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Where Is Malta and Why Is It a Must Visit?

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Are you wondering where Malta is situated? Are you unaware of thing that makes Malta so historical and glorious? Do you know about the unique dishes in Malta? If you are planning to go there for the holidays and you don’t know anything about that country. Keep reading.

Where is Malta: Location

Encyclopedia Britannica 9th Edition New York Samuel L. Hall 1883 Vol XV

Malta, officially also known as the Republic of Malta, and it was formerly called Melita. Malta is a Southern European island country consisting of several chains of islands in the Mediterranean sea. It is mainly situated in the south of Italy, north of Libya, and east of Tunisia.

The population of Malta is about five lakh fifteen thousand. It is the tenth smallest nation in the world, and fourth-most densely populated when it comes to a sovereign country. Malta’s capital is Valletta, which is the smallest national capital in the entire Union of Europe. The national and official language of the country is Maltese.

10 Amazing Facts That You Might Not Know About Malta

1. Where is Malta: Malta is Not Just One Island

View of Malta

You are aware of the fact that this country is one of the smallest countries in the world. But only Malta and Gozo are the inhabited islands. Comino is the third biggest island, which consists of one luxury resort. There are four more islands but completely uninhabited. Malta is an archipelago. The entire landmass can fit in the USA, about 30,443 times.

2. Where is Malta: The Land is Older Than You Can Imagine

Aerial view of Comino captured from Malta seaplane.

Malta is one of the isolated spots in the Mediterranean. Still, according to a few types of research, civilizations have been started in Malta since 5000 BC, which is the early Neolithic period.

3. Where is Malta: Direction of Driving

Road view

However, Malta is no longer officially linked with the United Kingdom; the Maltese still follow the British tradition of driving on the wrong side of the road.

4. Where is Malta: Malta is a Location for Hollywood Productions

Streets of Valletta
“Street in the historical city of Mdina, Malta.”

Because of the unexploited nature, calm coastline, and ancient artifacts, Malta has been used as a location for movies and massive productions like ‘Troy,’ ‘Captain Phillips,’ ‘Gladiators,’ and television’s ‘Game of Thrones.’

5. Where is Malta: No Forest Zone

Night aerial view of Valletta, Malta

Malta showcases some incredible historical and natural sights, but you will not find mountains, rivers, or forests across all the seven islands.

6. Where is Malta: It is Normal for Parents and their Children to Stay Together till they get Married

The only reason for this behavior is Malta is a small island, and the distance between the students and their colleges or universities are not too far.

7. Where is Malta: Malta is a Very Catholic Country

Malta is filled with 359 churches, which clearly shows that Malta is a Catholic country.

8. Where is Malta: The Population of Malta is More in Australia Than in       Malta

This statement is wrong.  If Australia has 200,000 Maltese, then there are 450,000 people in Maltese, Malta.

9. Where is Malta: The People of Malta are Very Loud

Just like the other South European family Maltese are very loud. Maltese prefer not to walk to call someone; they would stand and scream out the name.

10. Where is Malta: Crime Rate is Very Less

No matter what your gender and age are, you will barely feel scared or unsafe in Malta.

15 Things To Do While You Are In Malta

1. Where is Malta: Try Swimming in Comino’s Blue Lagoon

The photo was taken in Comino, Malta

Comino’s Blue Lagoon is a massive swimming pool and the color of the aquamarine sea; it is absolutely worthy treasuring the view as a postcard.

2. Where is Malta: The Panoramic View At Upper Barrakka Gardens is a Must Watch

Spectacular view of Vittoriosa (Birgu) with the yachts moored at the marina looking back across the Grand Harbor from the Upper Barrakka Gardens, Valletta, Malta

Upper Barrakka Gardens is present in the capital city of Malta, Valletta. It has beautiful landscapes and a mesmerizing panoramic view of the Grand Harbor.

3. Where is Malta: A Visit to Popeye Village

Sunset at the Popeye Village in Malta

Popeye Village is also known as ‘Sweet heaven village, it certainly looks like few ramshackle buildings, but it has a lot more to it. The visitors of Popeye village are welcomed by Popeye himself and his few fantastic friends. Popeye Village consists of water trampolines, indoor jump around sunbath, boat ride, and some delicious wine for the adults; what else you need!

