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Whitefish Montana: 11 Amazing Things to do!

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Whitefish Montana is one of the best resort towns in the United States. It is home to several tourist destinations, which attracts millions of people every year.

Whitefish Montana is one vibrant place to live in, as it has been mentioned as one of the best cities in the United States. The list of places that can be explored and the fun thing has no limit or boundaries.

The long list of amazing places has made Whitefish Montana one of the top 50 best places to explore in the world. So, let’s explore the hidden jewels of Whitefish Montana!

Whitefish Montana: 6 Amazing Places to go!

1. Glacier National Park

whitefish montana

Glacier National Park is located near Whitefish Montana but spreads its boundaries to British Columbia in Canada. The national park captures an enormous space as it spreads in an area of over four thousand square kilometers.

The national park is home to over 130 lakes and several thousand plants and animal species. It is one of the World Heritage Sites of the United States.

Glacier national park was established in 1910, which makes it over a century old place to visit. It is believed that almost 10,000 years ago, the land was inhabited by the Native Americans.

This national park is a paradise for those who seek adventure or peace in nature. You can witness alpine meadows, mountains, and lakes, which have over 700 miles of long trails.

There are many things that you can try in Whitefish, from organized group trips and comfortable stays in the mountains to solo trips and camping. While making a plan for the visit, prepare according to the season, and carry necessary items along.

Apart from being a tourist, you have plenty of other opportunities here, like being a volunteer for cleaning and other tasks, get an internship experience, or partner with the authorities.

2. Flathead National Forest

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Flathead National Forest is one of the best places to explore in Whitefish Montana. The forest has a cover of over nine thousand square kilometers, and it derives its name from the Flathead Native Americans that lived here in the past.

Flathead National Forest is bordered by several national parks on different sides.  Over 70% of the forest area is located in Flathead County, and the rest of the area covers five different counties.

The headquarters of the forest is located in Kalispell, Montana. Apart from the forest, there are the Rocky Mountains present in the area, which has an elevation of around 8,500 feet.

The forest is filled with diverse wildlife, and over 22 species of fishes are found in Flathead National Forest. It is one of the best locations for weekend relaxation in Whitefish, Montana.

There are a lot of recreational activities done by visitors, like hiking, camping, and water sports as well. The forest has over 2,500 kilometers of scenic route and over 60 kilometers of hiking trail.

Spending a few days during the weekend at the whitefish mountain resort is one of the great ways of relaxing amidst nature. You can also explore Flathead Lake, which is located nearby the forest.

3. Kalispell

whitefish montana

Kalispell is one of the densely populated metropolitan cities located in Flathead County, Montana. Kalispell city is one of the largest cities in Montana.

The city offers great views of big mountains, and a flathead lake adds a sparkling charm to Kalispell. While exploring Whitefish Montana, this city is one of the best places to stay or look for accommodation.

The city has better connectivity, transportations, and comforts of modern life. There are several museums, restaurants and shopping malls present in the city which is best for exploring when you have some extra time during your visit.

You can explore the Hockaday Museum of Art and the Museum of Central School, which houses a great American native tribe in a high school. Parks like Lone Pine state park and Woodland Park are a few best places worth exploring in the city.

Several major tourist destinations are located just a few miles away from Kalispell, and you can plan and reach everywhere conveniently. The local breweries and distilleries are must-visit place while you stay in Kalispell.

4. Great Northern Railway Depot

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One of the historic places of Whitefish Montana is the great Northern Railway Depot. If you have a love for trains or railroad, traveling is what you prefer, then visiting this depot is a must thing to do.

The railway depot is also a museum, which makes it one of the busiest Amtrak stoppages. Over a century ago, there wasn’t much in Whitefish Montana, but with the establishment of the railroad, the connectivity was done.

The Railway tracks were built in 1904, and within two years, hotels were built around the depot, and people started visiting and exploring this hidden treasure.

The railway depot was built in 1927 by Thomas D’Arcy McMahon, who was an architect. Because of his contribution, the iconic timber-framed façade was built by him. He drew his inspiration from the Swiss architecture that was popular at Glacier National Park.

The Depot has been featured in the Disney movie ‘A Christmas Carol.’ Recently in the year 2002, the depot was mentioned in the register of National Historic Sites.

The façade of the depot has been built with so much thought that even today, it attracts the attention of visitors. Today, the depot is a fun-filled place in Whitefish, Montana, as several restaurants are present in the area.

5. Whitefish City Beach

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Although whitefish is not an ocean-facing region, it does have lakes, which gives a complete oceanic view. The City beach is located on the Shore of Whitefish Lake. The lake is over seven miles long and is one of the most popular places in Whitefish, Montana.

The beach has white sand, a shaded grass area, and also a specified area where swimming is allowed. The city beach offers paddleboard and kayak rentals to visitors on a timely basis.

The Whitefish city beach isn’t just a place for relaxing, but a lot of fun activities are also enjoyed here. You can roam around the lake in the public boat and also enjoy a fun family picnic by the shore.

