Poetry: Because Everybody Deserves a Second Chance.

All I want is for that second chance to make our life as beautiful as it deserved to be!

Days have passed but memories are alive
Want you back, this is that for which I strive.
I may not be glowing I may not be tall
But I do assure you I won’t let you fall.

U gave me chances where I proved to be annoying
I thought it was our relation but your frustration was growing.
Lost is the time when you couldn’t bear our distance
Forgive my mistakes and just give me a chance.

I miss those times when you loved to look into my eyes
Our love is eternal, even if you try it won’t die.
We had a lot to talk about, other than manuals and files
Hold my hand for once I will walk with you for miles.

Each minute I crave for the warmth of your arms
I’ll be your slave for life just give me another chance.
Shout or slap, throw your anger upon me with right
I would walk with you in the dark rather than walk alone in the light!

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