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Awesome Fort Desoto Camping Sites

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Who doesn’t love camping? It’s a great way to spend your holidays but how do you decide on the campsite? This article is a guide for everything you need to know about Fort Desoto camping.

Fort Desoto is a beautiful park in Piniella County, Florida consisting of 238 campsites with different aesthetic views and services.

Fort Desoto camping is widely popular and considered to be one of the best camping sites in the state.

If you want your kids to have an experience with nature, Fort Desoto camping is the best bait for you. The campsite is relatively safe for your kids. Fort DeSoto Park and campground have many recreational activities like hiking, camping, and fishing, to attract the attention of every kind of kid.

The article will provide you with a guide to Fort Desoto camping.

Fort Desoto Camping

There are many things you need to know before making a reservation to Fort Desoto camping. Spread out in Piniella Country, Fort Desoto consists of mountains, beaches, forests, bike trails, picnic areas and playground zones.

Let’s look at how you can book your stay at the Fort Desoto camping.

Fort Desoto camping
Reservation at Fort Desoto Camping

You can easily reserve your stay at Fort Desoto camp. Here is what you need to do.

Create an Account

You can go through the online process. Create an account on the website to reserve your stay by making an online payment.

Customer Information

You can call (727) 582-2100 to get the details and reserve your stay at Fort Desoto camping. The customer care office will provide you with every detail you are looking for and guide you through the reservation system.

Guidelines for Reservation

There are few necessary details that you need to know before choosing Fort Desoto for camping -:

  • You can reserve your stay for fourteen days maximum.
  • You can make a reservation six months in advance.
  • You cannot overdue or extend your stay for making check-in and check-out dates.

Areas of Fort Desoto Camping

The Fort Desoto camping is divided into three different regions according to the aesthetic views, facilities, and activities.

Area 1

Area one is consistent on the site from 1 to 85. You cannot enter your pet in this area. It is known as the pop area. The area consists of lodging and day time camping space. It doesn’t have any outdoor activities.

Area 2

It is the main camping ground. From 86 to 164 camping site is present in this area. You can get involved in outdoor activities here. There are many playgrounds for kids to spend a fun-loving day. The location allows you to bring pets along.

Area 3

The last area of the camping ground contains sites between 165 and 238. Most of the outdoor activities take place in this area.

Activities at Fort Desoto Camping

Fort Desoto camping offers every possible activity you think about camping. All the activities are relatively safe, and you don’t need to worry at all about your kids while visiting Fort Desoto.


Fort Desoto camping provides you with a great place to have a picnic with your family. In Area 2, you can find picnic tables and various spots to spend your whole day with your family.

Fort Desoto camping

There are small elevated areas at Fort Desoto camping, which are often used for hiking trails by the visitors. The site is not rugged, which makes it kid-friendly.

Water Activities

Fort Desoto has a small stream flowing in the campsite that is a great spot for having fun in the water. You can take your kids fishing at the river bank. If you like, then you can even take some time to dip in the water. Otherwise, you can just enjoy the water view.


You can enjoy camping activities like living in a tent, collecting woods for fire, creating your food with minimal edibles, and enjoy stargazing with a warm bonfire party.

Hit the Beach

There are not only streams but also beaches at Fort Desoto camping. You can get tanned and swim at the beach. Kids can build a nice sandcastle at the place.

Fort Desoto camping
Historical Forts

Camping is not just famous for outdoor activities. You can take a tour of the historical forts of the city at the camping ground. Some of the forts have a very unique built and carving to the walls that any artistic person will enjoy.

Biking Trails

There are different trails and a zone where you can ride the bike at the camping ground. You will have a fun adventure on the bike at the park. Two zones are famous for riding biking in Fort Desoto Campground.

Features of Fort Desoto Camping

There are many services and facilities that Fort Desoto campground and park offers. You can take a look at the facilities and see if it as per the requirement for your suitable stay.

Basic Amenities

The Fort Desoto camping has availability of water and electricity. You can get access to Wi-Fi from nine in the morning to nine at night. It also includes amenities like washers, dryers, grills, and sanitary disposals.


There are restrooms in every area of the state parks. However, there are two kinds of restrooms. The small size restroom is only available for non-handicapped visitors. However, the large size restroom is public for both disabled and non-handicapped visitors.

Parking Passes

The cost of the lodging at the campsite doesn’t include parking fees. You need to have a separate bill for using the parking lot. Two is the occupancy limitation of vehicles.


Accommodation facilities are accessible in all the camps sites from 86 to 238 of the camp zone. However, pets are only allowed in Area 2. Area one is for camping out in the tent.

Fort Desoto camping

Landmark at Fort Desoto Camping

The campsite includes many landmarks that a person can visit while enjoying the stay in the zone. Some of them are widely popular among the tourist categories as highlights of Florida.

Quartermaster Storehouse Museum

The museum is built to showcase military-related information. Fort Desoto is built on the land, which was often used for military purposes in the past. The camp stores are showcasing the weapons from the wars and the history of battles that took place on the land.

Fort Desoto camping
Egmont Key

You can take a trip to Egmont Key Park from the ferry that is available at Fort Desoto. It has a great aesthetic view. You can spend some friendly time with the wildlife of the park.

Paw Playground

As you can even take your pet to the camp, there are special services for them too. Paw playgrounds offer some training and exercises to the pet. You can enjoy some time here to make your pet fitter.

Fort De Soto

Fort De Soto is the historic fort and the highlight of the place. The abandoned fort gives an excellent insight into the history of the camping area and its peculiar build. Taking an hour or two trips to the Fort De Soto while staying at the camp will intrigue you more to the site.

North Beach and East Beach

There are two beaches at Fort Desoto camping. You can enjoy any beach of your choice, but both will guarantee you the fun that you are looking for at the park. However, North Beach has more credibility because of the better activities and view of the place.

Fort Desoto camping
The North Beach has featured as the top 10 American beaches in many magazine issues.

Gulf Pier and Arrowhead Fishing Area

The Gulf Pier and Arrowhead Fishing Area are the two fishing spots of the Fort Desoto camp. You can get hands-on with some pretty big fishes at the place. Both of the fishing piers are great for spending time with your kids.

Observation Tower

The Observation Tower is the remaining building of the tower used by the military for checkout purposes. The observation tower may not be an attraction to a lot of tourists. However, it is popular among the locals and historians.

Fort Desoto Camping

Here, we end up with an exciting guide to Fort Desoto Camping. The camping site is famous in the state and name one of the best campgrounds in the area.

Before you start packing your bags to take a trip to the campground, you need to have certain details; you need to reserve your stay, and you can make a reservation either online or on the call.

Many activities are intriguing at the Fort Desoto Camping to make your stay pleasurable. The park provides you with all of the activities that you can imagine doing while thinking of the outdoors.

There is some necessary information that you need to know like the facilities and services of the campsite. It would help if you can have some beforehand discussion about some of the special services that you may want. There are also various landmarks that you can take a tour of while camping in the zone.

This is everything one needs to know about you need to know before packing your bags for Fort Desoto Camping.

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