Hindu Mythology: Top 10 Popular Notorious Characters

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From our childhood, we have been taught that Good prevails over Evil.  From our grandparents, we have been hearing a few famous stories of Hindu mythology. Hinduism is labelled as one of the oldest religion which from time to time through its cyclic periods have proven the fact that Goodness always wins.”

Ramayana, and Mahabharata both are known as the largest epic in the human story. There have been some wicked, notorious Hindu mythology characters in these epics through which came out our real superheroes of all time.

The Top 10 Notorious Characters in Hindu Mythology

So, who are the characters of mythology that you wouldn’t find in the good books? Let’s take a look.


Wisest among all the wise men and the greatest of all demons made the biggest mistake of his life by kidnapping Sita, which ultimately lead to the biggest battle of his life and got him killed. His death is also celebrated every year as a festival Dussehra by burning the epitome of Ravana via Rama.



King Dasharatha had three wives, and she was the most preferred one. She took advantage of it and became the reason for the 14-year exile of Lord Rama.


She committed this evil act in the greed of the throne which she wanted for her own child Bharat. Although some also say that it was Manthara who poisoned her mind but can she be justified with this reason as Ram exile was the main reason for King Dasharatha’s death.


In Hindu mythology, she was the right hand of Queen Kaikeyi, who lived with her after her marriage as her helper. It was her instigation or we can also say it was she who poisoned her mind for ram exile. Her name is also used as a synonym for those people who conspire.


Holika Dahan is being celebrated every year as a sign of the triumph of good over evil. Holika was the sister of King Hiranakashyap and aunt of Prahlad who was the devotee of Lord Vishnu but his father wanted Prahlad to worship him. It is also said that to become immortal; she performed required tapas until she got immortal.


But, to her great disappointment, Holika burns to death when she sits on the pyre with Prahlad.


Sister of Ravana was a pivotal character in Ramayana. She made unwelcomed moves towards Lord Ram and Lakshmana which they spurned off, rejected Supranakha felt humiliated and attacked Sita for which Lakshmana chopped off her nose in the Hindu mythology.


It was her praise for Sita only that how she deserves to be the queen of Lanka that Ravana abducted her which ultimately led to the battle of Lanka.


Also known as Gandharaja, was a devious man in Hindu mythology. He was Duryodhana’s uncle and is also considered full of evil thoughts. It is also said that he was always the mastermind of Mahabharata.



Krishna’s uncle and Devaki’s brother, Kansa, was the king of Mathura. There was a prophecy that Devaki’s eighth son will be responsible for his death. Eventually, egoistic Kansa killed seven sons of Devaki but destiny had something else for him and to his disappointment her eighth son Krishna was carried safely to Gokul.


Later, the prophecy was proved right when Krishna killed Kansa for all humiliation done to his parents in Hindu mythology.



She was a demon and Kansa orderly to kill Krishna. She visited Gokul with such beautiful looks that everybody thought of her as a Goddess. When nobody was around, she ventured into Krishna nursery and tried to feed him with poisoned milk from her breast. But instead little lord sucked the life out of her.


He had 89 daughters out of which one was Sati, who was being married to Lord Shiva. He had the honour, but he infuriated this fact. Once he arranged a mammoth ceremony where intentionally he did not invite them both but Sati still arrived there but after witnessing the humiliation of his husband from Daksha, she decided to commit suicide into the yagna fire. Instead, Daksha got killed from ire of Lord Shiva.


10. DURYODHAN – Another Hindu Mythology Character

Eldest son of Kauravas was Duryodhan who viewed his cousins Pandavas as the competitor for the throne. He envied them. The sages were anxious during his birth, as there were several ill-omened signs and even told Gandhari to abort him but she didn’t listen to them and gave birth to Duryodhan. If she would have listened to sages Mahabharata would have never happened.duryodhana

Which of these Hindu mythology characters did you not know about before? Let us know in the comments below.

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