Keeping the spark alive in relationships can be quite a task; finding ways to make things interesting, conversations longer and quality time even more fun is something all couples struggle with. Amongst the multiple ways out there to keep relationships interesting, drinking games for couples is something that always wins. The power of such games is backed by studies conducted by a lot of well-renowned people in the field of relationship psychology and also by newbies who want to learn more about the subject of games for couples; they have constantly shown that if there is anything fun games for couples do is make relationships stronger and more pleasant to be in.

Research has shown that games for couples help boost bonding and communication. Moreover, fun games like Never Have I Ever or Jenga help redefine quality time and increase spontaneity in a mundane life routine. Finally, while there have been a wide variety of studies conducted in the realm of fun games for couples, there are a few studies that have shown that having fun together has the greatest influence on marital satisfaction or satisfaction in any relationship. This means that couples who play games together or have game date nights are more satisfied with their relationship since it’s an opportunity for them to feel young and vibrant and for their relationship to get a boost of energy.

In today’s world, finding the time to devote to relationships is a task on its own; specifically slotting time only for games is something many people find very difficult to do. In these situations, you can always combine playing games with another fun aspect of socializing – drinking. Drinking games for couples bring up questions never answered, discussions never had and memories that will last forever.

So, get those shot glasses and beer glasses ready and check out these fun games for couples for your next date night!

1) The Classic Quiz Game

Asking questions helps answer doubts about things you’ve always been curious about. Asking personal questions has always been an excellent way to know more about the other person. When did we have our first kiss? Where did we go on our first date? What’s the most awkward moment we’ve shared? These questions are the ones that make this classic couples quiz game the king of all drinking games for couples out there. This drinking game is an excellent way to know just how much your partner remembers about the history of your relationship; it tests their memory, the way they value moments spent with you, and in general, how much they remember about the ups and downs of your relationship.

The game is pretty self explanatory; it shares the rules of a regular question answer game – you take turns asking each other questions about your relationship and for every wrong answer you get, you take a shot. This not only makes you both drunk (unless you know every single thing about your partner) but also helps see how strong your relationship with your partner is. To make the game a fair one, you can use pieces of paper – write down the questions you want to ask and then place these folded papers in a bowl, so that every question is random and each player has a fair chance of winning. Here are a few questions –

  1. When did we first meet?
  2. What was our first meal together?
  3. Who showed interest first?
  4. Who was the first person to know about us?
  5. What was I wearing when we first met?
  6. What was the first board game we played together?
  7. What was our first date night like?
  8. What’s one thing you do that I don’t like at all?

If you want questions that are naughty and spicy, here are some you might like –

  1. What’s my biggest turn-on?
  2. Where did we first get intimate with each other?
  3. Who has walked in on us getting hot and steamy?
  4. What was the occasion for our first intimate moment?
  5. How long had we been together before we took a vacation?
  6. What’s one common fantasy we both share?
  7. What’s our most embarrassing moment in bed?

Research has consistently shown that asking questions and reminiscing about things in relationships only increases your likability. Besides, asking these questions can help bring up old memories and set the mood for a nice romantic evening. So, ask as many questions as you want and as long as you’re having a good time drinking and asking questions to each other, this drinking game for couples can take any turns you want it to.

2) Never Have I Ever

It goes without saying that if the classic game of Never Have I Ever isn’t mentioned in the list of drinking games for couples, the list is incomplete! Thanks to this great game which is also one of the best naughty drinking games for couples, you can learn things you never thought your partner indulged in. This game opens doors you never thought to knock on and reveals new things about your partner.

This is one fun game in which innocence doesn’t have a seat – think of the raunchiest thing you can come up with which you’ve never done and use that to unveil truths about your partner. If your partner has done the thing you mentioned, they take a shot.

One of the reasons this is amongst the best drinking games for couples is that you get to broaden your horizons, not just about your partner, but also about things you’d like to try sometime down the line. You can start with simple questions and then increase the intensity. Here are some questions to get you started –

  1. Never have I ever eaten dessert before my main course.
  2. Never have I ever gotten drunk and texted my parents.
  3. Never have I ever gotten lost on a trip.
  4. Never have I ever sent a dirty text to the wrong number.
  5. Never have I ever gone skinny dipping.
  6. Never have I ever received a lap dance.
  7. Never have I ever had whipped cream off someone’s body.
  8. Never have I ever had a body shot.
  9. Never have I ever done pole dancing.

A very important aspect of this game, however, is to answer honestly. You don’t need to feel insecure about your partner shaming you for having done something they haven’t; they may even be curious about trying it out. So, try not to be embarrassed.

Check out this article if you still feel insecure in your relationship in general and want to learn to overcome your insecurities: How To Stop Being Insecure In A Relationship: 5 Ideas To Survive The Relationship Insecurities. 

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3) 21 Questions, One Body Shot

This couple drinking game is probably one of the best drinking games for couples, specifically because it has so many layers, but just two answers – yes or no. The rules are simple and pretty self explanatory – you think of a famous figure or personality and your partner asks you questions about them. To these questions, you can answer yes or no; nothing else is valid.

