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7 Best African Countries to Visit

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Africa is famous for its incredible history- the struggles that ended in the victory of Africans as a whole. Do you know what else is it famous for? Africa is renowned for its countries. I will throw light on some of the best African countries to visit.

One common thing among the best African countries to visit their wildlife. After all, Africa is famous for its nature. However, many of them have distinctive characteristics that make them the best African countries to visit.

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The fact that Africa is a country that covers around 30 million square kilometers and is the second-largest continent in the world is astonishing. There are, however, several things about this fantastic place that shocks and surprises people all around the world.

The best African countries to visit are beautiful and have stories behind them. Let us tour the best African countries to visit once in our lifetime

1. Morocco

Located in North Africa, Morocco is one of the best African countries to visit. This country is warm and welcoming. Moreover, there is an exotic blend of cultures, and this country belongs to lovely people. Morocco is entirely worth the time you are spending as well as the money you are investing in.

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Meknes is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Morocco. It is one of the imperial cities of this country. It has several monuments that will tell you the stories of ancient kings who ruled the land. In fact, the name (Meknes) is derived from the name of Sultan Moulay Ismail.

Volubilis, located in Morocco, was an important town of the famous Roman Empire. Volubilis has fertile lands that produced resources like olive oil in the ancient Roman Empire. This place was one of the prosperous places of the empire because the resources were traded and exported.

Located approximately on the East of the High Atlas Mountains, Todra Gorge is another famous attraction. Tourists generally visit this place for the beautiful view of nature.

2. Tanzania

Tanzania is another one in the list of the best African countries to visit. Tanzania is generally visited by tourists for witnessing the incredible wildlife that is present here. However, it is also famous for the unmissable attractions!

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If you are a scuba diving or snorkeling enthusiast, you must visit the incredible Mafia Island that is surrounded by a marine park. Tropical fish can easily be spotted at this attraction because of the clarity in the water. Most importantly, Mafia Island is the breeding place for the green turtles, that are rarely found nowadays and have almost gone extinct.

However, if you are interested in history and architectural attractions, visiting the Old Fort in Zanzibar is a really good idea. It is one of the most popular attractions that make Tanzania one of the best African countries to visit. This beautiful monument reflects the Omani Arab architecture. The Omani Arabs seized the island from the Portuguese in 1698.

Jozani forest is an incredibly beautiful forest and is a must-visit for wildlife and nature enthusiasts. The significance of this forest is excellent as it is one of the last remaining sanctuaries for the Red Columbus Monkeys. It contains a vast Mangrove swamp along with a Coral raft forest and a salt marsh area.

3. Ethiopia

Ethiopia contains a lot of UNESCO heritage sites, and this is what makes it one of the best African countries to visit. The landscape of this beautiful country includes lakes, rivers, rocky mountains, lowlands, and grasslands.

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One of the driest and hottest places on Earth, the Danakil Depression is located in this beautiful country. The temperatures of the Danakil Depression often reach beyond 50 degrees. This place contains some active volcanos, salted basins, and hot springs. One of the highlights of the Danakil Depression is Lava Lake. It is almost like a fantasy to visit this place.

Another mind-blowing attraction in Ethiopia is the Lalibela. The Lalibela included 11 church settlements and was built in the medieval period. The architectural design of this place is remarkable and unique. This place is close to several monasteries that can be visited.

Ethiopia is one of the best African countries to visit and contains the Babile Elephant sanctuary. Among the 1000 elephants that live in this country, most are visible in the Babile elephant sanctuary. Apart from elephants, a wide range of animals, including leopards and cheetahs, can be found. The walking Safaris in the Babile elephant sanctuary is loved by tourists.

4. Kenya

Kenya is a magical country and has some unmissable attractions. Thus, it is one of the best African countries to visit. The tourist spots here attract dozens of people. It lies at the heart of East African Rift Valley.

7 Best African Countries to Visit 5

Lamu island is one of the most famous attractions in Kenya. It is surrounded by Mangrove swamps and lapping waters of the famous Indian ocean. The traditional Swahili building methods of the Lamu island is the prime reason for its position as UNESCO world heritage. Lamu island is a beautiful place to visit.

