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5 Best Chick Flicks

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Nayanika Dey
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Chick Flicks. Those easy, charming little movies that women love and men love to hate. The ones you can watch on a rainy afternoon without stressing your brain too much. The one you can watch after a messy breakup to let your heart know that you’re not alone. Chick flicks pretty much are the staple in a woman’s movie corner because nobody understands them better than these movies. And since for ages men have been dragged along to watch these ‘sappy’ movies, we present a list of chick flicks which cane be enjoyed equally by both the genders:

  1. Sleepless in Seattle


A young Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks, this 1983 Classic didn’t end up being a fan favorite for nothing! Set in an age where emails were just beginning to rise as the next big thing, the movie captures all the essence of the golden days of love letters while maintaining a modern facet. Unlike most romance genre movies, this one not only deals with a new relationship but with also the lengthy breakup that inevitably had to happen before.

2. 500 Days of Summer


The Queen of all relationship related movies! This one is sure to answer any queries you have with its innovative take that focuses on why Summer and Tom couldn’t end up together, despite being so deeply in love. A rare treat that reminds us that not everyone is meant to be. And sometimes, despite the relationship starting out in summery tones with blooming flowers, the ending can be as harsh and cold as winter.

3. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind


eternal-sunshineEven guys love this one! Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet take a break from their usual roles as both of them take on challenging portrayals of affected individuals. Winslet plays a girl who gets her memories of Carrey erased after a rough spat. Introducing a novel concept that got them nominated for an Oscar, this movie is a must for anyone having second thoughts about their relationship. It focuses on the most mundane of acts, and this gives the characters their depth.

4. Notting Hill


Julia Roberts plays a movie star who falls in love with a regular bookstore owner. A simple story which highlights the dark side of fame and the ups and downs of a relationship that results when the two people involved come from vastly different backgrounds.

5. Confessions of a Shopaholic


Adapted from a book by Sophie Kinsella of the same name, don’t be fooled by the predominant shades of pink that seem to overshadow every frame. This story is as much about a shopaholic managing her debts as it is about a relationship beginning, friendship ending and that our lies always catch up with us.

So which one will you watch this monsoon?

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