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A Detailed Eye Makeup Guide For Women

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Eye makeup is not as difficult as it may seem if you know the right products and the right tools to use. A little eye makeup guide can help you achieve that gorgeous eye look that you have always been dreaming of. Women love makeup and they wear makeup to enhance their already existing beautiful features or to just feel better about themselves.

Women think that it is very difficult to apply eyeshadow and experiment with different eyeshadow colours but a proper eye makeup guide can make your eyes look even prettier than it already is.

Know Your Eye Shape

Before jumping on to the eye makeup guide, it is important to know what eye shape you have. Eye makeup guide can be different depending upon your eye shape. Below is the list of 8 different types of eye shapes to suit with your eye makeup guide correctly.

  1. Wide Set Eyes: People with wide-set eyes have a lot of distance between their eyes.
  2. Close Set Eyes: The least distance between the eyes is an indication of close-set eyes.
  3. Hooded Eyes: When an extra layer of skin covers your eyelids then you have hooded eyes.
  4. Downturned Eyes: When the outer corner of your eyes is titled downward then you have downturn eyes.
  5. Upturned Eyes: The opposite of downturned eyes is the upturned eyes wherein the outer corner of your eyes is tilted upwards.
  6. Almond Shaped Eyes: This eye shape is usually wide and big from the outer corner and inner corner as well.
  7. Monolid Eyes: Usually associated with Asian people, this eye shape has a natural double lid appearance.
  8. Round Eyes: This eye shape has a rounded inner corner as well as an outer corner.

Detailed Eye Makeup Guide For Women

A proper eye makeup guide can accentuate your eyes and make it look the way you want to. Eye makeup guide helps you to use proper colours on that would suit your eye shape and help it look better. Here are the eye makeup tips you need to read – for achieving the perfect eye look that would suit your skin tone and get you a beautiful look. Paris Lash Academy offers eyelashes that can be a great addition to your make-up collection.

1. Use the Correct Makeup Brushes

To begin with the eye makeup guide the first step is to choose the right makeup brushes. It is good to invest in some good quality brushes because makeup brushes last you for a lifetime and if you invest in good makeup brushes then you are halfway there.

You do not need tons of makeup brushes, just a few can get your work done effectively. Few types of essential makeup brushes are listed down below.

  • Fluffy Crease Brush: This type of brush is usually not very dense. It can help you disperse the colour sheerly and give it a brushed-out look. Fluffy brushes are usually used in the crease to disperse the transition shade.
  • Medium Dense Brush: To pack colour more densely we can use a medium dense brush which will not sheer out the shade as much as the fluffy crease brush.
  • Angled Crease Brush: An angled crease brush is used to accentuate the eye shape by dispersing the colour on the outer corner of the lids so that it fits onto your eyes properly.
  • Packing/Flat Brush: This type of brush is used to get the maximum pigmentation from your eyeshadow. You can use this brush to pack on shimmers on your eyelid.
  • Flat Eyeliner Brush: If you face problems while applying eyeliner then it is better to use a flat eyeliner brush that is angled and gives you good precision.
  • Small Dense Brush: A small dense brush can be used to apply eyeshadows on your lower lashline and it helps to pack colours properly.A Detailed Eye Makeup Guide For Women 1

2. Use the Right Eyeshadow Palette

When you are looking for the perfect eye makeup guide, another important step is to select the right eyeshadow palette for yourself. Instead of going for several eyeshadow palettes, it is better to choose a few eyeshadow palettes that are of great quality and have a plethora of colours.

Choosing an eyeshadow palette that has everyday shades and a few shades to experiment with is a great option to go for. Make sure you choose the eyeshadow palette that you see yourself reaching for more often. It is important to also keep in mind that the eyeshadows are blendable and has good pigmentation as well.

You can go for affordable brands like Wet N Wild, NYX, Morphe or Makeup Revolution. There are also pricier brands like Huda Beuty, MAC, Anastasia Beverly Hills and Urban Decay. These brands make pretty good quality eyeshadows and have a wide range of eyeshadow palettes to choose from.A Detailed Eye Makeup Guide For Women 2

3. Apply Darker Shades on the Outer Corner

When you begin with your eye makeup and you have your brushes and eyeshadows ready, the first step in the eye makeup guide is to use darker shades in the outer corner of your eyes. Never forget things line an eye primer and a liquid liner.