Nairobi is a city in Kenya and is a must-visit because of the unique energy and charm found here. It has a beautiful national park that attracts wildlife enthusiasts. The Nairobi national park has several Cheetahs and giraffes that meet each other against the meanders of river Mbagathi.

Malindi is another pretty town in Kenya that contains tin-shack towns and mosque towers. This wonderful town has evolved and risen and has become one of the favorite choices for Europeans and Americans. Besides, Malindi includes resorts, beaches, pizza restaurants that bring the biggest crowds.

5. Nigeria

Nigeria is the next in the list of the best African countries to visit, has some remarkable attractions that you must not miss. Moreover, there is a wide variety of attractions in the beautiful country of Nigeria.

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The beautiful wonder of Idanre hills is around 800 years old and includes a variety of landscapes. This beautiful place makes Nigeria one of the best African countries to visit. This place clearly shows the beauty of nature. The rocks of the Idanre hills recite the poems and stories of the ancient civilization, which can be heard through the carvings and the beautiful handwriting on them. Many stories, legends, and myths are associated with this place.

Set on the top of the Kaduna mountains, the Kajuru castle is another incredible tourist attraction in the country of Nigeria. Not only the natural surroundings but also the medieval architecture will astonish you. The castle is famous for its Bavarian-style.

The Gurara waterfalls, named after two Gods, are another beautiful attraction in Nigeria. It is one of the tributaries of River Niger. This place is famous for its fantastic wildlife. People would also enjoy fishing at this place.

A famous historical place in Nigeria is the Zuma rock. It is about 725 feet above sea level. It was used at our fortress during the times of war and is clearly visible from the Abuja-Kaduna expressway.

6. Ghana

Ghana is one of the best African countries to visit because of the wide range of attractions that it offers in its small space. There is incredible energy all over the country of Ghana. It has beautiful beaches and hinterlands. Besides, it has a rich culture with lively cities and wildlife.

7 Best African Countries to Visit 7

Northern and Southern Ghana both have a massive difference on the basis of geography, religion, and culture. However, the people of the country live with peace and harmony. Ghana is also known as ‘Africa for beginners’ and has warm and welcoming locals.

Accra is a famous attraction in Ghana. It is the largest city and the capital of Ghana, which is full of friendliness and welcoming people. Accra is a warm city that will make you feel very comfortable. Accra city is a significant reason that Ghana is one of the best African countries to visit.

Labadi beach is one of the most well-known attractions in Accra city. Besides, Accra city also has a national museum with incredible historical treasures.

Visitors like visiting Labadi beach as it is perfect in uncountable aspects. It has hotels and resorts surrounding itself. If that is not enough, tasty food and cocktails, along with local entertainment, pull visitors towards the Labadi beach.

The artist alliance gallery is another place that attracts visitors because of the mind-blowing fine art and contemporary collections. Ablade Glover was a famous and respected artist who created this beautiful gallery. Ablade Glover was a Ghanaian artist, and so the gallery reflects a lot of  Ghanaian art.

7. Madagascar

Madagascar is one of the best African countries to visit. As we start thinking of this beautiful place, exotic images start evoking in our minds. Madagascar is the fourth most significant island in the world, and there are uncountable reasons for visiting this fantastic place.

best African countries to visit

There is a stretch of beautiful fishing villages in Madagascar. These fishing villages are collectively known as Ifaty. Some of the most prominent tourist crowds appear at this place due to its vivid, golden color sand, expansive beaches, and luxurious resorts. The presence of the Indian ocean is another reason why people like visiting the Ifaty.

Nosy be is a little beach located in Madagascar and is one of the reasons for Madagascar is one of the best African countries to visit. Some people prefer visiting this place, especially for beach parties that are visible on every Sunday.

Between the coastal hills of Helodrano Antogila Bay lies the Nosy Mangabe. This place is famous for its booming populations and tropical perfection. There are uncountable fig trees around the groves of palms and green hills that crash down into the vivid, golden sands.

Tsingy de Bemaraha is another beautiful attraction in Madagascar. It is an attractive landscape that is made up of carved rocks and towering hoodoos. It is also found between the long green stretches of nature reserves. Tsingy de Bemaraha is a UNESCO world heritage today because of its incredible biodiversity.

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