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8 Things to do at a Sleepover at Night

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Wondering what are all the cool things to do at a sleepover at night to make it more fun?

So, are you hosting a sleepover or attending one? Wondering about what things to do at a sleepover at night?

A sleepover or a slumber party is kind of a fun get together where you get to spend time with your buddies and stay awake all night. You get to spend an entire night at a friend’s house with all your close friends.

The idea of sleepover is not new and has been around for ages. Your parents did it and chances are that even your grandparents (you can get some suggestions on things to do at a sleepover at night) had a sleepover with their friends. The idea was made popular by teen sitcoms, movies, books and serials.

While hosting a sleepover is not a big deal, some might get anxious about how to keep buddies entertained all night.

You might just want to move away from the cliché ideas of movie marathons, DIY manicures and pedicures, gossip or any other corny ideas that make you cringe. Because seriously, it is a very arduous task for some people to get their parents to relent to a sleepover and it would be better to make it worthwhile.

If you are very lucky (or very responsible), then you might get a chance to get out of the house and have a night out or camp out.

The 8 Fun Things You Can Do at a Sleepover 

If this your first sleepover, you might want to check out some things that you might want to do. Click here.

So, here is a list of things to do at a sleepover at night that might come handy if you want to host (or attend) a LIT sleepover.

1. Midnight Pajama Karaoke

8 Things to do at a Sleepover at Night 1

Remember Jake Peralta and Doug Judy’s karaoke? Well we are about to do the same, just in pajamas and at an ungodly hour. You can sing along to your favourite pop songs while you sway to the beat and even emulate the singers. This will surely make your night memorable and get you a ton of likes on instagram (and some fun snaps for streaks).

If somebody from your friends can play guitar or any instrument, you can all sing along and even invent some songs.

2. Creepy Pasta with Pasta

8 Things to do at a Sleepover at Night 2

When it comes to storytelling, scary tales are surely a great option to send some chills down the spine (because horror movies with buddies are comedy movies and also very much cliché). Every group has that one person who can narrate a frightening story and raise some goose bumps.

8 Things to do at a Sleepover at Night 3

So get some candles for generating the perfect atmosphere for a creepy pasta session combined with delicious red and white sauce pasta. I mean why not? Pasta are easy to cook and fun to eat. Actually, you can cook Chinese or even grab some chips and have creepy pasta with pasta – it sounds cool.

3. Late night Photo Session

8 Things to do at a Sleepover at Night 4

Photo sessions in broad daylight are normal. But photo shoots in the dark can be epic! No, you don’t need a night camera or something fancy for this. All you need are some cute fairy lights, flashlights and whatever cool lights that you can gather.

Now, you just need Bokeh and portrait mode in your phones and you are good to go clicking. Go get those unique photos for your Instagram feed.

4. Midnight Culinary Endeavours

8 Things to do at a Sleepover at Night 5

Now, a party is just not a party without food. Obviously, you can order those pizzas or grab some Chinese off the corner. But, cooking with your buddies can just prove to be an adventure (or a disaster). You can follow a fun YouTube recipe or even try to cook something fancy if you feel confident. You never know if you will end up with a cool dish, a food fight or just end up eating cup noodles.

You can also take this to next level by daring each other to eat what they have made. Or mix some really mean ingredients and have everyone to try and figure out what the ingredients are.

You can take it up a notch and mix some cocktails and mocktails turn by turn. You can also blend some shakes or smoothies.

But do not forget to have some cup noodles and coke for back up just in case your French recipe does not turn out to be edible.

5. Gaming

8 Things to do at a Sleepover at Night 6

Ever since the launch of fancy games on smartphones, gaming has become more popular, accessible and simple. All you need is a steady internet connection and some extra RAM.

You can have fun shooting zombies, aliens and enemies with cool snipers (seriously, some guns shoot fireballs), grenades and bazookas. Some classics include Call of Duty, Total OverDose, Fortnite, Free Fire, PUBG (probably the most beloved game of the decade) or Counter Strike (seriously, this one never gets old).

You can go nostalgic with games like Prince of Persia or Road Rash. That will freshen up some childhood memories.

Gaming fanatics will already have an elaborate game set up (Xbox or PSP) with those fancy controls, joysticks, a huge TV screen, or even a gaming laptop.

6. Bike ride in the dark

things to do at a sleepover at night 3

This one is especially for those adventurous people who are legal adults.

If you and your gang are the type of people who loathe staying indoors for long, then you will love this idea (if you are old enough or successfully get your parents to accede).

Just kick start your bike and ride out into the dark, dark night. You can take a round of the silent city or wade out into the winding country lanes and feel the nocturnal breeze.

Even better, you could pick out a location like a cliff, meadow or an open lawn and have a night-time picnic (or simply some coffee) under the stars.

Please do not go for this unless you have a big group (at least half a dozen people above 18). Make sure to inform your parents about the location.

7. Blind man’s bluff

8 Things to do at a Sleepover at Night 7

This is one of the common things to do at a sleepover at night.

What can be better than tag? Tag with a twist! Playing blind man’s bluff in the dark has a totally different thrill than playing it in the daylight. Dim lights or no lights at all give an eerie touch to it. Try playing after you have watched the Conjuring or Insidious. I hope you don’t picture Valek if you are blindfolded.

If blind man’s bluff is too scary for you, you can opt to play hide and seek. It will be better with a two storey house, a huge flat or a homestead (so you can use the outhouse, barn or whatever). Or you can just play tag.

8. Series marathon

things to do at a sleepover at night 2

You cannot completely rule out the TV or movies out of the sleepover. If you and your pals are too lazy to run and chase each other or dance and sing, then you might prefer binge watching some series.

You can go for short, mini series or anime (Tokyo Ghoul can be finished in a night) so you will complete it through the night. Or you can re-watch your faves where you don’t have to watch the entire thing. You can also watch series which do not have a continuous plot like Friend or Brooklyn nine-nine where you can just watch any episode at random.

Here are a few mini series suggestions. Click here.

You can even binge watch a movie series like Harry Potter, Jumanji, Lord of The Rings, Fast and Furious, Die hard or whatever suits you.

So these were some recommendations for things to do at a sleepover at night. You can modify them depending on your friends, parents and situation.

You can go old school with Ouija board, try out the Bloody Mary thing or go for spin the bottle (some classics never get dull). Also, you can never go wrong with card games or even play UNO.

8 Things to do at a Sleepover at Night 8

If you have a lawn, a back yard or even a garden attached to your house, you can camp out. You can even take your sleeping bags upstairs to your terrace and sleep under the starry sky (sounds like a movie scene).

things to do at a sleepover at night

Everyone loves the classic board games like Ludo, Snakes and ladders, monopoly, Carrom or even Guess who and LIFE (you might get into a Jumanji situation, who knows?).

If you have friends like Amy Santiago (you can start a debate on Dewey Decimal System) or Sheldon Cooper (perfect night for Quantum Physics), you would love the idea of binge reading or discussing random theories late at night. Then movies like Inception, Interstellar, Splice and any other science fiction movie would be perfect. Here are some books to binge read. Click here.

Depending on the crowd you are having over, you can go for anything that you and your buddies think is fun. There is no such thing as a perfect sleepover. Meticulous planning will just take the fun out of it.

You can talk and talk for hours together with the right people and time just flies by. The aim is to have fun, spend time with your amigos and make memories.

Here are some breakfast ideas for post sleepover. Click here.

Let us know your idea of a fun sleepover. Comment you suggestions on things to do at a sleepover at night below.

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