In today’s fast-paced world, we all find ourselves tormented by stress and anxiety. Anxiety attacks have become more prevalent among people of all ages, from students to white-collar professionals. Anxiety and stress affect all facets of life and drive a wedge through your interpersonal relations and work life. So, how can you alleviate anxiety for better mental health (maybe, using crystals for anxiety)?

Crystals for anxiety are an up and coming trend, with many people turning to heal crystals, which are said to help them calm down and remove negative emotions. How effective are crystals for anxiety? This is a question we will be probing into in detail here.

Are these healing crystals a result of false science, or do they work wonders? Read on to find out!

There are many remedial actions for anxiety, such as meditation, which helps you calm down, bringing much-needed peace and a diversion from the stress. Another suggested treatment is eco-therapy, where you are required to spend more time in close contact with nature.

The tranquility in a natural environment instead of the city’s hustle and bustle could do wonders to lighten the chaos in your system. Among these are healing crystals for anxiety, which are also said to have similar effects.

Crystals for Anxiety – How Do They Work?

Crystals are natural rock formations found on Earth with unique properties that make them colorful and reflect light. For a long time, crystals have enchanted humankind due to their visual appeal. They came to be revered highly among people and were eventually associated with possessing the power to heal.

Crystals for anxiety

It is said that each person operates at a different frequency and have their vibrations. Within our body, each part operates at a different frequency and vibration. Similarly, crystals have their unique vibration and frequency.

It has been observed that working at a higher frequency gives you more energy and a sense of better health and more fluidity in life. This is the point where crystals affect you.

Maintaining contact with an object with the same vibration as you but has a higher frequency will help elevate your frequency to match the object’s frequency. Aligning your frequency with that of the crystal can give you a sense of wellness and tranquility, which works wonders for your stress.

How To Choose the Perfect Crystal?

If you are skeptical about the power of crystals, then you are getting off on the wrong foot. Before owning a crystal and starting to use one, the first step is to believe that it can help you. Without establishing trust, they fail to work their magic. Keep an open mind and stay receptive to the possibility that this may be a good idea that might work out.

The key to choosing the perfect crystal for you is to let your intuition take control. Once you trust in the healing process, you can proceed to get the crystals for anxiety. The first step is to visit a shop, see the crystals, and choose one that reels you in.

The best way to purchase a crystal is to not read about it beforehand. Choose the crystal you feel drawn to and hold it in your hand for just five minutes a day.

For two weeks, continue this five-minute exercise followed by listing down the thoughts in your head during this period. Taking note of your thought processes helps you track your progress with the crystal.

You will most likely notice a common link between the thoughts you jotted down over the two weeks, after which you may proceed to read more about the crystal you purchased. You will notice the connection between the effects of the crystal in your life and its properties.

Different Crystals for Anxiety

Anxiety may express itself in many forms, such as heart palpitations1, churning stomach, and lower confidence levels. Crystals for anxiety help you with such situations so that your body reaches a balanced state both emotionally and physically. The following are a few crystals for anxiety and stress and the possible ways to improve your health.

  1. Moonstone

crystals for anxiety
Image Source: Flickr

Moonstone is white in color and is said to soothe anyone who suffers from anxiety and bring emotional balance2 into your life. It radiates feminine energy and helps you regain control over your emotions to stabilize them.

  1. Blue Lace Agate

crystals for anxiety
Image Source: Flickr

This pale blue stone gives you the confidence to speak in public by calming down your system and clearing your mind of all doubts and stress. It is especially helpful when it comes to strained communication and highly tense situations. Blue Lace Agate helps you overcome communication barriers and misunderstandings.

They are available in jewelry, or you can have them in your office for better communication and a tension-free workplace. Having them displayed in your bedroom in their raw or tumbled form exposes you to their gentle energy while you sleep.