The beach has marked deep ends, and lifeguards are present on the beach for security reasons. You can also find a lot of eateries near the beach, which provides delicious snacks.

6. Whitefish Mountain Resort

Whitefish Montana

The mountain resort is located in northwestern Montana on the Big Mountain. This ski resort is just a few miles away from Whitefish, Montana.

You can enjoy the ride of chairlifts here, and there is a total of eleven chairlifts present for the convenience of tourists. There are two T-bars a magic carpet as well.

There are separations in the mountain and among the first one is the Big Mountain, and it is the most popular area for skiing. The resort isn’t only about ski enthusiasts, but it also offers a great view of the Glacier National Park and the flathead forest.

The resort has been active since 1947, and locally it was popular by the slogan ‘ski the fish’, but later, in early 2000, it was given the name of Whitefish Mountain Resort.

This Whitefish ski resort remains active throughout the year, and because of its widespread ski terrain, people from around the world visit the place to enjoy skiing. The annual snowfall received by the big mountain is over 300 inches!

The best thing about Whitefish Mountain resort is its division of ski area, which means from beginners to experts and even the intermediate ones can enjoy and enhance their skiing skills here.

5 Fun Things to do in Whitefish Montana

While there are a lot of places to explore in Whitefish Montana, there are also a bunch of things to do as well. From shopping to extreme sports, everything is enjoyed by visitors in Whitefish. Some of the fun things to do in Whitefish are:

1. Water Sports

Whitefish Montana

As there is a presence of a lot of water bodies in the region of Whitefish, enjoying water sports is not a problem here. The lakes offer plenty of opportunities for people who enjoy water sports.

You can visit Flathead Lake and Whitefish Lake to enjoy paddleboarding, kayaking, and canoeing, which are the most demanded activities of Whitefish. Many visitors also enjoy swimming, but the area is limited.

Apart from these major lakes, there are over a hundred lakes present with the boundaries of Glacier National Park. You can spend some time fishing a variety of species from the freshwater lakes.

It isn’t a matter of concern if you have your own paddleboard or kayak because you can always rent these boats at the shore of the lakes. Else you always have an option of enjoying guided boat tours on these lakes.

2. Brewery and Distillery

Exploring the breweries of Whitefish Montana is one of the best things to do on weekends. Downtown Whitefish is home to some of the best beers and spirits which you should try at least once.

Big Sky Brew Cruise is a must-visit as they offer a guided educational tour through Flathead Valley while providing award-winning beer crafting scenes.

Among the list of breweries, Bonsai Brewing Project and Montana Taphouse are the two top-rated and most recommended breweries that you should explore.

In case you are looking for distilleries, then Whitefish Handcrafted Spirits, Spotted Bear Spirit, and Glacier Distilling Company is the few best places worth exploring.

3. Festivals and events

Whitefish Montana

Every city has its own small festivals and events which are awaited every year, and Whitefish Montana is no exception to that. From the beginning of the year till the end of every month, witness some events which keep the city vibrant and engaged.

You can enjoy Feast Whitefish, which is a food festival, and also one of the most enjoyed and awaited ones. Food and drinks bring people together, and nothing can be better than living a happy life while enjoying food.

Under the Big Sky is also a popular music and art festival which features local and popular bands and musicians. It is enjoyed by the youth of Whitefish Montana, which lasts for a few days.

Whitefish Annual art festival has been celebrated in the Flathead Valley for the last 40 years. The festival is celebrated on the 4th of July, and you can witness a wide range of accessories, home décor, jewelry, street food, and music here.

4. Mountain biking and hiking

As we saw, Whitefish Montana has plenty of tourist attractions which includes national parks and forest. The presence of several forests, mountains, and lakes means a great place for enjoying mountain hiking and biking as well.

In Whitefish, you have over 55 miles long mountain biking trail, which has a different level of difficulties. Mountain biking is one of the extreme adventures to enjoy in Whitefish Montana, therefore being cautious is advised.

Coming to the hiking trails, Glacier National Park is one of the most recommended places for trying hiking. The national park is quite widely spread and offers over 700 miles of hiking trails, which is a treat for any hiking enthusiast.

5. Adventure sports

Whitefish Montana

Apart from enjoying paragliding from the mountain tops and parasailing on the lakes, there is one more extreme adventure that attracts people from around the world, and that is skiing.

Skiing is one of the most performed activities of Whitefish Montana. The Whitefish Mt. and Big Mountain offers a great ski terrain for ski enthusiasts.

As the mountains receive snowfall around the year, skiing is also enjoyed throughout the year. The mountain terrain also offers different difficulty levels, which is an added advantage.

These are the few places which you should explore in Whitefish Montana, as every destination has some amazing views to offer. As you explore the places, there is more than just sightseeing to do.

You have plenty of options to try in Whitefish, Montana. Whether you like enjoying relaxing drinks and shopping or adventure flows in your blood, there is something for everyone.

If you are planning on exploring Whitefish Montana, then these are the destinations that are worth your visit, and you can also enjoy a few activities here in the town.

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