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Advantages and Disadvantages of Adulthood

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Adulthood seems fun and games. But if you measure it out, there are certain advantages and disadvantages of adulthood. When you are a child you would always dream of the things you would do when you grow up. You would always get annoyed about the fact that you are being controlled by others and that everything will be okay once you hit adulthood. but your life changes completely once you grow up.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Adulthood
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  1. You Can Be Independent

Being an adult means having the freedom to be on your own. You can get your job, start your own business, earn money and live on your own. There could be few advantages and disadvantages of adulthood but the fact that you can be independent tops it all.

  1. You Finally Realise Your Worth

As a young person, you are always told that you are not worth anything. People keep making you insecure and pull you down. As you hit your adulthood, you start loving yourself and realising that you are worth everything that others told you wasn’t.

Self-love and self-acceptance become your first step to success. The last thing you would care about is what society thinks of you.

  1. You Value Your Family Even More

Remember as a teenager when you felt as if your family did not love you? You change your perspective about it as you grow older. You realise that everything that your family did and said, it always came from a good place.

  1. You Can Start Your Own Family

Growing up you would always dream of having a partner by your side and starting your own family. Making up scenarios in your mind and thinking about how things could be so much different if you had a family of your own.

  1. Not Being Controlled

You do not have to ask your parents about going out or staying at your friend’s place. Not having to say, “Oh, my parents would never let me do that.” Being your boss just feels amazing.

  1. Having True Friends

Over the years you meet a lot of people and make too many friends. But those friendships do not last by the time you grow up. You are extremely lucky if you have the same group of friends in your childhood and adulthood.

As a child, you may be betrayed, humiliated or bullied by your friends. But as you turn into an adult you become wiser and make better decisions when it comes to friends. The reason why this happens is that you are fed with lies when you are a teenager and you tend to overlook the negativity around you.

Being an adult you couldn’t care less about anyone else but you.

  1. You Become Eligible to do Legal Things

Out of all the advantages and disadvantages of adulthood, people seem to be most excited about this one. You can get married, drink alcohol, be a parent, and most importantly you become eligible to vote.


  1. You cannot Relive your Childhood Again

Once you are an adult, you will never be able to relive your childhood again. Never having the same innocence or being happy over the smallest things. You realise that being an adult is not as fancy as it seems. Living your childhood is the best thing that could ever happen to you. You would always wish to go back in time and live those moments again. You always miss how you would get excited over your favourite cereal.

Going to school, coming back home and watching your favourite cartoons were the only things that mattered to you.

  1. The Constant Need to be Responsible

You are always expected to be responsible for everything. Once you turn 18 everyone tells you to act a certain way. You cannot have too much fun because you have too many responsibilities on your head. You are supposed to do all by yourself. Everybody tells you to get married at the “right” age or have kids even if you are not ready.

  1. Adulthood is Stressful

No matter how many advantages and disadvantages of adulthood are there, the truth is that adulthood is extremely stressful. Your sleep schedule is completely messed up or you are constantly worrying about one thing or another. You get angry over the slightest inconvenience and life does not feel right.

You develop an arrogant behaviour because there is too much in your plate and you think that you are not able to handle everything on your own. You distance yourself from almost everyone in your life and you always feel alone.

  1. Weekends are the Only Days When You Can Have Fun

Do you hate Mondays? If yes, then it is because you are always looking forward to weekends. After a long week of work, all you can think of is either sleeping all through your weekend or partying with your friends.

  1. Compromising on Everything

Remember as a child when you loved a particular candy and begged your parents to get you only that candy? That does not happen when you grow up. You start compromising on everything. Sometimes, the compromising goes beyond the point where you keep your hobbies or passion at stake. Maybe, you have to do a job that you hate but do it anyway because it pays you well. You start giving up on your dreams because they seem too unrealistic to you. You start to compromise because you are made to believe that this is how life is and you have to live with it.

Above were the advantages and disadvantages of adulthood. Whether you like it or not, adulthood comes in your life and you must make the most out of it. Even though it seems fun at first but becomes a burden later on. You will have to take responsibilities but one thing that you should never do is forget yourself in the process of it. Do not take stress because you have too much going on around you. Make the most of what you have.

If there are more advantages and disadvantages of adulthood, do let us know in the comments section below.


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