4. Where is Malta: Roam Around the Silent City of Mdina

Cobblestone streets

The old capital of Malta is the city of Mdina, and it is referred to as “Silent City.” The ancient capital of Malta is called the “Silent City” because of the peaceful atmosphere with about 300 residents and limited car entries. To feel the ecstasy, an evening dinner at The Mdina Restaurant, with the traditional stew, Stuffat Tal-Qarnit, made of octopus cooked in red wine, apples, roasted walnuts, and raisins.

5. Where is Malta: Walk Around the Streets of Valletta

Balcony view
Colorful balconies in the Maltese city of Valletta

Your trip to Malta will remain incomplete if you do not visit the UNESCO World Heritage streets of Valletta. Malta’s capital is home to gorgeous narrow streets, hilly paths with a view of colorful balconies from the early 17th century, flourishing restaurants, and Upper Barrakka Gardens.

6. Where is Malta: Natural Pool near Dwejra Bay

Small wooden boat waiting to take tourists through the grotto at Gozo.

Close to the remains of amazing Gozo, which is a part of Maltese island. The layers of the turquoise water will encourage you to swim and explore the rugged landscapes.

7. Where is Malta: Fallen Azure Window in Gozo


Gozo’s most known natural sites, the Azure Window, collapsed, causing a massive arch. It would be best if you visited this landscape that disappeared because of a storm but certainly with absolute precautions.

8. Where is Malta: St. Joseph’s Church, Msida

Valetta is the capital city and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The port and city stretch along the coast, and there are creeks such as Msida with St Joseph’s Church, which is built in a baroque style, along the waterfront.

St. Joseph’s Church was created in the year 1867 by Archbishop Gaetano Pace Forno. It is a charming Roman Catholic Church present in the harbor town of Msida. You must visit this beautiful church.

9. Where is Malta: Ta’ Pinu Basilica, Gozo


Ta’ Pinu Basilica is without any doubt one picturesque place in the country that you shall not miss. It is not tough to find out Ta’ Pinu Basilica when you are present in Gozo.

10. Where is Malta: The Basilica of Our Lady of Mount Carmel is a             Must Visit

Mount Carmel
Cityscape of the leading Maltese island at sunset with the Basilica of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in view.

The Basilica of Our Lady of Mount Carmel is perhaps one of the most beautiful and iconic places in Malta. The painting of Our Lady of Mount Carmel certainly will seek your attention.

11. Where is Malta: Sunset at Senglea Harbour, Malta

The photo was taken in Senglea, Malta

If you are visiting the capital city of Malta, you shall not miss this natural harbor, especially around the time of sunset; the Senglea Harbour looks stunning with the orange-ish glow in the cobbled buildings.

12. Where is Malta: Visit Rotunda of Mosta

Malta, Valletta: Church of the Assumption of Our Lady, commonly known as the Rotunda of Mosta or Rotunda of St Marija Assunta.

If you have not visited Rome yet, you should absolutely visit the Rotunda of Mosta because it was created after the Pantheon itself, it is worth watching.

Lesser known fact: Rotunda of Mosta is the third largest unsupported dome present in the earth.

13. Where is Malta: Grandmaster’s Palace

A glimpse of Grand Master’s Palace, Valletta (UNESCO World Heritage List, 1980), Malta, 16th century.

Grandmaster’s Palace has been the main center of Malta’s governing power for more than 300 years. You can step inside and explore the Islamic and Ottoman histories in the State Apartments.

14. Where is Malta: Gardjola Gardens

Valletta. The capital of Malta and listed as UNESCO world heritage. View of Valletta with Grand Harbour seen from Senglea. Europe. Southern Europe. Malta.

Guardiola Gardens gives one of the best and uninterrupted views of the Grand Harbour, and this place is a lot easier to explore in Malta. Make sure to look out for the fantastic sculptors of eyes and ears carved on the tower.

15. Where is Malta: Fort Manoel

Fort Manoel, Manoel Island, Valletta, Malta view from the sea.

