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15 Best Types of Relatives We All Have

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Wondering what the different types of relatives are? We all have some hilarious, cool, sweet, and bitter relatives. They come in all aspects of life. We often run into them during festivals, weddings, and whatnot! They are our extended family. We can not wait to meet some of them while trying to avoid others at all costs. Here is a list of 15 different relatives we all have.

The 15 types of Relatives We All Have

 1. The over-enthusiastic

These types of relatives are always high in energy. They can start dancing, singing, playing, or making jokes without any pushing from anyone. Sometimes, when all you need is some ‘me’ time, this relative will come barging into your space and not only intervene in your personal space and time but also expect you to join them in their excitement.

2. The bragging ones 

This one has the finest car, a damned mansion, and tremendously expensive clothes and gives you the most expensive presents. And as if it was not already evident, they won’t stop talking about it. By the end of the get together you are certainly going to know that their maid earns more than you. Sigh!

3. The matchmaker 

Such types of relatives are always hooking you up with someone. They don’t care who. They just want to be the ones who get you married. Be it with their ‘ Dur ke rishtedaar’ or any ‘ Padosi ka beta/beti.’

4. The gossip store 

gossip girls

This person is the Kim Kardashian of the family. He/she is genetically designed to gossip as their life revolves around it.

5. The money giver 

These types of relatives/aunt are the best because every time there’s a family function you can expect to make a really good fortune. Though, you will have to perform the age-old ritual of not accepting the money two or three times.

6. The Lazy Ones 

Kids are their all-time prey. Every time there’s a function, they can be spotted sitting on a chair demanding random kids to bring rasgullas or paneer and every possible thing for them.

7. The eye-roller 

eye roll

There is always that one fashionista in the family who makes us envy her style and drool over her oh-so-pretty clothes. She carries everything with panache. Girls are green with envy while the distant cousins can’t help but roll their eyes at her!

8. The award factory

These types of relatives are the so-called perfectionist, the flawless one. They always stand out in whatever they do. Meanwhile, you can sit like a potato listening to a lecture on ‘ HOW TO BE LIKE THEM.’

9. The ‘over loving’ aunties 

Whether you are 2 or 20, this particular aunty ends up pulling your cheeks for no reason. Sometimes kisses may follow. We get your love, aunty. But please stop this before someone dies out of your love dose. Oh jeez :O

10. The annoying ones 

annoying relatives

Remember those devils who always show up at your place and try to snatch your phones to play games. Or ask you to buy things for them and you can not deny because their parents are watching. Do you hate them? Yeah, me too.

11. The Problem solvers 

No matter what the situation, these types of relatives always have a jugaad for it. They are the ones you can count on. Had they not been there, your life would have been a mess.

12. The sweethearts 

There is always that one relative whom we all love! It can either be the doting grandpa, the hilarious uncle, the earnest aunt, or that amazing cousin.  These types of relatives are the ones who actually light up our lives.

13. The gadget geek 

There’s always this one person who knows all about gadgets. They’re the ones who introduced you to iPod and portable game consoles when you were little. They are the reason for your new-found love of purchasing all that is new in the tech market.

14. The foodies 

foodie relative

We all have that one cousin who is always ready to explore new food joints. The advantage is that you get to taste some really good food and very often too. And not to forget that one aunt who makes us eat until we beg her to stop feeding us! But, we love these types of relatives because who doesn’t love good food?

15. The Career Counsellors 

They are the ones we can talk about our dreams they have a lot of career options to offer to us. They always show up at your house out of nowhere and by the time they leave you have already become a doctor, an engineer, and what not!

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A graduation student (Mathematics). 18. I Love to embrace people and do whatever feels to be right at the moment. A strong believer of the fact that there is nothing truly artistic than loving people. The idea of capturing moments does not interest me, the idea of living them to the fullest does.

Writing often expresses what we can not. What food is to body writing is to soul. The idea is to spit out whatever words come to my mouth. There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy but I guess we do not need reasons to be happy we must be happy anyway. So stay happy, stay connected not just to the world but to yourself and your dreams.

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