As the questions get more specific, it allows your partner to guess who the figure is. If they’re able to get the right answer within 21 questions, you take a shot; if they get it wrong, you’re the one who has to empty your shot glass.

The thing which makes this game perfect for a date night of fun drinking games is that if you choose not to drink or want to get things steamy quickly, you can substitute the shot with a lap dance or a pole dance and hence, make your own rules; the sky is the limit.

4) Look Into My Eyes

Let’s detour to the classics in the list of drinking games for couples; it isn’t surprising how much impact eye contact can have on your relationship with someone. Imagine looking at a person as the centre of the world, and nothing else matters. Now imagine them blinking in the midst of it. Don’t worry; that just indicates that you’ve won! Pretty simple, right?

All you have to do in this game is look into your partner’s eyes for as long as you can, and whoever blinks first or looks away first has to take a shot. This couple drinking game is right up there with The Classic Quiz game. It is one people have played for ages, and studies have also shown that eye contact leads to increased arousal and excitement towards the other person.

5) Pizza Box

This couples drinking game is one of the most fun drinking games for couples available, which satisfies your hunger and your experience. The pizza box is a game that requires a bit more activity than the others; well, first, you need to eat the pizza and get an empty pizza box as the base for your game. After this, you and your partner will toss coins in the box, and wherever it lands, you’ll circle the border and write down a rule in the area.

Take turns doing this and with each toss, amp up the difficulty or raunchiness of the rule; this could be anything ranging from ‘give me a lap dance’ to ‘lick whipped cream off any part of my body.’

There are no restrictions on the level of spice you want to incorporate into these rules. The last step here is to toss these coins again, and if it lands in any of the circles already filled, you have to do what’s written in the space; on the other hand, if your coin lands outside any of these circles, you take a shot! This fun drinking game guarantees three things: a full belly, a fun date night, and a drunk couple.

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6) You Laugh, and You Lose

A popular party game combining humour and booze, You laugh, you lose has many other names – Straight Face, Can’t Keep a Straight Face and many more and the game is pretty self-explanatory. You can use many external sources to make the best of this game for couples – YouTube, a joke book, naughty jokes online, anything that can make one laugh. You can play it in two ways – you and your partner watch a video or read a joke together, or you take turns doing the same to the other partner.

Whoever makes any reaction, be it a smile, a snicker, or a giggle, has to take a shot. Additionally, you can be more active in the game by maybe acting out a scene that both of you find funny or making the same expressions from funny videos; you can even recite moments both of you have laughed out loud at, but the only rule here is not to touch your partner. You can’t tickle or poke them around; you must make them laugh without touching them.

Being able to laugh about things together always makes memories for you and your partner. This game guarantees you will laugh uncontrollably and drink till you topple over.

7) Higher Or Lower

Ending this list without a drinking card game for couples feels unfair, so here’s Higher or Lower. Higher or Lower is one of those fun drinking games solely based on luck; it is a fun, easy-to-play game based on how good you can guess the probability of the next card being picked to be higher or lower than the one just dealt.

The rules of this card game are very simple, and it’s the perfect game not to have any bias at all; one of you is dealt a card and has to guess if the next card is higher or lower. You and your partner will compete to make the most correct guesses; if you guess the wrong answer, your opponent drinks once. Every time you guess wrong, you have to drink for each card shown already, even if you guessed them right.

The way to win this simple game is to guess correctly as many times as you can before your partner’s turn. This drinking card game is based only on luck, chance and guesses, but it guarantees fun and booze for all.

Drinking Games For Couples – Takeaways

To say that the list is only these many games would be a lie; there are many more fun games on this list of couples’ drinking games, which can be endless. This is probably the best thing about drinking games for couples – they constantly evolve to stick with the trends and ensure you have a good time.

From classic games like The Classic Quiz Game to a newer version of Naughty Jenga, The Pizza Box, the evolution of drinking games for couples is remarkable. There are the classic games like Russian roulette and then the newer versions of old games like Beer Pong; Russian roulette makes you perform dares if you get an alcoholic drink blindfolded, and Dare Beer Pong makes you do whatever dare is hidden below the glass in which your ping pong ball falls.

It includes games for couples like power hour, in which you take a sip of booze every minute of an hour or one lie, two truths in which you guess what the lie is from three statements given by your partner, and every wrong answer you get, you need to take a shot. The beer mile is one of the best games for people who like running – just drink a glass of beer and run a mile without keeling over.

Drinking games for couples are a fun way to make an interesting night out of a mundane date night. But here’s something you must remember while playing any of these drinking games listed above – drink responsibly. Safety and consent are of utmost importance, no matter how intoxicated a drinking game gets you.

If you drink responsibly, you won’t end up doing something either of you may come to regret in the future. In any drinking game you play, it is important for you to be aware of your surroundings and draw a line if you feel uncomfortable at any point in the game. These fun games for couples are interesting and great for adding some chemistry to your date, but nothing is more important than your comfort and safety.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s arrange beer glasses for Dare Ping Pong, fill up your shot glasses for basically any game on this list, and make your next date night memorable!

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