Fort Manoel, Manoel Island, is one of the best places to understand the fortified history of Malta. Piazza and Chapel inside the Fort Manoel is a must-visit. One must visit this historical place while on a journey to Malta.

5 Architectural Buildings That Make Malta More        Glorious and Beautiful

1. Auberge de Castile

Malta – Valetta: “Auberge de Castile, Leon et Portugal” – the official residence of the Maltese Premier

It is located close to Saint James Cavalier and the Upper Barrakka Gardens. It is the highest point of Valletta and looks after Floriana and Grand Harbour.

2. Mdina Metropolitan Cathedral Museum


Mdina Metropolitan Cathedral Museum is situated near the cathedral in Archbishop’s square, established in 1897.

3. Parish Church of Our Lady of Pompei

Malta – Marsaxlokk: Parish church Our Lady of Pompei

Parish church Of Our Lady of Pompei is situated in the Marsaxlokk, the fishing village precisely. It is a Roman Catholic Parish Church.

4. Mediterranean Conference Center


Mediterranean Conference Centre was one of the leading hospitals until 18th century, now it is used for theatrical shows, exhibits, international conventions and more.

5. Palazzo Santa Sofia

Ca dOro or Palazzo Santa Sofia palace

Palazzo Santa Sofia is a palace, situated in Villegaignon Street. The basement floor was built during 1233. It is supposedly the oldest surviving building in the city.

There is no end of exploring Malta and the architecture it preserves :

10 Dishes That You Must Try

1. Stuffat Tal-Fenek


Stuffat Tal-Fenek is considered as the national dish of Malta. It is a traditional rabbit stew prepared in a very delicious manner with red wine, garlic sauce, and creamy tomato.

2. Minestra

Minestra (soup) with pasta rings and taste of the garden.

Minestra is a very common vegetable soup for the people of Malta during the season of winter. They generally have it with Maltese bread an oil.

3. Pastizzi


Pastizzi is a salty and spicy pastry contained with ricotta or mushy peas. It is the most popular snack in Malta, so this food is highly recommended for the visitors.

4. Cassata

Cassatelle with ricotta cheese. Sicily. Italy. Europe.

Cassata originated from Malta’s closest neighbor, Sicily. This cake is prepared from marzipan, sweet mushy peas, and almond paste.

5. Lampuki Pie


Lampuki Pie is a result of having the advantage of abundant fish all over Malta. Maltese prepare this fish pie with a very common fish of Malta, Lampuki contained with potatoes, olive oil, spinach, and capers mint.

6. Zalzett Tal Malti

Salty garlic sausage

This dish is rare outside Malta, so all the meat lovers must not miss this is. Zalzett Tal Malti is garlicky and salty sausages with a very particular flavor of coriander.

7. Cannoli

Cannoli with ricotta. Tartlets filled with citrus cream. Fudge cake. Tiramisu cake.

Cannoli is a sweet dish inspired by Italian dishes. Cannoli is contained with sweet ricotta, which tastes heavenly.

8. Gbejniet

where is malta

Gbejniet is for all the cheese lovers, prepared from goat’s milk and has the milky texture and flavor of mozzarella

9. Prickly Pears

Prickly pear or barbary fig tree is pictured during the harvest season.

Prickly pears are abundant all over Malta. It looks like a cross between melon and cactus. It will make you retrospect the taste of figs, strawberries, and watermelons.

10. Timpana

Malta's special
The baked macaroni pie – a specialty of Malta

This dish is a baked pie of macaroni contained with various types of meats, cheese, vegetables, crust pastry, and bolognese sauce.

If you want to know more about Malta’s special dishes, click here.

So, these are a few facts about Malta, which are known by very few visitors. These are most of the things that you can do in Malta, from swimming to watching sunsets. You can even explore the above mentioned architectural buildings; if you are a lover of Roman architecture or just architecture in general, there is everything from the museum to the Cathedral. Food plays a significant role when it comes to tourists and visitors. The ten above mentioned foods are the specialty of Malta and widely known throughout Malta, from spicy to chocolate pie.

Have you ever been to Malta or any of the attached islands? Have you heard about something new in Malta that can bring change to the tourists? Let us know in the comment section below – WHERE IS MALTA.


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