  1. Shungite

Crystals for anxiety
Image Source: Aether Force

Shungite is a stone black in color, which is useful for anxiety attacks and insomnia. An ancient healing stone, it attracts tranquility, has a calming effect, and instills a sense of protection. You can display them at your home or office in the form of spheres, cubes, or pyramids to ward off negative influences. They can be worn as jewelry (pendants or bracelets) to harness their energy.

  1. Lepidolite

Crystals for anxiety
Image Source: Crystal Age

Lepidolite is available in purple and pink colors. It contains lithium, which is a part of anxiety medication, making it one of the best choices among crystals for anxiety and depression. If you find yourself excessively worried or overwhelmed with emotions, Lepidolite can be considered.

You can place them by your bed so that they can spread their influence while you sleep. You can also use them with jewelry for a better experience throughout the day.

  1. Rose Quartz

Crystals for anxiety
Image Source: Wikipedia

Rose Quartz radiates gentle energy that reminds you about self-care in times of stress. It helps you stay centered and balances your emotions in stressful situations. They can be used in jewelry or as palm stones during meditation. You can also have heart-shaped, or spherical Rose Quartz displayed in your bedroom to spread tranquility.

  1. Clear Quartz

Crystals for anxiety
Image Source: Germia

Clear Quartz is the master healer among the crystals for anxiety. When faced with stress and chaos, this stone helps you remain centered and bring tranquility. You can harness their healing effect by wearing them as jewelry or using them in crystal grids and other stones to amplify the overall energy.

  1. Black Tourmaline

Crystals for anxiety
Image Source: DH Gate

Among the crystals for anxiety, Black Tourmaline is one of the best protectors against EMFs. You can place it near your electronic devices to shield yourself from the harmful EMFs. You can also use them as palm stones to release stress and maintain emotional balance and stability.

  1. Sodalite

Crystals for anxiety
Image Source: Wikipedia

Also known as the stone of peace, Sodalite is effective in easing panic attack. Like other crystals for anxiety, this one too brings emotional balance and helps you let go of tension and stress. Apart from that, you will gain new-found confidence in your abilities and better self-expression without any qualms.

  1. Amethyst

Crystals for anxiety
Image Source: Wikimedia

Amethyst is available in jewelry, palm stones, and in a heart-shaped form, each with different uses. While they mainly help relieve anxiety attacks and pressure, these crystals for anxiety attract tranquility and help you relax.

  1. Rhodonite

Crystals for anxiety
Image Source: Madagascar Minerals

This pink and black stone is great at boosting confidence and helping you regain trust in yourself. Like other crystals for anxiety, Rhodonite also helps alleviate stress by focusing on helping you heal from any emotional trauma that could be the root cause of your anxiety3.

The Placebo Effect – Do Crystals for Anxiety Actually Work?

The placebo effect has been utilized time and again with patients. Sometimes, all you need to heal is a nudge in the right direction. This is where placebos come in. Placebos are often administered to patients who feel that taking a medication will solve their illness, although they are healthy and do not need any.

A similar effect has been observed with crystals for anxiety as well. A research study was conducted in 2001 by Professor Christopher French, where participants were provided real and fake crystals to meditate with.

The results said that participants with faux crystals also reported a better sense of well-being and balance. This leads to us questioning the credibility of healing crystals for anxiety, as most of the evidence backing them up is anecdotal, with minimal scientific proofs.

Even though the healing properties of crystals for anxiety may be a part of the placebo effect, they help individuals using them, which is the desired outcome.

Crystals for anxiety

Healing crystals help users eliminate negative energies and spread positive vibes, resulting in greater vigor and better physical and emotional health. Although it may be a placebo, it does instigate the desired effects in users, and the very belief in their properties helps people stay grounded and maintain an emotional balance.

Here, we have seen the role of crystals for anxiety treatments and the different suitable crystals for the purpose. If you are having trouble staying grounded or find yourself a frequent victim to anxiety attacks, healing crystals are certainly a great option to try out. Another benefit of using these crystals for anxiety is that they may eliminate the need for anxiety medication4 and the associated side effects and just work as calming crystals giving you stress relief.

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