7 Advantages of Meditation

7 Advantages of Meditation 1


Our world is too swift and engaged to spare even a few minutes for themselves. Can you recall when you last sat silently having a conversation with yourself and neglecting the worldly stress just for a few moments? Time flies away so hastily that we hardly get time to even take a proper rest.

downloadMeditation is an exercise that was designed to reduce human stress and anxiety and ensure a healthy living. Meditation is more beneficial than any medicine. It is a cure to all our problems. Meditation is extremely worthwhile:

  • Perfect Health-Proper meditation enables the body parts and internal organs in a state of complete relaxation thus accelerating the human body’s functioning.It minimizes the respiratory rate. Regular meditation purifies out the blocked vessels and bronchi, hence, reducing the risk of respiratory problems. It also minimizes the probabilities of heart problems. The normal and smooth flow of blood is the outcome of meditation. download (1)
  • Lowers Anxiety Rate- Every human in this world has to deal with numerous problematic situations that lead to unlimited stress. We stress our brains so much, regularly, that our wisdom fails to function properly. If we take out a few minutes from our busy schedule, just to deeply meditate in the total silent atmosphere, the anxiety rate lowers by up to 5 per cent daily. Not only this, the practice of meditating regularly, offers resistance to fear and tiredness ultimately increasing our decision-making ability.
  • Purity- Meditation is a route to a purified soul and appealing personality. It enables positive attitude within a human being.
  • Weight Loss– If we meditate for around one to two hours, everyday, then we lose approximately 0.8 kilograms per day. It cuts out excess body fat from our bodies and gives perfect shape and posture to our bodies. So all those who think that they are chubby and are anxious about their increasing bulgy figure, then mediation is the best exercise for you.

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If you have developed a habit of regular meditation, then you are on the right track to fitness and attractive personality. So spare some time for yourself, after all, you do have a right to cherish the best moments of your life.

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