy, and never will be. But as you can see in the article, most of the tips and the things that it takes to be in a relationship are connected in some way or the other. You do one thing, and you’ll learn about another. And that’s what makes it so much better.

There is no perfect guide on learning how to be in a relationship, but I hope these tips have helped you get a better idea of how to go about things.  If you have any more ideas or comments and views to share on learning how to be in a relationship, do let us know, we’d love to hear them!

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