The chef is a generalist who carefully oversees restaurant operations. A chef makes sure that patrons and guests receive the greatest cuisines by selecting the restaurant’s menu, purchasing food supplies, and supervising food preparation.

As Chef Avin Thaliath welcomes his grand Lavonne academy of baking science and pastry arts, where he adds mouthwatering and healthful touches to each dish to make it more significant and delicious in flavor, hard effort always pays off.

Icy Tales is in conversation with Chef Avin Thaliath about baking science and pastry arts.

Q) Tell us something about yourself?

Chef Avin Thaliath – By profession, a baker who has worked in several time zones throughout the globe. Operating the Lavonne Academy of Baking Science & Pastry Arts in the nation since 2012, followed by cafes in Bangalore.

With various programmes, diplomas, long-term and short-term courses, teaching youngsters and nourishing their souls. They employ a network of 150 people and now run cafes in Bangalore. They have several master chefs across the world and provide master classes at the Lavonne Academy.

pictures by chef Avin Thaliath

Q) As this industry saw a dip during the pandemic, tell us your experience during that time?

Chef Avin Thaliath – We all learnt a valuable lesson from Covid-19, which was a major eye opener. Many hotels, restaurants, and clubs had to close or operate at reduced capacity as a result of the travel restrictions and lockdown measures.

Additionally, many businesses had to permanently lay off their personnel as a result of the considerable decline in sales and profit. To protect its clients’ safety, the hospitality industry had to adjust to new safety and health regulations that called for the use of masks, hand sanitizer, and social seclusion.

Because you only get to experience all of these things once in your lifetime, it was all a new learning for all of us. Since then, the chef industry has evolved significantly, figuring out on how to get our frequent customers’ meal orders online and taking adequate care of them.

pictures by chef Avin Thaliath

Q) What is your signature dish? What do people love about it?

Chef Avin Thaliath – The goal of the baker, or pastry chef, for that matter, is to serve food of the highest calibre. The greatest Indian food, expertly crafted with time, effort, love, and freshly prepared ingredients, is known for its laminator dough and Danish delicacies.

pictures by chef Avin Thaliath

Q) How do you approach modifying dishes for dietary restrictions?

Chef Avin Thaliath – We must first investigate the main dietary restrictions that a client is following. If someone is following a gluten-free diet, for instance, they must avoid anything that contains gluten.

Therefore, modifying the dish begins with comprehending it. Next, determine the components. And lastly, look for alternatives.

It consists of five components: The first component of a recipe is known as history (anthropology). The second component is known as science, and the third component is known as the challenging component of a meal.

Using the appropriate amounts of science and art to combine, & choose the food after taking the necessary precautions is the fourth, and the fifth step is to, taste the food because it takes a while to prepare.

The flavor of the meal will never be the same as it was before if a substitute or a different amount of the same item is added.

pictures by chef Avin Thaliath

Q) According to you, what are your strengths and weaknesses as a chef?

Chef Avin Thaliath – Working with many individuals is a strength. The art, which incorporates science, texture, and color as well as being the result of other elements, is what matters most in the end.

The management of your time is another crucial issue and is one of your biggest strengths. Time is a powerful tool. Thirdly, keep your reading and writing abilities current by constantly exercising them.

Fourth, managing 300 chefs under one roof and dealing with pressure under all circumstances made him the person he is today. Each one of us has flaws as a human being.

Chefs must always strive for perfection, although this is not always possible. The focus is on perfection alone, which needs to shift, and sometimes others don’t support you in striving for that level of perfection.

pictures by chef Avin Thaliath

Q) What qualities do you believe make a good chef?

Chef Avin Thaliath – Something that is a constant process is learning. The ability to recognize and embrace the truth that learning never ceases is a chef’s most important attribute.

You only become knowledgeable and skilled at culinary after years of hardship and reflection. Being creative is something that comes from inside and unquestionably improves your cooking.

Time management is essential to becoming a great chef, and leadership abilities are the biggest quality that will make you a gentleman in life.

Adaptability is another skill that a chef should possess because every day brings new opportunities and lessons, and one should be able to adjust to any scenario and the outcome.

pictures by chef Avin Thaliath

Q) Where do you want to see yourself in the upcoming years?

Chef Avin Thaliath – As the industry is always evolving, it is our goal to give every learner valuable knowledge. Your thoughts and perspective get sharper as a result of creating new opportunities and doing fruitful research.

Reading is a crucial component that can only be done regularly if you want to advance your knowledge and abilities and get closer to your objective. assisting colleagues in the sector as effectively as possible and assisting them in becoming successful individuals.

pictures by chef Avin Thaliath

Life is challenging, and no one achieves success overnight. Chef Avin Thaliath, stands out from other chefs by his efforts and hardwork through years and creating unique and mouthwatering dishes that are distinctive based on his style of expertise.

The chef is surely a proven example that hard work and intelligence never goes waste. Life is a process of learning and unlearning.

Live a healthy, happy, and positive existence while cherishing the time you spend with your loved ones. Keep exploring out new possible things. Serve healthy, Eat healthy!



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