Using darker colours like brown can create a beautiful depth on the outer corners of your eyes and this step is a must in every eye makeup look.A Detailed Eye Makeup Guide For Women 3

4. Apply Lighter Shades or Shimmer Shades on the Inner Corner

On the inner corner of your eyelids, you can use lighter shades so that a beautiful gradient is created. For all eye shapes, if you apply lighter and brighter shades on the inner corner it can open up your eyes and make it appear bigger and brighter.

For an everyday look, you can apply a light shimmer shade on your eyelids paired with a darker shade on the outer corner. Shimmers on the eyelids can help amp up the look and your eyes look fresher and more awake.A Detailed Eye Makeup Guide For Women 4

5. Blend Your Eyeshadows Properly

Next up on the list of the perfect eye makeup guide is one of the most important steps to be followed; always blend your eyeshadows properly. If you have beautiful shades on your lids but they are not blended properly then it can look blotchy and unattractive.

You must take good time in blending your eyeshadows properly to give it an airbrushed look. Even if your eyeshadows are not performing at par, you can use circular windshield wiper motions to gently blend your eyeshadows.eye makeup guide

6. Use the Right Technique to Apply Eyeliner

Winged eyeliner is not everyone’s cup of tea and it is okay. If you have a hard time applying eyeliner then you can go for felt-tip eyeliner so that you have more control and you can get that perfect line.

If you have small eyes then you must keep in mind to not make a thick line across your eyelids because then your eyes will appear smaller. Focus on your outer corner and then make your way to the inner corner by applying a thin coat of eyeliner.

For a perfect winged eyeliner look make a triangular like shape on the outer corner where you want your winged eyeliner to be and then fill it in carefully. If you just cannot get the perfect shape with liquid eyeliner then make sure to use a flat eyeliner brush and dip into your favourite black eyeshadow.

It is important to apply eyeshadow based off of your eye shape. The perfect eyeliner can only be achieved by practice. If you practice applying eyeliner often then it will get better with time and consistency.A Detailed Eye Makeup Guide For Women 5

7. Do Not Forget Your Bottom Lashline

Bottom lashline can set the tone for the entire eye makeup look. Do not leave your bottom lashline blank because then your eye makeup will look incomplete and lifeless. You can match your lower lashline with the colours that you have applied on the eyelids.

If you have applied brown eyeshadow on the eyelids then you can apply the same eyeshadow in the lower lashline. Using a small dense brush on the lower lash line with the darker colours can give a beautiful structure to the eyes. One of the quick eyeshadow tips is to apply a white or nude eyeliner to your lower lash line to make your eyes appear bigger and better.A Detailed Eye Makeup Guide For Women 6

8. Always Apply Mascara

If you apply eyeshadow and just leave it like that then your eye makeup look will look lifeless. It is very important to apply a thick coat of mascara to your eyelashes so that it ties the entire look together.

Mascara can amp up the look and make your eyes look more opened up. If you feel like experimenting then you can also add colourful mascara to your lashes.A Detailed Eye Makeup Guide For Women 7

9. Use Proper Technique to Put On Fake Eyelashes

A lot of women make the mistake of applying the eyelashes right when you apply lash glue to the eyelash band. To apply the fake eyelashes properly you must ensure to buy the right pair of lashes that would suit your eye shape. After that, you have to buy the right type of eyelash glue that would stay on for a long period of time.

To get the perfect eye makeup guide and apply the fake eyelashes properly you must follow a few steps. Apply a thin coat of eyelash glue to your fake eyelashes (preferably a clear one) then let it sit for 30 seconds until it becomes tacky. Take a pair of tweezers and apply the fake eyelashes with the help of it. Place the lashes on the middle first and then stick the inner corners and outer corners of your eyelashes properly.

Curling your eyelashes is also an important step to follow before applying the fake eyelashes. A good pair of eyelashes can make your eye makeup look more beautiful.A Detailed Eye Makeup Guide For Women 8

So, this was a detailed eye makeup guide for women to help you achieve the perfect eye look every time. Use this eye makeup guide, be consistent and keep practising. You will get better with time and practice.

Hope this eye makeup guide was helpful for you. Is there any more eye makeup guide that you would like to share with us? Drop it in the comments below.

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