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The 15 Best Bugs Bunny Episodes You Cannot Miss

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At the time of World War II, Hollywood animators were training the troops and entertaining people in the country. Bugs Bunny returns to perform the best work in their life and that is to make America laugh.


Bugs Bunny was under the production of Looney Tunes, which was produced by Warner Bros. The year 1930-1969 was the golden age of the animation world of America. They created many cartoon characters that have a strong impact until today.

The 15 Best Bugs Bunny Episodes You Cannot Miss 1

About the Best Bugs Bunny Episodes

In the year 1997, Bugs Bunny got the opportunity to feature on the postage stamp of 32 cents. Bugs Bunny is basically an animated character in the cartoon created by Warner Bros. Cartoons. Bugs is a white and gray hare or rabbit who is popular for unworried and carefree personality. 


He has a popular Brooklyn accent and he portrays the character as a trickster. His popular phrase is “What’s up, doc?” His popularity is tremendous hence his character became a cultural icon and even the Warner Bros. mascot. Even you can see bugs bunny as a logo in the Warner Bros old company. 


The creation and evolution of bugs bunny characters are not by one man. But it is a result of group talents. In 1940, July 27, A Wild Hare was officially launched as Bugs Bunny cartoon. Due to Bugs easy go and free attitude, he became a popular character during World War II.


His character portrays smartness, he shows a clever attitude to outsmart everyone who tries to provoke him. Keeping in mind the popularity of the Bugs Bunny, it creates a buzz since the day it was launched. 

The 15 Best Bugs Bunny episodes that you cannot miss 


best Bugs Bunny episodes

Racketeer Rabbit- 1946

In this episode bugs, bunny confronts Edward G. Robinson lookalike Rocky (gangster) and Hugo, Rocky’s sidekick. When Bugs Bunny was camping in an abandoned farm for a night, then he hideout from Hugo and Rocky. Clever Bug trick the two and take all the money. But, later both of them understood that bugs trick them. But, bugs show loyalty to Hugo and engage in a fight with an imaginary officer of police. It’s surely among the best Bugs Bunny episodes to air till now. 

Long-Haired Hare- 1949

In this episode, Giovanni Jones, an opera singer was practicing in his own house heard that Bugs Bunny was making a hole in Banjo and singing the song at the same time. The opera singer found it very annoying but still continues to practice his session. The comedy was on point and created laughter till today. What do you think of this Bugs Bunny episode?

Wackiki Wabbit- 1943

The episode is hilarious and even today it gives you the ultimate laughter. The two men in the mid-sea where there is nothing to have food. They were about to become cannibalism if they were not able to find food. But, they land on the island named Humuhumunukunukuapua’a’a’a. The episode also shows how bugs bunny outsmarts these two desperate guys where Wackiki Wabbit wants him as dinner.

Rabbit Hood-1949

Bugs Bunny battled with Sheriff of Nottingham whom Bugs Bunny fooled in the house in the garden and even halfway in the construction of the house. He is a one-time big villain in the life of Bugs Bunny. The episode gave the ultimate laugh for gullible nature. 

Rabbit Fire- 1951

It is Hunting Trilogy and was set in three different seasons like autumn, winter, and spring. All the plots in every season were the same. The episode ended where Bugs Bunny humiliate both of them. The three shorts were drawn skilfully towards the introduction to Bugs, Daffy, and Elmer. 

The 15 Best Bugs Bunny Episodes You Cannot Miss 2

Rabbit of Seville

It is a popular episode of all time. It is a great artistic presentation of the animation. In this episode, Looney Tunes perfectly blend animation with wonderful music. It is among the best Bugs Bunny episodes that everyone loved. 

Broom-Stick Bunny-1956

In this episode Witch Hazel stood in front of the mirror and asked “who is the ugliest” The mirror replied that “she was the ugliest one”. In the meantime, Bugs Bunny dresses up as Witch and hides the face with an ugly green mask and hence the chase begins which gives the ultimate laughter to the audience.

Hair-Raising Hare- 1946

It is about a mad scientist who sends a mechanical girl rabbit to attract Bugs so that he can make The Bugs feed the hairy, orange monster. But, it was not easy to fool Bugs Bunny because he disguised as many characters to oppose the idea.

Little Red Riding Rabbit- 1944

It offers the story of Bogart and his wife. Wife Baby demanded that he want to have a fried rabbit in a restaurant within 20 minutes. The waiter Elmer Fudd then catch Bugs Bunny and tried to fry him in the frying pot.  

8-Ball Bunny-1950

The story revolved around PlayBoy Penguin where he gets separated from the show Ice-Capades. Then, Bugs Bunny came for rescue and tried to return back home Baby Penguin. 

The 15 Best Bugs Bunny Episodes You Cannot Miss 3

A Wild Hare- 1940

In this episode, the hunter Elmer came to hear Bug’s hole and place the carrot and then hides behind the tree. When Bugs reach the hole to get the carrot, he found the shotgun end instead of the carrot. Elmer in his anger digs the hole but could not find Bugs. Later, Bugs appear from behind chewing the carrot and said: “What’s up Doc?” And this dialogue, later on, became the trademark of Bugs Bunny, making it among the best Bugs Bunny episodes till date.

Baseball bugs-1946

In this plot, a baseball game is going on at Polo Grounds in New York City. The game was going unfair and Bugs Bunny was watching from the hole Now, Bugs took up the challenge to play against the opposing team in all positions. 

Tortoise Beats Hare- 1941

Bugs Bunny came on-screen eating the carrot and reading names absent-minded and grossly mispronouncing them all. While he was mispronouncing Fred Avery name and he spitted mouthful carrot that he was eating. He bets Cecil Turtle of ten dollars to win the race. Cecil Turtle agreed but Cecil Turtle wins the race and claimed the money and Bugs Bunny realized that he had been tricked the entire game.  

The Heckling Hare- 1941

In this episode, A dog named Willoughby hunted Bugs. But Bugs set a trap at every step and dog falls for it. In the end, both Bugs and Dog fall of the cliff. 

What’s Cookin’ Doc?- 1944

The plot basically revolved around Academy Awards presentation. Bugs was assured that he will win the Oscar and said the same to the viewers. But, in shock, the Oscar went to James Cagney. Bugs said that it is Sabotage and even demanded a recount. The entire episode in the battling of the Academy Award.

These above are the 15 interesting episodes of Bugs Bunny where humor, laughter, and the social message was at par. It was a revolutionary cartoon character then. It still rules the hearts of millions of Americans. Which of these do you think are the best Bugs Bunny episodes for you?

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